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• Fun Factory Teneo Duo Kegel Balls
• Ultimate Stroker Beads
• Fun Factory Love Yourself Body Fluid
• Fun Factory Laya Spot Vibrator
• Fun Factory Delight Luxury Vibrator
• Fun Factory Cobra Libre Stimulator
• Fun Factory Tango Vibrator
• Fun Factory Kissable Glamor Powder
• Lelo Nea Vibrator
• Lelo Elise Vibrator
•The Screaming O Ultimate Disposable Vibrating Ring
• The Screaming O LingO Vibrating Tongue Ring
• California Exotic Novelties Bullet with Controller
• The Screaming O Mascara Vibe
• The Screaming O Studio Collection Battery Compact
• Doc Johnson The Hop 'n Rabbit Stroker Vibrator
• Tenga Flip Hole
• Tenga Egg 6-Pack
• Tenga Soft Tube Cup
• Under The Bed Restraint System
ALL sex toys are personally tested by Sienna Sinclaire

Fun Factory Teneo Duo Kegel Balls

5 Stars - Great For Kegal Exercies

I bought these because about 6 months ago I decided I had to get my kegel muscles in better shape, in order to experience better orgasms. These balls are made from silicone and are really soft and velvety to the touch, but at first sight they looked a little too big to go inside me. But if you use a lot of lube, like I did (Fun Factory water-based lube works great for me), they slide in quite easily, especially since they have a great 'finger hollow' feature, too, which really helped. They felt quite strange initially, because they pressed on my bladder and made me feel like I wanted to pee, but once you start walking around you soon get used to them,. Also, feeling the sensation of the internal balls moving around, I was soon flexing my pelvic muscles as I went about my daily business! I also like to use them when I'm working out, to make sure my pussy gets a full workout of its own. Sometimes you have to take them out to pee properly, otherwise your bladder won't empty fully, and it's also the best way of removing them anyway, while you're crouched down - they slide out quite easily as long as you pull gently on the strap. I've noticed the difference after a few short weeks. Would highly recommend!

Buy Fun Factory Teneo Duo Kegel Balls Here

Ultimate Stroker Beads

0 Stars - Product Defect

I was really looking forward to giving these a go, because my guy loves me using stroker beads on him. Sadly, though, they have a fundamental flaw because the molding of the beads has a ridge running round them so they're not totally smooth. When I run them over the cock, they can pinch, scratch and hurt so it only took a few seconds to realize that this toy was a no go! The balls are plastic and supposed to be 'smooth', but they're not and just impossible to use comfortably. Had to throw them away!

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Fun Factory Love Yourself Body Fluid

5 Stars - Best Lube Ever!

Loving this lube a lot! It's great for using on vibrators, cocks, kegel balls, anything that needs it! I like using it to give my lover a great handjob, and a little goes a long way so it's economical, too. It didn't smell or leave a nasty taste in my mouth so was a great all-rounder. Everything slipped on or in, just great, and it has a fab, silky feel. Just be careful you don't use it on silicone toys because it's a silicone-based lube and the two don't go together!

Buy Fun Factory Love Yourself Body Fluid Here

Fun Factory Laya Spot Vibrator

4 Stars - Great For Solo or Mutual Masturbating

I bought this to masturbate with, because it was curved so I knew it would get my clit going while also resting nicely on my mons area. I also use it when having sex, but it's a bit chunky to get in on my clit at the same time I'm being penetrated. But it's fantastic for masturbation, and my lover and I enjoy using it on me, too. It looks cute and comes in loads of great colors. It's got 8 power levels, too, which is more than most vibrators. And has three different 'rhythms', which was super-cool. I was surprised by how quiet it was, too, so great if you have roommates and need to keep the noise down.

Buy Fun Factory Laya Spot Vibrator Here

Fun Factory Delight Luxury Vibrator

5 Stars - Great G-Spot Stimulator & Vibrator

I just loved this! It looked a bit confusing to use at first but I soon found my way around it, and it around me! I wanted my partner and I to go exploring my G-spot, so this looked like the perfect tool. It's very easy to hold on to, whoever's doing the directing and it was easy to get carried away, because it stimulated both my clit and my G-spot at the same time. I had the most amazing orgasm. A real De-Light! It's got 8 vibration settings, too, plus 3 different programs which made each of my orgasms feel different from the last. It's very silky to the touch, very luxurious and I loved the girly pink color. Not one bad thing to say about it - it's my new best friend!

Buy Fun Factory Delight Luxury Vibrator Here

Fun Factory Cobra Libre Stimulator

2 Stars - Not The Best Cock Stimulator On The Market

I gave this to one of my lovers as a gift and he was really looking forward to using it, but he didn't like it at all. He uses sleeves, vibrators and stimulators a lot, so he knows what works and what doesn't. Unfortunately this device didn't live up to the hype. It's quite rigid inside, so if your cock isn't the exact size as the hole, you won't get much out of it. My lover couldn't even fit his cock in! So it only really stimulated the head. Even if your cock does fit in, it won't go much further than the head, anyway because it's not that deep. Plus he said he trouble turning it on and off. It's nice to touch, because it's made of soft silicone, but that's about the only plus point. Price is too expensive, as well, in our opinion. There are much better devices out there, so save your cash and try something else.

