Dating: It's All About the Smaller Things

Dating: It's all about the smaller things | Naughty Living
Dating: It's all about the smaller things | Naughty Living

Dating: It's all about the smaller things

Doing little things for your partner frequently, will have stronger cumulative positive effects on your relationship than performing grand dramatic romantic gestures once in a blue moon or only on holidays.

Doesn’t mean you can’t do grand gestures from time to time, but it’s the little things that can help a relationship last longer and make your lover feel important daily/weekly.

For some people, just having your lover take out the trash is a romantic gesture.

But again, it’s all these small things from taking out the trash, helping out without your lover having to ask, complimenting them, or leaving sweet notes around.

Sometimes these might not seem like much but trust me, when you break up with someone and start missing them, what are the things you usually think about that remind you of them? The little things they did for you.

I dated a guy, that when he stayed over, he would have to leave to work early before I got up. So he would pour my cereal into a bowl and all I had to do was pour the milk. Then he put two scoops of my instant coffee into my mug with water ready to be heated in my tea pot.

It would always put a huge smile on my face. He did big things for me too, but it was these little things that really meant the most to me. And see how I’m still talking about them today!

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