The Toilet Guy

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The Toilet Guy

I was out on the town enjoying a fun night with my girlfriends. We were at the bar ordering drinks, one Mandrian Sprite after another. The club was as busy as my vagina on any given weekend. The DJ was playing some great hits, an eclectic spin on modern day and top 80s and 90s jams.

Normally I don't need an excuse for a good ass shaking, but this disc jockey made it almost impossible to keep my buns from jiggling (in a hot way).

After a bit of dancing, I decided to get a better look at the man who had such excellent tunage selection. If this guy held the secret to get my ass shaking, I wondered if his dick was the key for my vagina. I went over to request some music, and the young guy definitely took notice of me. We flirted for a little bit and I cracked him my best cleavage smile.

At the end of the night he decided to bust a move. As the bar was clearing out, he asked me to come with him. I was immediately game for following him, or cuming...whichever game first. He took my hand and led me away. At first, I was intrigued. Where was this young hottie taking me?

Soon I noticed he was taking me to the restrooms. He can't be serious, I thought. I'm a classy girl and I don't mind having sex near a toilet if the dick is right. Location hardly matters to me. But I didn't even know this guy! Bathroom sex was sacred ground. Only the guys I'm most comfortable with get to pin me against a hygiene-questionable wall and fuck me where people go to take a shit.

I've been around enough penises to know that when a guy takes a girl to the toilet, it's for his own pleasure. Not mine. I'm no Good Samaritan; I'm not going to suck a stranger's cock just to make his night. If I'm going to let a guy bang me bent over the pot, you better believe I want to get off, too. Besides, I only suck on dicks if they have a return rate later in the evening.

I let him lead me into the bathroom stall. My curiosity was intrigued. I wanted to see what this guy's moves were. He quickly closed the bathroom stall and started making out with me. Two seconds later, he unzipped his pants and whipped his dick out.

'Suck on it?" he asked. His meat popsicle was already hard.

I laughed in his face. "Thanks for the offer. Really... I'm touched." I usually appreciate a sexual eagerness in a man, but not when it's completely one-sided. My pussy has needs to, ya know.

Turning to leave, the bathroom door swung open. It was one of my friends. She stared at me, and quickly looked at the wide-eyed DJ with his dick hanging out of his pants. We burst into laughter as we left, and I rehashed the story in the car.

Later, I realized that I had given him my number earlier in the eveing when I thought he might take me out on a proper date. Didn't realize our first date would be in a toilet stall. He kept texting me that night, practically begging me to come over. If a girl won't suck your cock when you offer it up on a silver platter, she's not going to invite you over. Too bad, this young DJ didn't know how to please a beaver as well as he knew his music.

- Sienna Sinclaire® - Naughty Lifestyle Guide - Los Angeles Dating & Sex Coach

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