15 Ways to Reduce Bloating

15 Ways to Reduce Bloating | Naughty Guide

15 Ways to Reduce Bloating

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Are you bloating and feel like you’ve tried everything? Do you workout and eat healthy but still bloat?

There are not quick fixes when it comes to bloating. If it was that easy, 60-70 million people wouldn’t have digestive issues every year just in the US.

My suggestions in this ebook, are all long-term solutions and will take time to see a difference.

For some, you might notice a difference within a week and others may take a month or more, so don’t give up.

I would suggest doing them in order and one at a time, so as not to overwhelm yourself and to find out what’s working or not working.

Also, I’m not a doctor but the advice I’m giving you is from all the experts I’ve seen to address my own digestive issues. Along with advice from my trainer and nutritionist, and things I've learned along my journey.

Don’t look at bloating as just getting your to stomach to lay flat. As you’re about to see in this blog, it’s a lot more complicated than that.

Instead, it's more of a holistic approach to get you to start thinking about how your body works as a whole and how it’s not just one thing to help with bloating, sometimes it many things.

My Story

I’ve struggled with bloating for decades and tried so many things, not realizing some of the things I was trying were making my symptoms worse.

I worked out, I thought I was eating healthy, but I was still dealing with constant bloating starting in the morning and lasting all day.

That’s when I went on this journey to help with my bloating, along with getting in touch with my body.

I’ve always been bloated no matter how much I worked out, my “pooch” wouldn’t go away and I notice it was getting worse in my late 30s.

So I went to a trainer, Shawn Phillips, who specialized in fitness, nutrition and holistic approach.

Working with Shawn made a dramatic difference in my life. I lost 3 inches around my waist — just from reducing my bloating, and I slimmed down while toning up more. Check out my fitness journey here.

Unfortunately, dealing with bloating and digestive issues is a lifelong journey.

Anytime you stop doing what works, your bloating will come back. Just like working out, then not working out anymore.

As we age things will change with our bodies, including hormones. So you need to learn to cater to these new changes, because sometimes what was working in your 40s, won't work in your 50s.

Just the same as working out, as we get older our metabolism slows, muscle mass changes, bone density and we have to cater our workouts to our new bodies.

My trainer made such a huge impact on my bloating, I have to share the plan he created for me along with somethings I learned on my own.

Get Here For Free Ebook With My 15 Tips

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