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Look Skinnier Instantly | Naughty Guide

Look Skinnier Instantly With The Following Tips

You've probably read something like this before, you've probably seen a segment on a morning talk show that claims to help you slenderize using your wardrobe. Forget about that. You're a naughty girl, not a housewife looking for jeans to hid her mommy tummy. We've got tips here that are not only for the single girl, but for anyone who wants to look sexier and slimmer instantly.

Ruched Dresses

Ruched dresses have become all the rage in the last few seasons. They're bound to be new classics for their function and their ultra flattering silhouettes. Available in all lengths, there's one for every comfort level. Here's the ideal skinny style: A dress with ruching near the abdomen or on the backside; it's best if it tapers off to one side at the smallest part of your waist, which will give you an hourglass shape. Some ruched dresses even come with control paneling in the ruching for extra flattening effects. The ruches help to not only make you look more shapely, they cover up any skin texture issues you don't want showing through your dress. They're perfect for any day or night when you're feeling a little bloated or in water retention land. Or for that night out when you want to enjoy yourself by eating and drinking as much as you want without having to worrying about your tummy.


You're thinking, 'Obviously!' Right? You've heard it and used the black trick 100 times before. But were you really using it effectively? A blouson or baggy black top is doing nothing for the appearance of your size. In fact, it's most likely making you look bigger. If you're insecure about your curves, hiding behind black is very tempting. But we're here to tell you that a fitted black garment will slenderize your figure any day over one that is too big for you. So the next time you head out the door, try for a sexy LBD, not the one you wore to your aunt's 3 times removed cousin's funeral. The same goes for outerwear too. A big baggy trench coat or wool coat is so un-chic. If you can't find your size, head to your local tailor's and get it fitted, the extra money is worth it.

Self Tanner

This is a little secret that not only helps you look thinner, it helps you look healthier, younger and more defined. Using the sun for a horribly unhealthy glow is passe. Naughty girls won't risk it. Instead we like to use cosmetic bronzers to get the look we're going for. There are so many options to pick from here it really comes down to your preference. Here's a tip: less is more and it's better to go slow than go dark all at once, especially if you're pale or inexperienced. Try a self-tanning lotion that gives you color gradually. If you like what you see, think about heading to the salon to get a professional application of self-tanner. A touch of bronzing powder on your face, where the sun naturally touches it, helps to even out the color on your body.


If you're not in the habit of wearing heels, then start practice walking in them. They not only make your legs look sexy, they give length to those self-tanned gams that will add even more thinning power. You don't have to wear four inch heels to give your legs length, you can easily wear two inch heels to get the same effect. The ideal color to make your legs look their longest? Nude, of course. And try not to wear heels with straps around your ankles as they can make your legs appear shorter.


You heard your grandma telling you to sit up straight and no doubt your music instructor did too. But it's not just about being polite or playing the flute better. It'll make you look up to five pounds thinner, instantly. Posture also sends the physical signal of confidence. They say the majority of human communication is locked up in body language. Stand up straight and you'll be telling people you're a woman who can handle her own, and looks stylishly slender on top of it.

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