World's Most Unique Brothels

World's Most Unique Brothels | Naughty Travels World's Most Unique Brothels | Naughty Travels
World's Most Unique Brothels | Naughty Travels

World's Most Unique Brothels

Men have been paying for sex since the dawn of time. For most, it's just a service they're buying, like water, gas, or food.

For others, paying a professional to see to their sexual needs is a serious business.

They know what they want, who they want it from, and how they want it done. In short, they want to get good return for their investment.

Because of this, brothels and bordellos around the world are stepping things up a gear and are dedicated to providing the ultimate sexual experiences for their most discerning clients.

Sure, at the end of the day it's a guy paying a girl to have sex with him.

But more and more 'knocking shops' are offering detailed and sensual lust packages, guaranteed not just to satisfy even the most demanding of clients, but keep them coming back for more.

Check out these unique, sexually satisfying establishments, and make a note of them in that little black book for the next time your travels bring you to their cities.

World's Most Unique Brothels | Naughty Travels

Alien Cathouse, Area 51, Nevada, USA

Visit Alien Cathouse's Website Here

Everyone knows Dennis Hof, right?

He's the guy behind Nevada's infamous Moonlite Bunny Ranch, which features on HBO's reality TV show, Cathouse. But lately he's been taking his hotties to a whole new level.

Just outside the legendary Area 51, Hof is setting up another brothel, called Alien Cathouse, where he promises to provide clients with sexy prostitutes, dressed up as aliens.

You can choose any life form you want, from green-skinned Martians, to actual characters like Princess Leia, Number Six, or Leeloo. The ultimate in sexual fantasy fulfillment, this is a genius move on the part of The Hof, who obviously knows how to money-tap into every guy's sexual subconscious.

Just name your favorite female alien, wait for her to appear, then fuck her. Simple.

World's Most Unique Brothels | Naughty Travels

Nana Entertainment Plaza, Bangkok, Thailand

Visit Nana Entertainment Plaza's Website Here

The Thais are experts in selling sex as a business, and the Nana Entertainment Plaza has it down to a tee. It's three stories of sex shops and brothels under one roof.

It once was a bar and restaurant complex, but today it's been transformed into one giant shopping mall of sex.

There's just one tiny entrance, but once inside, you're surrounded by a mix of sex bars, by-the-hour hotels, and wall-to- wall brothels.

Most are staffed by pre- and post-op 'kathoeys', or 'ladyboys', for which Bangkok is particularly famous.

But whatever your choice of fuck buddy, you can probably find it here. There are no pimps or middle-men - punters negotiate directly with the person of their choice.

Most of the bar staff are also up for sale, and will gladly leave their shift to have sex with you, on payment of a 'bar fine'.

It's complete debauchery here, but it's one of the reasons why Bangkok continues to be boast of itself as the sex capital of the world.

World's Most Unique Brothels | Naughty Travels

Big Sister, Prague, Czech Republic

Visit Big Sister's Website Here

This one-of-a-kind brothel in Prague, Czech Republic (where prostitution is legal), allowed patrons in for free, on condition they consented to their sex acts being recorded and distributed online to a subscription audience.

Free sex! Who'd have thought it? Most of the workers at Big Sister were Czech or Slovakian, although you could usually find some more exotic Brazilian or Ghanaian ladies willing to join in the fun.

The girls were paid a regular salary, plus royalties from their 'films'.

Think of it as being like Big Brother (the inspiration for the name), with the whole world able to watch you fucking.

This place was the ultimate destination for exhibitionists; you even got to take a DVD home with you so you could watch yourself having sex any time you liked.

Unfortunately, the brothel closed in 2010, although there are rumors that it's going to be re-opened very soon.

World's Most Unique Brothels | Naughty Travels

The Site, Sydney, Australia

Visit The Site's Website Here

Not many people outside Oz know that controlled prostitution is legal here.

