Teaching Others How To Treat Us

Teaching Others How To Treat Us | Naughty Living
Teaching Others How To Treat Us | Naughty Living

Teaching Others How To Treat Us

Interview Question With Sienna:
How do you live a life of self love and how do you
encourage others to learn to love themselves?

We teach others how to treat and love us through our actions.

For example, I grew up with very independent parents who put themselves first. And I think that’s important to always put yourself first. Because you’re saying to your kids, lovers and others that you’re important.

Everyone in my life always comes after me, doesn’t mean they aren’t important. It’s me first then who I want to be second or third in my life.

Again you teach people how to treat you by how you treat yourself.

My parents both started their own businesses, put themselves through school, and took care of themselves.

They showed me through example how I should treat myself, even if they didn’t realize it.

When I was younger, my dad had a hair salon where he had a masseuse, nails, brow, and holistic person. By having this, he showed me that he cared about himself and wanted others to care about themselves too.

Back then people would have called my dad vain, but he was already practicing self love.

Same with my mom, we went to a lot of spas as a child. As an adult, I continue to treat myself with spa treatments. Even when I was in college with limited funds, I made sure to get massages.

I encourage others to start putting themselves first more, learning to say no, do what you love not what others want you to love, more ME time, go out on a date by yourself. I mean if you won’t date yourself, why would some else.

To love yourself, you must also like yourself. If not, start addressing things that you don’t like.

When you start taking care of yourself and loving yourself more, it’s amazing how things in your life can change. From who you hang out with to even family members. You may find that there are some people you need to let go of in order to better yourself.

You may notice that getting your new found confidence and love for yourself, gets you the better job or even the date you want because you think higher of yourself now.

When you love yourself and know your self worth, it’s amazing what you won’t tolerate or put up with.

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