Get Naughty With Whip Cream

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4 Ways to Get Naughty With Whip Cream

Did you know that January 5th is National Whipped Cream Day? It commemorates the birthday of Reddi-Whip founder, Bunny Lapin, who was born on this day in 1914. Surely one of the tastiest inventions ever, whipped cream is a sinful addition to any dessert, milkshake or cake, which also means there's a host of naughty things you can do with it! So what better way to kick off your naughty year than by celebrating this delicious day?

Here are four erotic ways to make National Whipped Cream Day a date to remember.

Turn your lover into a sundae

Surprise your lover when they come over to your place (or home), by having a can of whipped cream ready at the door. Lead them into the bedroom, undress your lover, then squeeze the whipped cream over those special areas of their body, then take your time licking it off. Don't say a word as you feast on him, just let your tongue do the talking. You could also have some sliced fruit and sprinkles ready so you can make a proper dessert of them. Afterwards, have your lover do the same to you, then enjoy a sexy shower afterwards.

Take a whipped cream bath

You'll need a LOT of whipped cream for this, but it's another great way to surprise your lover when they come over. Light candles around the bath and fill it with whipped cream. The canned spray is ideal for this as they can create tall mountains of cream in seconds - about 10-15 cans should be enough. Then do a sexy striptease for your lover as you undress them, then lead your lover into the bathroom where you can spend a delicious hour 'bathing' in the whipped cream and feasting on each other's bodies.

Word play

After a sexy dinner, it's time for some dessert fun. Make your lover lie down, close their eyes and take off their clothes, then start squirting naughty words on their body. Use strawberries or another sexy fruit as punctuation marks, and make them guess what you're writing on them. If they guess right, you get to lick the cream off of them. This game can start off quite innocently as you write words on their chest or arm, but the more intimate you get, the creamier things will become - literally. Take turns being the one written on, and see just how steamy dessert can get.

Deep freeze nipple play

Whipped cream is even more delicious when it's frozen. Turn you or your lover into a super-cold dessert by placing scoops of frozen whipped cream on your nipples and pussy, or balance some on his cock. The freezing temperature will arouse your most intimate parts and, as your body heat starts to melt the cream, that's when things can get really tasty. Use a stopwatch to see how long you can both last before diving in to lick and suck the dripping cream off each other.

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