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12 Natural Ways to Feel Energized in the Morning

12 Natural Ways to Feel Energized in the Morning | Naughty Guide

12 Natural Ways to Feel Energized in the Morning

Feel Energized Without Reaching For Your Morning Cup of Joe

It's no secret that life can get you down.

Between a 6 am alarm to get to work by 9, overtime, relationships, family, hobbies, and a little partying now and again, there are times when even the most organized, modern girl feels run down.

Sure, you can head to Starbucks for an afternoon pick-me-up. You can dig out change from the bottom of your purse for the vending machine.

Or you can head to a store and pick up one of the ubiquitous energy drinks on the market today.

But why would you do any of those things - all of which can lead to crashes and health problems - when you can utilize some all-natural ways to get your day started in s a way that will help you have energy for the long haul?

Here are 12 ways to turn "meh" into "right on!" and to ensure that you get everything done in your all-important day.

Every naughty girl needs at least one of these little helpers every once in a while.

Feel free to utilize any of these tips, or all of them, to wake up on the right side of the bed.

Take a Breath of Fresh Air

Literally. Go ahead and open up the windows in your bedroom.

These days heating and cooling systems have most people forgetting how wonderful fresh air can be, and that you don't have to leave your house to experience it.

The crisper and cleaner the air outside of your bedroom window, the better. So don't hesitate to open up the window for a few minutes even on chilly winter mornings.

You'll hear birds singing and feel energized after your first big intakes of breath. Go ahead and smile to yourself while you're at it.

A "Good morning to you, you fabulous, naughty girl!" may be in order as well; extra points if you do it while you're admiring yourself in the mirror.

Music Therapy

Remember that song you rocked out to last Saturday night?

The one that made you and your dance partners cheer when it came on? If you don't own it, get it now.

Play it in the morning or on your way to work to amp up the routine and make your morning ritual seem like a party.

Don't hesitate to do a little dance in your skivvies. If dance hall music isn't your thing, pick any song that makes you feel happy.

Maybe it was your favorite pop song when you were 10.

Turn on something upbeat and you'll be surprised how much easier it is to go with the flow - or the beat - of your morning.

Get Incensed

No, not the kind of incensed that happens when your boss throws an unexpected deadline your way.

I'm talking about the kind of incensed that occurs when you light an aromatic substance whose smoke or vapors can evoke just about every emotion in the human feeling spectrum - depending on the scent.

Peppermint oil put on top of an incense burner will heat up and release an odor that is well-known to energize.

But that isn't the only option.

Take yourself to a store that sells incense, take a sniff of the different kinds and pick up those that make your nose tingle with delight.

Cold Shower

I know it sounds a bit radical, for rarely does one relish the idea of getting into cold water, but its ability to wake you up out of a lethargic state in a flash makes this method worth it.

For those mornings when getting out of bed seems downright torture, know that you have the cold water spigot on your shower to help get you in the morning swing of things.

You won't believe how quickly your dreamy state disappears once you feel the power of cold water droplets on your head and back.

Pick a Signature Energizing Scent

Did you know that there are some scents proven to make you feel invigorated?

Did you also know that acquiring these scents in beauty products such as lotion, perfume, body wash and scented oils is not at all difficult?

A quick hop onto your favorite search engine will yield all the results you need to create a morning routine filled with your favorite energy-giving smells.

Some of the most common wake-me-ups for your nose are lemon, orange, jasmine, peppermint, and grapefruit.

So grab a grapefruit body wash, put on jasmine and peppermint oil out of the shower and dab on a touch of fresh, citrusy-smelling perfume.

Or pick your own coordinating scents. Be energized all day.

Dry Brush

Dry brushing can help you in more ways than one. It's known as a method to reduce the appearance of cellulite, aid your lymphatic system in removing waste, and soften your skin.

Using it in the morning before showers has other benefits: the bristles are invigorating and it helps to get your sluggish morning circulation into a higher gear.


Most of the methods listed so far will help you wake up - fast.

But if you're the type of naughty girl who likes to ease into her day, yoga may be just what you're after.

Don't think you have what it takes to wake up for the early bird class at your local studio?

No problem. There are so many yoga DVDs on the market at all price points, you're sure to find one that fits your style and can be used at home.

Beginners videos are ideal for morning wake up as they tend to be slow and not too challenging.

But there are also a plethora of yoga routines available whose labels indicate they're meant to help your energy flow and get your juices going.


Are you taking your vitamins?

Sometimes naughty girl habits cross-over into good girl territory. Nothing wrong with that. Naughty girls know that sometimes it pays to be nice.