The Site is a purpose built luxury brothel (it even gives itself a 5-star rating), which offers a range of beautiful and intelligent hostesses to have sex with.

They're chosen not just for their physical appearance, but their ability to hold educated conversations, and stimulate not just a client's cock, but also his brain.

Some of the hostesses are pictured online, so just schedule with whichever description tickles your fancy, and show up at the club ready to have a good time. You can sign up for privilege cards and the website even has a members area where you can look at some sizzling pictures of what might be in store for you.

Classy and upscale, a real gentlemen's club.

World's Most Unique Brothels | Naughty Travels

Mobile Sex, Lyon, France

Prostitution is legal in France, but you're not allowed to go asking for it.

So the locals in Lyon decided to get a little creative. In and around the city streets, you'll see hundreds of white vans along the sidewalks.

Inside many of them, are prostitutes waiting for business.

But because they're not allowed to advertise or ask for business, they've developed an ingenious way around it.

If the door to the white van is open, it means you can approach and ask for sex.

If the door is closed (and the van is moving heavily from side to side!), then the lady is obviously busy.

Rates are decided once you start talking.

World's Most Unique Brothels | Naughty Travels

Stiletto, Sydney, Australia

Visit Stiletto's Website Here

Another triumph on Sydney's legalized prostitution scene, Stiletto ingeniously markets itself as the world's finest short stay boutique hotel.

Of course, 'short stay' usually means 'by the hour'. The rooms here are luxurious, filled with monochrome interior decoration and even waterfalls, with themes including Betty Boop, James Bond and Classical Orgy.

Discretion is guaranteed, and they even have an underground car park with direct access to the brothel.

Men can indulge their ultimate Bond Girl fantasy, in the heart of the CBD, and choose the perfect escort to indulge them for as little, or long, as they like. Popular with businessmen.

World's Most Unique Brothels | Naughty Travels

Pascha, Cologne, Germany

Visit Pascha's Website Here

Claiming to be the largest brothel in Europe, this sex hotel is 12 stories of purpose-built pleasure.

Prostitutes rent the rooms from the authorities for a daily fee, which includes all their meals and medical care.

The girls sit outside their rooms as potential clients wander the corridors.

Once a punter makes their choice, they negotiate direct with the prostitute, who keeps all of her earnings once the rent has been paid out.

Most girls just use the hotel as their workplace, although others do live here permanently. There's a dedicated floor for transsexual prostitutes, and another for budget bonks.

There's also a bar, nightclub, and table dancing club. Punters are offered a money back guarantee for an unsatisfactory experience, and anyone aged 66 and over get 'afternoon discounts' of 50%.

Probably one of the most user-friendly brothels in the world.

World's Most Unique Brothels | Naughty Travels

FKK World, Frankfurt, Germany

Visit FKK World's Website Here

Another homage to the German sex trade, this brothel sits 25km into a forest outside Frankfurt.

It has a cinema showing porno movies 24/7, a casino, swimming pool, BBQ hut, and a beach club. There are 50,000 square meters full of places to have sex, and exhibitionism is encouraged.

Pick a girl and go cavorting seems to be the only two rules here.

It's very popular with student parties, who choose this place to celebrate end of exams and coming of age.

Those Germans really are a bunch of crazy dudes...

World's Most Unique Brothels | Naughty Travels

Bernds Sauna Club, Schieferhof, Germany

Visit Bernds Sauna Club's Website Here

What is it about the Germans? This interesting brothel encourages mixing with other punters, so it's like one big house party.

Men and women walk around the house naked and, when you feel like having sex, just take your chosen lady into one of the many rooms, or do it right there in front of everyone.

Up to you, really. The club markets itself as 'no fuss, just up front and informal', so it's great for first timers who might feel intimidated visiting a conventional brothel.

This place is very relaxed, rural, and homey.

They even ask for feedback on cute little forms that they hand you when you walk out of the door. Customer satisfaction is obviously big here.