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Fun Factory Tango Vibrator

5 Stars - Great Vibrator For Deep Inside Penetration & Clit Stimulation

White is my favorite color so when I saw this white vibrating dildo, I just had to have it! It looks good, too, very cute and sexy, and lovely and sleek, not just in style but how it works. It's nice and soft, because it's made from silicone, and I found it slid in real easy, either from my natural wetness or with some lube. It got to work deep inside my pussy while the outer vibrator was working my clit. It's very powerful, too, and there's a fantastic 'Turbobooster' feature, which sends the vibrator into overdrive and made me climax almost immediately after a few indulgent minutes on normal speed. My favorite feature, is that it's waterproof, so I love using it in the bath or going down on it in the shower. My partner liked using it on me, too, especially anally, because the clit arm is the perfect size for some safe, back door action, too.

Buy Fun Factory Tango Vibrator Here

Fun Factory Kissable Glamor Powder

4 Stars - Yummy Shimmer Powder

I bought this to add a bit of spice to my body when I get ready to go on a date. It's super-soft with a golden shimmer and feels just gorgeous when I'm brushing it on me. I make sure to put it on all the bits that I know I'll want my lover to taste later on! It's got a slight caramel flavor and smells sooo delicious. PLus my lover couldn't wait to get me back home so he could start eating me, literally! Try putting some on your nipples, neck and around your pussy. It's just heavenly, for both of us, and I really loved it when I let my lover apply it to me himself then lick it off of me.

Buy Fun Factory Kissable Glamor Powder Here

Lelo Nea Vibrator

5 Stars - Best Vibrator To Use During Sex

I love white, so this caught my eye straight away. It looks good, too, and the size was a big plus point, nice and discreet, and easy to use during sex. The curve of the design means I can stimulate my clit and my mons area at the same time. And it's great to use during sex because it fits perfectly over my pussy as my lover is penetrating me. When we're having doggy-style sex, or I'm on top, this vibrator is very easy to position accordingly, so it's a good all rounder. The controls are not in the way of your body, either, so there's no chance of it switching itself off at the most important moments!

The only downside, really, is that it's quite light and slippery, so if you're using too much lube it can be difficult to control and can easily slip out of your hand. But with a bit of practice, you should be okay. It's rechargeable, so you won't waste extra money on batteries, and it's also surprisingly quiet.

Buy Lelo Nea Vibrators Here

Lelo Elise Vibrator

4 Stars - Great Vibrator But Too Easy To Turn Off When You're Trying To Get Off

I bought this vibrator because it looks really stylish and sleek. It's very tactile and soft, the black silicone felt wonderful in my hands so I couldn't wait to get started. The vibrator hit all the right places, and the dual positioning of the two motors was just fantastic, so you can use this for both masturbating and massaging and it got me going quite quickly.

My big complaint, though, is that the power button switches off at the most crucial moments. It's situated in the very place you need to hold it as you work yourself up properly, so when I'm about to orgasm or, worse, in the middle of an orgasm, my finger brushes against the button and it switches off. SO frustrating! It's a flaw I hope they get around to fixing. The button just needs re-situating somewhere away from where you need to hold it. It still looks great, but it's more of an ornament in my sex toy drawer instead of something useable.

Buy Lelo Elise Vibrator Here

The Screaming O Ultimate Disposable Vibrating Ring

3 Stars - Inexpensive Cock Ring for Masturbating or Sex

My lover and I are divided on vibrating cock rings. He loves them, because they really do give added stimulation and seem to make him last longer, so he masturbates with them a lot. For me, though, the vibe just isn't strong enough, and the cock ring never stays in one place - it seems to work itself round the cock (and off my clit!) - so that's frustrating. Plus the batteries just never seem to be powerful enough for us girls and they can sometimes break on first use.

It's great for men who want to masturbate and have some stimulation on their cock. I always recommend this product to men.

It can be great for some women but I don't care for them personally as they aren't strong enough and move around.

Buy The Screaming O Ultimate Disposable Vibrating Ring Here

The Screaming O LingO Vibrating Tongue Ring

2 Stars - Works Better as a Vibrator Than on the Tongue

This sounded like a really great way of spicing up oral sex with my lover, so we couldn't wait to try it out, especially when I saw it was waterproof...steaming hot shower sex, here we come...! But sadly it turned out to be a complete waste of money. My lover couldn't get the vibrator to stay on his tongue, so every time I thought we were getting somewhere, things would just stop. It actually works better as a finger vibe, but we were so looking forward to some hot tongue action, which never happened. Literally an anti-climax.