Emergen-C tablets are vitamins that will help to boost your immune system, fighting off colds before they get into your body and take hold.

But it's also a great source of vitamin B, which gives your body energy.


We can never overstate the importance of water.

Your body can go weeks without food, but without water, it can only last a few days.

So it stands to reason that keeping a strong constitution throughout the day partly depends on your water intake.

Drinking water as soon as you wake up will get your body going by replacing the hydration that was lost overnight while you were sleeping.

Water also helps to fill you up, so drink it throughout the day to help stave off snack-attacks or too-large meals.

Of course, healthy snacking is advised to keep your energy and metabolism up throughout the day.

Always Eat Your Breakfast

Look, we know it's tempting when you're on a tight schedule to run out the door without breakfast.

And you might even be thinking that carb-packed options such as cereal or oatmeal and toast should be avoided anyway.

No matter what, you need to eat something in the morning. This is going to keep your energy up, prevent binging later in the day, keep your metabolism up, and over time prevent excess weight gain.

Not sure what to eat for breakfast? Whole grain bread has carbs that your body can use as energy, without turning into fat.

Eggs, fruits, and cheese are all healthy ways to get your morning grub on.

While you may be tempted by breakfast bars and shakes in the grocery store - stay way.

They're empty calories that won't fill you up. You'll be craving a Snickers by midmorning with only your will power to stop you.

Take Your B Vitamins!

Vitamin B is essential to your body if it's to run effectively.

Within the general B group, vitamin B12 in particular is known to boost concentration and maintain the all-important seratonin levels in your brain – it's better than coffee for that early morning boost of energy!

That's because it converts food into glucose – pure energy to keep you going all day.

Taking a vitamin B supplement every morning will prepare you for the day ahead, naturally and easily.

Look at your diet, too, because vitamin B12 is a significant presence in foods like red meat, fish, eggs and dairy.

Taking vitamin B regularly is one of the simplest ways to keep your body working efficiently.

Breathing exercises

The key to maintaining great energy is to ensure your blood is pumping steadily around your body.

But if you have a sedentary or stressful job, then chances are your breathing is either too slow or too fast and it's making your heart work too hard during the day – and that's going to deplete your energy resources.

Here are two simple breathing exercises you can do throughout the day to ensure your blood is fully oxygenated and your brain can stay focused on the jobs in hand.

Exercise 1 – Relaxation breathing

The perfect breathing exercise for busy people, you can do this anywhere at any time, so there's no excuse for not doing it!

Simply sit up straight, look ahead, and push the tip of your tongue up onto the roof of your mouth, just behind your front teeth (it feels like a hard little ridge.)

This is how you will breathe, so the air exhales around your tongue.

• Inhale, then breathe out long and hard (it might sound like you're “whooshing” the air out.)
• Shut your mouth, close your eyes and breathe in slowly through your nose as you count to four in your head.
• Hold that breath and count to seven.
• Breathe out hard through your mouth again, “whooshing” the air out, as you count to eight.
• That's it! Repeat this cycle until you've done it four complete times.

The key to this technique is breathing IN slowly through your nose and breathing OUT forcefully through your mouth – your tongue should stay touching that area behind your front teeth, all the time.

Remember, breathing out should take longer – take your time, but always make sure you breathe out for twice as long as you're breathing in.

It's this that will set the rhythm for your heart pushing that oxygen into your bloodstream.

It settles your nervous system and acts as a natural tranquilizer, unlike drugs, which wear off after time.

You might not notice any change the first time you do it, but it's important to keep doing it.

I guarantee you'll see the improvement in your energy levels after a few weeks. It's also a great exercise to do when you're feeling under pressure because it will instantly calm you.

It can also help you fall asleep if you suffer with insomnia.

Exercise 2 – Counting your breath

This is a popular exercise in Zen culture; a very simple breathing technique which will not only boost your energy, but also improve your concentration levels.

Sit in any position that's comfortable for you, but ensure your back is straight and your head is bowed a little forward, as though you're praying.

Close your eyes and take some deep breaths – just breathe as you normally would, don't worry about rhythm or speed.

• As you breathe out, count “one” in your head.
• Breathe in again and, on the second exhalation, count “two.”
• Keep doing this, up to “five.”
• Repeat the cycle, and only count when you breathe out.
• If you find yourself going past “five,” then your mind has wandered!

This exercise will focus your brain, fix your breathing and lengthen your normal attention span.

Doing it in the mornings will help focus you on the day ahead, and you can repeat the exercise throughout the day whenever you feel your energy levels falling.

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