Delicious Wines For Entertaining A Lover

Delicious Wines For Entertaining A Lover | Naughty Guide

Delicious Wines For Entertaining A Lover

There's something about wine associated with romance, sophistication and knowledge.

Wine isn't just for having with dinner, it's also a sexy addition to your palate when paired with dessert.

Chocolates, anyone?

These are surefire ways to add a little night cap or segue into the next part of your naughty night!

The only problem is, there are thousands of wines to choose from.

How do you pick?

That's why I've listed some of my favorite wines below, along with a bit of information about where they come from, what they taste like, etc.

Red Wines

• Silver Oak Napa Valley - Silver Oak Napa Valley wine, like its name suggests, hails from the reputable Californian wine country.

The winery uses the cabernet sauvignon varietal (type of grape) mixed with Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Petit Verdot for a formula that is rich and soft.

This is an incredibly sexy wine with hints of licorice, chocolate, cherry and roasted coffee.

Its dark red color is perfectly suggestive of the mischievous night you've put on the menu.

• Pauillac de Latour - This red comes directly from France, and some of its best vintages (years of production) have sold at auction for thousands of dollars. The word 'Pauillac' comes from the name of the region that Latour resides in.

When you serve this, you are truly a class act, for the vineyard has been receiving positive reviews for its wine dating back to the 16th century.

This wine has a similar grape-type makeup as the Silver Oak, so you may expect to detect some of the same deep, rich, sexy flavors.

Dessert Wines

A dessert wine is meant to be served with dessert, hence its name. But feel free to drink it whenever you want.

These wines are much sweeter than your average red or white and tend to have a slightly thicker, even syrupy, texture.

• Chateau Grand Piquey - This is a white wine that has been produced in the French region of Sauterne.

Sauterne is a buzzword for dessert wines, as it is considered the best region in France from which to produce them.

According to French law only four types of grapes can be used in a Sauterne dessert wine.

The French are very strict about how to categorize the wine produced in its famous Bordeaux region (of which Sauterne is part). What to know about the flavors in this delectable libation?

You can expect to taste fruits, nuts and even flowers.

Think mango, pineapple, and passion fruit aromas mixed with hazelnut and almond flavors that are finished off with a touch of honeysuckle.

• Chateau Rieussec Sauterne - There is that buzzword again, Sauterne. Chateau Rieussec is a vineyard estate in France that has been producing wines since the 19th century.

As they are located in the dessert wine region of France, you can expect to have a sweet accompaniment to dessert from each bottle.

The Rieussec Sauterne is made from a variety of three different grapes, and is a yellow, very light butterscotch color.

Unlike the Grand Piquey, this wine has a hint of spiciness that might go well with your spicy intentions.

(I couldn't resist the pun!) Also included are hints of coconut, oak and vanilla. Sounds like it could double as an amazing perfume!

But I suggest you drink it with your nearest and dearest companion(s).

• Chateau Belingard Monbazillac - This isn't the easiest wine on the list to pronounce, but that doesn't make it any less deliciously enticing.

The word 'Monbazillac' comes from the region of this wine's production.

The name of the vineyard? You guessed it: Belingard.

You're catching on fast!

Monbazillac is the 'other white meat' of dessert wine regions.

Though it's not as famous as its cousin Sauterne, it can hold its own in many taste tests.

As for the Chauteau Belingard, its history dates back to the 16th century, which calls to mind a kind of sophistication based on a lengthy timeline that most Americans can only dream about.

Critics say this wine is better with age, so you may want to hold on to it for a while before you uncork it.

Save it for that really special occasion! As for flavor, expect a sweet hint of orange marmalade.

• Klein Constantia Estate Wine - You know that France and Italy are the chief purveyors of quality wine, but did you know that South Africa (and even Australia) produce some reputable wines that are full bodied and flavorful (much like yourself)?

The Klein Constantia Estate is located in South Africa near Capetown and produces more than just a sweet dessert wine.

They have red and white varieties that encompass several different types of grapes. As for their sweet dessert wine, they choose citrus accents rather than the darker varieties in our first wine choices. Light, bright, and effervescent this will put your guy in a fun, experimental mood.

• Chateau d'Yquem - referred to as 'liquid gold' this is the best dessert wine out there; it's considered the dessert wine to end all dessert wines.

It has been producing widely recognized superior wines since the mid 19th century and is priced above many others of its type for that reason.

Think of this bottle as an investment piece.

Not only is it known for superior flavor, it's also well known for longevity.

You could buy a bottle now that your great, great grandchildren will enjoy. It will keep for over a century if preserved in the right temperature.

One reviewer calls the 'bouquet' (aroma) sheer perfection: a mixture of citrus, butterscotch, caramel and brown sugar.

While our previous wines are separated into light floral/citrus and rich flavor profiles, the Chateau d'Yquem has found the perfect balance of the two.

And there you have it!

These wines are sure to stun your partner and create a naughty night neither of you are likely to forget.

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