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Las Vegas
Las Vegas Sexiest Lingerie Stores

Kiki de Montparnasse


3720 S Las Vegas Blvd.

If you're after the sexiest lingerie money can buy, you can always rely on Kiki to provide some class, even in a city as debauched as this. People don't expect the Vegas store to be as stylish or high end as say, NYC, but Kiki has her standards and, if anything, they're higher here than ever. The dressing rooms are luxurious, with huge mirrors that deserve to be posed in front of. Upping the air of erotic chicness that exudes here, is the couples dressing room, split into two parts. There's a standard section, where girls can undress in private, and another that has a semi-transparent curtain, so your partner can settle down in an armchair and watch your silhouette as you try on your prospective purchases. Ooh la la!

Showgirl Supplies


3125 Industrial Rd.

Dedicated to providing Sin City's showgirls with the best outfits and accessories, it can be hard to gain access here as it's not open to the general public. But if you can get referred, or are confident to talk your way inside, you'll be rewarded with a fabulous selection of eye-catching, head-turning outfits. If you really want to look the part of a genuine Vegas showgirl, maybe for that private bedroom show you've promised your lover, then you simply have to come here. If you don't manage to talk your way in, sit yourself in the Swingers Bar next door and chat up one of the regulars, who might be able to get you a magic password.

Deja Vu Adult Emporium


4335 W Tropicana Ave.

This place is so Vegas, it's hard to resist. The gaudy exterior just screams seediness, but once inside, you'll find a comprehensive range of sex toys, fetish wear, lingerie and movies, and the staff are super-helpful and friendly, so you feel at ease right away. There's a stripper pole at the front of the store, and they don't mind people having a go, if you're so inclined. On Fridays, they sometimes do staff demonstrations of the various sex toys on sale, so if you want to be educated, or even just entertained, drop by then. There's a permanent vibrator demonstrator on duty here, too.

Studio-a-Fetish Boutique


1509 W Oakey Blvd.

Part of the Paradise Electro Stimulations team, the studio store is aimed specifically at BDSM and fetishists. It's a very professional set-up here, so don't expect to see tacky, titillating products just to get people giggling. For a start, you'll have to go through the front office/screening area, before the store proper, so you can be introduced to the boutique's staff, who will ascertain whether this is the right store for you. Once into the back, you'll find yourself in an Aladdin's cave of high end adult toys, pus some seriously sexy leather and latex wear, all ultra-stylish and surprisingly functional. The highlight here is the amount of e-stimulation kit on offer. Experienced electro-fetishists will know what they're looking for but, ask nicely, and first timers or experimenters may be able to try before they buy.

Adult Superstore


2 Locations:

3850 W Tropicana Ave.

1147 South Las Vegas Blvd.

Part of a large, national chain, this superstore stocks just about anything and everything you can think off, all under one bright, florescent roof. It's two stories high and has enough parking for the whole of Vegas, so you won't have a problem finding it. It's especially great for dildos and vibes, with a mind-boggling range of colors, speeds, lengths and materials. The best bit, though, is the private movie theater. If you're feeling horny, you and your partner can secrete yourself in the semi-darkness and get right on down to it.

The Black Room


1000 E Sahara Ave.

Stores like this help give Vegas its naughty reputation. The Black Room is a compact place which specializes in leather and latex, complemented by a great selection of sexy toys. The big attraction of this store, are the rock bottom prices, because the owner sources his stock direct from the supplier. You're also likely to find the latest in European trends, so if you want something a bit different, it's worth trying here. Another plus are the very friendly staff, who put everyone at their ease, and they'll be happy to demonstrate products, and also offer honest appraisals on any clothing you try on.

Hustler Hollywood


6007 Dean Martin Dr.

As expected, the retail arm of Hustler should feel right at home in Sin City. It's a light and bright store, with a very corporate, unseedy feel, as befits the global brand, a real 'McAdult' store, pandering to the sexual needs of the masses. Some of the stuff here is tame, like the slutty lingerie and novelty sex toys, obviously geared towards the tourist market. But dig a little deeper, and you'll uncover some surprisingly erotic pieces. Once the (many) sales staff realize you're a serious participant, they'll soon lead you over to the proper stuff. There's a great line in vibes and dildos, and the movie selection is second to none, as you'd expect. A bit pricier than other stores, though, but that's purely down to the name.

Lady C Leather


4037 W Sahara Ave.

It might sound like a haven for leather-wearing fetishists, but this store is actually more into the accessories than the clothing. They do have a line of standard leather dresses, skirts and chaps, but you'll be coming here for the floggers, ropes and whips instead, which hang from the ceiling, like something from Silence of the Lambs. Most of the flogger here are hand crafted, and you can even take a peek in the back room where 'the master' sits and carves all day.

Agent Provocateur


3500 South Las Vegas Blvd.

If there's going to be an Agent Provocateur store anyway, it would have been Vegas. This one is right on the Strip, in Caesar's Forum, and it's got everything you'd expect from a naughty place like Sin City. I think it's a little naughtier than most AP stores, for this reason, so even if you're a seasoned 'Agent', you might find some exciting little purchases you weren't expecting, in here. It's an intimate place, with excellent, attractive staff who will really look after you. The dressing rooms are sumptuously decorated in glorious thick velvet curtains, so you feel like you're about to step out on stage at some big, Vegas revue. At the front of the store are all the sexy lingerie pieces and, towards the back, you'll find pasties, some toys, and a few little accessories such as riding crops and ticklers. And everything is beautifully gift-wrapped, so go and spoil yourself.

Bare Essentials Fantasy Fashions


4029 West Sahara Ave.

This lingerie store sits in a retail strip on W Sahara Blvd, around 4 miles from the middle of the Strip, but you'll find the prices way more competitive than the glitzy malls of the big hotels. Don't be put off by the location - and you'll need a car or cab to get you here if you're not a local - because they have some great stuff, especially if you're a dancer or performer (you'll get a discount, too). From sexy little dresses, to erotic lingerie and sparkling body jewelry, they have everything for the exhibitionist, and more, in here. Come here if you fancy a bit of stripper role-play, or you want to trash it up in the bedroom a little more. Indulge that fantasy and pick up some really hot pieces that'll make you want to misbehave all night.

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