Buy The Screaming O LingO Vibrating Tongue Ring Here

California Exotic Novelties Bullet with Controller

5 Stars - Great Inexpensive Vibrating Bullet

I love this bullet vibe and it's become one of my favorite sex toys, mainly because it's impressively powerful. It feels a little big at first but the big bonus is that the control is separate, along a little cord, so you're never going to accidentally switch it off as you're about to cum, which can happen with one-piece vibes. It's also metallic and cool to the touch, which always sets me off nicely. It's got lots of different speed settings so suits whatever mood I'm in - cum quick, or cum slow.

Buy California Exotic Novelties Bullet with Controller Here

The Screaming O Mascara Vibe

4 Stars - Super Cute & Discreet Mascara Vibrator

I love taking this 'on the go', because it's discreet and fits easily into my purse or travel bag, and it doesn't matter if people happen to see it as it looks just like a regular mascara. It's super cute and sexy, and has medium vibrations. It's very easy to use whenever and wherever. There are several speeds, and some great 'tease' rhythms, and it comes with extra batteries.

Cons - Sometimes they may not work right out of the package. Just return to get another one. Once you get one that works, they are great. Not the strongest vibrator on the market but gets the job done.

Buy The Screaming O Mascara Vibe Here

The Screaming O Studio Collection Battery Compact

5 Stars - Best Idea For Storing Your Sex Toy Batteries

The best and most clever idea The Screaming O has come up with. I hate running out of juice when my own juice is getting ready to flow! So I just love this really cute battery carrier that looks just like a blush or powder compact. The brand is The Screaming O, but the batteries are the same as those that fit lots of other sex toys, so you're never going to run out.

Buy The Screaming O Studio Collection Battery Compact Here

Doc Johnson The Hop 'n Rabbit Stroker Vibrator


I was a little unsure about this vibe before buying it, as it's quite expensive and looks a little complicated, however, it's one of the best toys I've ever bought! It doesn't just vibrate, it moves up and down inside you, like being penetrated for real. Just decide your settings, push it in, and away you go! It feels amazing, and the clit tickler flicks just perfectly at all the right moments, so you get every sensation and stimulation of having actual sex, and you don't have to do a thing! It offers nearly 6 inches of insertable length, too, which feels just delicious. My orgasms were just explosive, incredibly intense, and I couldn't wait to get going again, just minutes after cumming. This is SO worth the money, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Pros: Offers two different types of orgasms: internal and/or clitoris.

Buy Doc Johnson The Hop 'n Rabbit Stroker Vibrator Here

Tenga Flip Hole

5 Stars - Great Masturbating Toy For Men

I've bought this sex toy for quite a few of my lovers. Some were unsure about using a sleeve at first, but they were all happy to give it a go and have all raved about it afterwards! It helps if you use lots of warming lube, which can really give an authentic fucking sensation, and the sleeve has three different easy-to-reach button settings, too, plus different lotions included, so it really is an all-in-one sleeve. It's not cheap, but all my lovers said it was well worth the price because it's so user-friendly and packs a lot into one device. It's also easy to clean and lasts for around 50 workouts, so at about $2 an orgasm, that's pretty good value for money!

Buy Tenga Flip Hole Here

Tenga Egg 6-Pack

4 Stars - Great Disposable Masturbating Sleeves For Men

I love spoiling my lovers once in a while by buying them some eggs. This gift pack is one of the best because it offers a variety of different sleeves. Just twist the egg and inside you'll find one of six different sleeves with various textures, everything from vertical and horizontal ribs, to web-like ripples. I like to use them on a guy, to give him the perfect handjob, but I also like to watch them do it themselves. Plus they are great for your lovers to use during solo sessions. They're always surprised by the different sensations they get when jacking off. They're disposable, but if you wash them really carefully, you can get one more use out of them. A perfect present for a sexy night in with your guy!

Cons - They can tear easily during your session but then again they are disposable so meant for one use.

Buy Tenga Egg 6-Pack Here

Tenga Soft Tube Cup

4 Stars - Great Disposable Sex Toy For Men

This is a cheaper alternative to the Tenga Flip Hole, but you can only use it one time before you have to throw it away. It's great for beginners, to get used to the sensation of using a sleeve. Once you think you're going to be a regular user, it's probably better to invest in the Flip Hole. I buy sleeves for my lovers all the time, and this one's good, because it fits most cocks and you can control the grip to suit whichever sensation you're after. But once you've become a bit of an expert, I'd definitely invest in a Flip Hole, not just because it's reusable, but it also has three pressure points to really crank up the pleasure.

Buy Tenga Soft Tube Cup Here

Under The Bed Restraint System

5 Stars - Great Restraints For Light Bondage Play

A MUST under everyone's bed!

One my favorite buys ever! I have a very naughty nature, so these were a must-have for under my bed. They fit easily and are great to pull out when I have a new lover over. I love the look on their faces when they see me bring them out for the first time. There are four cuffs and four straps and a connector strap. They're easy to get into and easy to get out of, so they're great for some harmless, suggestive sex games. I like to tease and be teased and so do my lovers, so these restraints are a really fun way to spice things up in the bedroom. Nice and kinky.

Buy Under The Bed Restraint Systems Here

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