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Spend a Sexy Night In | Naughty Guide

Pamper Yourself Tonight

As a single woman living the naughty lifestyle, you can feel sexy all by yourself without a lot of preparation, planning or expense.

Remember, the naughty lifestyle is about you, yourself and you! It's learning how to embrace your sexuality and meeting your own needs without the help of anyone else.

It's about enjoying yourself and your life as it is right now.

Instead of waiting for a man or your friends to entertain you, you have to become completely reliant on yourself for these things.

If you haven't done it in awhile, it's time to spend a sexy night in. If you've never done it, you're in for a treat.

Following my simple suggestions guarantees an evening you won't soon forget. Once you see what it's all about, you will likely add this kind of solo sexy night to your usual routine.

I recommend doing this once a week if you're known for going out a lot.

If you're a homebody and naturally like to stay in, change things up a bit. Step out of your routine.

If you are used to throwing on your sweats or lying around in flannel pajamas, do something different.

Spend a Sexy Night In | Naughty Guide

Pamper Yourself

Take care of yourself by taking a bubble bath by candle light. Enjoy a glass of wine while you soak.

Give yourself a mini facial by pulling out all your beauty products/masks and pampering yourself.

Do the same with your body. Use some exfoliates and apply some luxurious lotion, etc. You can also give yourself a homemade mani or pedi!

Spend a Sexy Night In | Naughty Guide

Sexy Attire

It's fine to wear comfortable clothing around your house, but tonight, why not step up your evening attire and make it sexy?

Try wearing lingerie, a sexy teddy, boy shorts and a cami tank top, tight fitting yoga pants, or a sexy robe.

The point is not to let yourself go just because you are home alone. You have to learn to feel comfortable in your own body before you will ever be comfortable in front of others.

Plus, I notice that when I wear lingerie while I am alone, I'm more aware of my body and how it looks.

This means I'm more likely to watch what I eat. If you hide in baggy clothes, especially during the winter months, it's easy to let yourself go without noticing it.

Spend a Sexy Night In | Naughty Guide

Sexy Dinner

Cook a gourmet dinner. Or, if you prefer take out, then make sure to dine using sexy plates. Don't use paper plates or eat out of the containers provided by the restaurant.

Treat yourself like you would treat a lover if you were trying to impress him.

This is yet another example of how women let themselves go -they start thinking, "Who cares? It's just me!"

Exactly, it's just you! You should always be the most important person in your life and you should always be on the lookout for ways to treat yourself.

Spend a Sexy Night In | Naughty Guide

Naughty Movie

Enjoy a naughty movie and relax on the couch.

Rent an adult film and really heat things up orr watch a naughty documentary.

I have an entire list of naughty movies that I highly recommend. Just click here.

Spend a Sexy Night In | Naughty Guide

Naughty Books

Enjoy a naughty book while having dinner or listening to music. You can always curl up with a good read while relaxing outside on your patio or in front of your fireplace, too.

Don't just plop yourself on the couch and dive into the book -be a little more thoughtful about this activity and make it a sexy experience.

Do it in such a way that reading makes you feel sexy and glamorous. Get out some candles and try reading by candle light.

Grab a luxurious blanket to lie on or wrap yourself in.

Light some incense in a sexy scent. Some women feel a little uncomfortable reading naughty books, but I have a great list here.

Don't be bashful -remember; it's your naughty night in. You can spend it doing whatever you desire!

Spend a Sexy Night In | Naughty Guide

Self Pleasure

Finally, don't go to sleep without the ultimate me-time activity: self-pleasure!

You've spent all evening seducing yourself, now it's time to cap off the evening with the big "O".

Get out your favorite toys and lube. Don't rush the experience.

Caress your whole body and tease your most sensitive areas until you are calling out your own name.

Enjoy every exquisite moment leading up to your climax. Then roll over into a satisfied slumber knowing that you are the ultimate naughty girl and that you are loved by the most beautiful creature in the world: YOU!


Spend a Sexy Night In | Naughty Guide

Building Confidence

The point of doing all of this is to make you feel sexy, all by yourself.

You don't need to spend yet another night out with a bunch of drunk guys hitting on you.

You don't need to have a man by your side to make you feel special and have yourself for that!

Such things may seem insignificant, but these small gestures eventually lead to an overall sense of self-love and appreciation.

Special evenings spent with yourself make you feel better inside and help boost your confidence.

This is not only great for your general sense of well-being, but others will also notice your confidence.

Men will find it sexy that you feel comfortable in your own skin and have no problem staying in on your own. And your girlfriends will want to know your secret!

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