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Miami's Sexiest Lingerie Stores

Oh La La Cheri


124 SE 1st St.

Their tagline is 'intimate apparel with French flair,' and boy, are these guys hot. The 'Tres Sexy' collection is particularly erotic, and even if you end up paying way more than you expected, you won't be disappointed with how their bras, panties and teddies feel on you. Not to mention the effect they'll have on anyone else lucky enough to see you in them. Worth the extra dollars.

Agent Provocateur


9700 Collins Ave.

This swish store in Bal Harbor is everything you'd expect from an Agent Provocateur outlet. From the moment you walk in, you know you're in the perfect boudoir, and it doesn't take long to get in a naughty mood. I love trying stuff on in here. The dressing rooms are so plush and luxurious and the staff really make you feel like you're the center of the universe. Obviously, you can get some very provocative, sexy items here, especially great corsets and stockings, and don't forget to check out the 'extras', like riding crops and pasties. They gift box everything so beautifully, too, so it's worth really splashing out on the full set of bra, panties, suspenders and babydoll. Coming to Agent Provocateur should be treated like a special occasion, so make an event of it.

Sexy Secrets


6572 Bird Rd.

If the temperature in your bedroom needs turning up a little, pop into here for some sexy additions to your lingerie drawer. They have a classy, sophisticated collection of sassy nightwear, everything from French-inspired red & black panty sets, to sheer, black stockings and garters. It's not cheap, but you do get what you pay for. Their satin red basques, in particular, are almost flame-hot to the touch. Get your lover to treat you to something smokin' from here, then reward him later.



9250 SW 40th St.

This great costume store has some wonderful outfits and wigs, plus a number of playful accessories such as bondage rope, silk scarves, furry cuffs and sexy stockings. Everything's very much about playing, as the name suggests, so you won't find too much hardcore stuff here, but there's still plenty to entertain, so it's probably best for those just getting into the role-playing scene, or if you want to treat your lover to a sexy treat for his birthday. The lingerie section is very hot, though, and a few items in the fetish section are enough to raise eyebrows.

Naughty Rooster

1671 Alton Rd.


Stocking just about everything for fetishists, Naughty Rooster is for serious erotica lovers. Latex and rubber pant sets, catsuits and lingerie, sit happily alongside cuffs, collars, whips, paddles and electro-sex aids. The store is right beside Lincoln Mall, so it's convenient and safe to venture into at night, but be warned - you seriously will not want to leave here once you get browsing. All those fantastic 1980s soft rock music videos you used to watch on MTV, were probably kitted out from a store like Naughty Rooster.

Condom USA


3066 Grand Ave.

Yes, this place stocks just about every condom shape, size and flavor you can possibly imagine, but there's also a whole host of other delights under this roof. They have a very sophisticated line in vibes and dildos, with all the big names and up to date models. 'Luxury' sex toys are also a specialty, and everything is stocked in a well-ordered, easy-to-find method that makes browsing an absolute pleasure. Definitely one of Miami's higher end sex stores.

House of Intoxicating Pleasures


7175 SW 8th St.

This store stocks everything that might be considered 'naughty', whether it's a bong pipe, fruity condom or spiked dog collar, so not everything here is about sex. It's for the more niche erotica lover, who doesn't mind paying slightly more for something slightly different. Nowhere else in Miami can you find a hookah pipe that hooks up to kinky rubber mask, which itself it attached to a luxury, leather sub-collar. Some of the stuff here is bizarre, but in an interesting way. Browsing here will definitely make you want to try new things.



760 Ocean Dr.
Ste 7

Cosabella are known for their sexy, shapely lingerie and swimwear, so when you're in Miami Beach, you must pop in here and add a few items to your collection. Cosabella's products are designed right here in Miami, before being manufactured in the heart of global fashion - Italy. So you've got some seriously sexy choices here, especially mix'n'match fashions that you can tailor to your own taste. Be sure to check out there Luxe Laces, Lowrider Thongs and super-hot bustiers, and get glammed up for a night on the town, and who knows what else later on.

La Perla


2 Locations:

13744 Southwest 152nd St.

9700 Collins Ave.

La Perla is one of the premier names in lingerie, so it's no surprise to know that both of these Miami stores feel deliciously decadent the moment you walk in. It feels expensive, and it is, with chandeliers, minimalist glass display cases, and carefully selected bras, panties and sets, on show around the store. The assistants are all very attractive, but they know their stuff. Be clear about what you're after or, if you're undecided, let them advise. There are always new lines coming in from Europe, so it's worth revisiting at least once a month to make sure you're not missing out. Their bustiers and waist cinches are pure indulgence, and you won't get better hosiery in the whole of Miami.

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