Fees are paid once, on entry, and you can stay all day.

The fee includes all meals, drinks, and sauna usage, although sex is extra and is negotiated with your chosen lady.

Strangely, it's not open on weekends. If it's your birthday (and you can prove it), entrance is free!

World's Most Unique Brothels | Naughty Travels

Maison d'Envie, Berlin, Germany

Visit Maison d'Envie's Website Here

Berlin is a sex trade hotbed.

This means that most brothels here face, er, stiff competition with each other.

This particular brothel claims to be doing its bit for the environment, as well as the economy, by offering discounts to clients who arrive by public transport or, even better, under their own steam.

This very green approach to sex is proving a hit with Berlin's eco-aware sex addicts, with the brothel claiming 3 or 4 new clients per week.

If you're arriving by bike, don't forget your other hard hat...

World's Most Unique Brothels | Naughty Travels

Termas Centaurus, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Visit Termas Centaurus Website Here

This terma (Brazilian brothel) is one of the most popular destinations for vacationing sex tourists, although foreigners do pay more to enter than locals.

There are over a hundred girls here, offering all kinds of sexual services.

It's expensive, around $250 for just 40 minutes with a girl of your choice, but they do promise you an experience you'll never forget.

Hot and sultry, this place is guaranteed to light that Latino fire inside you, and it's right in the heart of the city, so easy enough to find.

Do take care, though, as that famous Latin temperament stretches to the bouncers and bar staff, as well as the ladies, and some of them are easily flammable.

World's Most Unique Brothels | Naughty Travels

The Relax Nightclub, Hamburg, Germany

Visit The Relax Nightclub's Website Here

A themed brothel, full of masked beauties who set the playful tone for the night to come.

There's a very classical approach to sex here, with an emphasis on foreplay, so if you like a girl to take their time getting you to climax, this is literally the place to come.

Here, the girls will spoil you effortlessly, and they're a really sexy bunch, dressed in hot lingerie, red lipstick and some very high heels.

Decor is decadent, with opulent chandeliers, plush red velvet chairs, and low lighting.

The bar is frequented by some of the city's top models, but not everyone who comes here has sex.

It's a popular leisure complex, with a jacuzzi, sauna, and baths, so you can get up to as much, or as little as you like, with single, or multiple escorts.

These girls take pampering to the max, so set aside the entire evening to really get your money's worth.

World's Most Unique Brothels | Naughty Travels

The Bunny Ranch, Carson City, USA

Visit The Bunny Ranch's Website Here

People think that Las Vegas is the city of sin, but it's really Carson City, which is where you'll find the best brothels.

This one is perhaps the most famous in the entire country, not just Nevada.

Frequented by Hugh Heffner, Howard Stern, and a myriad other naughty old men, this is pleasure entrepreneur Dennis Hof's crown jewel of his sex empire.

It offers everything you can possibly think of - girl on girl shows, handjobs, blow jobs, dungeons, massages, tantric sex, an Asian wet room, Sybian experiences and even services for whole bachelor parties.

Overnight stays are provided if you've got the stamina (and the bucks), and service is famously friendly and professional. The closest thing you'll find to a celebrity whorehouse.

World's Most Unique Brothels | Naughty Travels

Mustang Ranch Resort, Reno, USA

Visit Mustang Range Resorts Website Here

This is more like a 5-star hotel than a brothel.

But you get to stay for free! Well, technically, you don't have to pay for a room, but you do have to pay for the services of a female chaperone, who has to accompany you at all times while you're on the premises.

Whether you have sex with her or not is up to you, but why else would you come here, right?

The bar downstairs is always bustling, and the vibe is super-friendly and fun.

You can get anything from straight sex, to fetish, dominatrix and BDSM.

Clients are introduced to a range of girls and pick their favorite.

You negotiate the fee with your lady then go to one of the luxury suites available, complete with sauna and jacuzzi. It's not hard to see why this place is world-famous.

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