The Art of Slowing Down

The Art of Slowing Down | Naughty Living
The Art of Slowing Down | Naughty Living

The Art of Slowing Down

Interview Question With Sienna:
How can your site and expertise help others slow down?
What does slowing down look like for you?

When I was younger, I was ALL about go, go, go. Until something happened that changed my outlook on my future self.

During college, I was working as a manager at a gym, maybe 40+ plus hours along with school and going out on weekends.

I had developed an ulcer during my junior year, and I was in so much pain that I was out of school and work for a week to “destress” as the doctor put it.

I came back a week later a changed person as it made me look at my life for the future differently. I started going to yoga classes. Luckily Charleston, SC, where I went to college, was very holistic in the 90s.

Then I learned how to meditate and so started my holistic journey that I’ve been on ever since.

I’ve learned that slowing down actually helps you to get more done.

I know that seems odd…slow down, get more done.

It’s interesting, if you look at ads, they are all about more energy to get more stuff done from our sole inserts in our shoes, workouts to drinks.

There are never ads telling you to slow down or do nothing. American society doesn’t want to be seen as lazy, but we are some of the most stressed out people.

Also, living in London helped me to see another side: slowing down, enjoying life and the simple things more. For example, most Americans will grab a coffee to go and drink it while driving, walking, talking to others, but mostly always while doing something.

I spent a month in Paris where I rented an apartment. It’s not that there aren’t take away cups for coffee like in American cafes: Starbucks. It’s just that the French prefer to sit down and enjoy their coffee.

And that’s what I would do everyday while there: I would go to a cafe, drink my coffee, people watch and just be in the moment.

It’s like that in other places around the world, and that’s how I drink my coffee now. Enjoying every sip while doing nothing. There are times I’m on the run and take a coffee to go.

When we are stressed at work, family life, relationships, it can have a huge impact on our self image, weight, sex life and more.

Slowing down helps you to get in touch with your body, so that you can find more simple pleasures in life.

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