Naughty Cocktails

Naughty Cocktails | Naughty Guide

Naughty Cocktails

You don't have to leave the house to have a naughty night with friends or lovers.

Getting your favorite people round to your place for a few hours of fun is a great way to socialize, feel sexy and misbehave around other like-minded naughty individuals!

And what better way to get the party started than with some deliciously naughty cocktails to tease and titillate your guests?

Check out my selection of mischievous mixers, below, and see how seductive a little Sex On The Beach or a Leg Spreader can really be.

Some are my own recipe while others are tried and tested ways to put a naughty little smile on everybody's face.

Even if you're out on the town, make the bartenders laugh by ordering the naughtiest cocktail you find on the menu.

The Naughty Girl

Absolut Mandarin vodka (1oz/30ml)
Sparkling water/soda water
Fresh lime
Fresh lemon
Fresh orange
Stevia (optional)
Crushed ice

My own concoction, this contains just 60 calories and is so refreshing, it makes the perfect ice breaker for when your guests arrive.

Mix 1oz (30ml) of Absolut Vodka with some soda water or (preferably) sparkling water over crushed ice. Then slice a wedge each of orange, lime and lemon and squeeze the fresh juice into the mix.

I also add a touch of Stevia, as I like my drinks a little sweet to mask the taste of raw alcohol. You can use other vodkas, if you have a favorite, but do check the calorie content as not all vodkas are the same.

Also, if you're using soda water instead of sparkling water, make sure it has a low sodium content.

Blowjob Shot

Kahlua (0.25oz/8ml)
Amaretto (0.5oz/15ml)
Whip cream

A great 'game drink,' you'll need small shot glasses for this one.

Pour the Kahlua on the bottom of the glass then carefully layer on top the Amaretto, making sure it doesn't mix.

Then top with whip cream. The drinker has to pick up the glass with their teeth then throw it back so the contents slide down their throat.

But beware! Any spillages onto the skin can be licked off by someone else, so make sure you're sitting next to the right person! You can use Bailey's in place of the Amaretto, if you're not into almonds.

Redheaded Slut

2oz (60ml) Cranberry juice
1oz (30ml) Peach liqueur
1oz (30ml) Jagermeister
Crushed ice

This one is intense, tart and full of attitude, just like a Naughty Girl should be.

It's so easy to make, too, simply throw all the ingredients into a shaker, mix, and glide it into your waiting shot glasses.

Ideally, you should freeze your glasses first, to give an extra icy kick to the shot.

Feel how it slides down your throat but then hits you right back again with that Jager-peach-cranberry kick. Delicious!

Leg Spreader

1oz (30ml) Spiced rum
1oz (30ml) Peach schnapps
1oz (30ml) Coconut rum
2oz (60ml) Pineapple juice
Crushed ice

This one's ideal for warmer evenings because it tastes tropical, beachy and perfect for some summer seduction.

Mix the two rums together with the schnapps, pour over ice then top with pineapple juice.

This is a long, cool cocktail which is so easy to drink you'll need to be super-aware of how quickly you're downing them!

It's not called the Leg Spreader for nothing.

There's also a variation on this cocktail which uses Midori and Absolut vodka as well, so if you're a cocktail hardcore, give it a whirl!

Sex On The Beach (highball)

1.5oz (45ml) Absolut vodka
0.5oz (15ml) Peach schnapps
2oz (60ml) Cranberry juice
2oz (60ml) Orange juice
Crushed ice

One of the most revered and popular party cocktails ever, Sex On the Beach is the ultimate crowd pleaser because it's so universal.

No weird ingredients, no cream overload and it's just strong enough to give you a buzz without sending you overboard.

Simply mix all the components together and serve in a highball over crushed ice.

There are also many, many variations, so you can tailor it to your own taste (adding grenadine, Amaretto or even apple schnapps.) The above recipe, however, is the original and classic.

Buttery Nipple

0.75oz (22.5ml) Butterscotch schnapps
0.75oz (22.5ml) Irish cream

Another great 'game drink,' get a shot glass and pour in the butterscotch schnapps, then get a small cold spoon and slowly pour the Irish cream over the spoon so it drips into the glass gently and forms a layer floating on top of the schnapps.

This is a heavenly, smooth, sweet shot and makes the perfect aperitif before kissing (or blowing) the object of your desire.

Naughty Cocktails | Naughty Guide

Kinky Cocktails

Kinky is a range of branded liqueur-style mixers made from 5-times-distilled premium vodka.

It comes in a sexy bottle and each of the four versions has a different fruity kick. You can drink it neat, over ice, or mixed with your favorite juice or soda.

I'm not a great fan of the taste of alcohol, so these spirits are perfect for me and they also allow me to experiment with creating my very own naughty cocktails.

Kinky Pink
This one is flavored with mango, blood orange and passion fruit and it's just gorgeous poured over a tumbler of crushed ice.

It tastes so juicy, you'll be licking your lips the moment it touches your tongue. Brilliant for flirting.

Kinky Blue
Ideal for sultry nights under the stars, Kinky Blue looks, smells and tastes a little bit wicked.

The blue colour is for the wild berries which are the dominant flavor and there's also a hint of tropical naughtiness in there, too.

Add a little Sprite and a drinks sparkler, and you've got an erotic, edgy cocktail to seduce your lover with.

Kinky Red
For intimate, erotic, heady nights of passion, get mixing with some Kinky Red, which contains one of the tastiest, sexiest fruits ever - strawberry.

There's also some mouthwatering watermelon thrown in to keep you refreshed and the bright, sensual red color is guaranteed to have you both moaning with pleasure before you've even reached the bedroom.

Kinky Gold
This vodka has notes of peach and tropical fruits, so it's perfect as a straight throat cooler, and a tasty choice if you're planning on giving your lover some naughty mouth action.

To make it a long drink, mix with pineapple juice or mango juice, a dash of Sprite and a sprinkling of Angostura bitters to create a Caribbean cocktail that really will make you want to have sex on the beach.

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