Fetish Hotels Around The World

Fetish Hotels Around The World

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Fetish Hotel Dungeon West & Dungeon East | Naughty Guide

Dungeon West


Dungeon East

Los Angeles, CA

This fabulous private dungeon space is run by one of LA's most experienced dommes, Mistress Justine Cross. It's a super sexy, erotic, upscale dungeon that has a real wow factor.

From the onyx four poster queen bed (with memory foam!,) padded cage, standing glass shower and moveable heaters & fans, to the St Andrews Cross and comprehensive range of sex toys, whips, flogs, chains and cuffs, this is a BDSMer's paradise.

Everything is spotlessly clean and the dungeon even boasts a cute little bar area as well as a luxurious bathroom.

This is the perfect dungeon for high end Master/Sub play, so it's no wonder it's used by many of LA's most famous dommes.

What I love about Dungeon West is that you completely lose all sense of time while you're here - no clocks, no windows or skylights, nothing to let the real world invade your fantasy world, it's a real haven of kinkiness with added sophistication.

Fetish Hotel Monterey Stay and Play | Naughty Guide

Monterey Stay and Play

Monterey, CA

If you and your lover like to play alone, this West Coast retreat is perfect.

It's a rural getaway, just a few miles from the ocean, and they only rent to one couple at a time, so it's super-private.

Your hosts are Miss M and Jim, and they've got a completely self-contained B&B at the back of their own house, guaranteeing absolute seclusion.

On two floors, there's a great living area and kitchen with a fetish swing to get playtime started, but it's downstairs in the dungeon where the fun really happens.

With an inescapable cage, harnesses, swings, bondage posts and an awesome collection of shackles, cuffs, whips and other restraints, plus a whole closet of dressing up gear. books and DVDs, you can indulge every one of your fantasies.

There's also a claw-foot bath on the outside decking, plus full catering on request; the perfect way to unwind after a hard day's bondage!

Fetish Hotel 1763 | Naughty Guide


Atlanta, GA

If you like to vary your fantasy experience, then 1763 offers four different themes, from electrical and medical, to whipping and flogging.

Overnight guests get to enjoy luxurious damask bedding, sumptuous decor and, of course, their own private supply of BDSM toys and equipment.

You'll also get free access to the main dungeon (the largest in the US!;) a really innovative, state of the art space where you can take part in special events or just enjoy getting to know others.

There's everything in here, from St Andrews Crosses and a bondage cube, to spanking benches and (my favorite) the huge walk-in shower, which has plenty of room for four people to enjoy some shower play.

Explore the terrace, the ante rooms and the outdoor fire pit, where things really hot up!

Dungeon Mistress, Ms Whip, is always on hand to make your stay as pleasurable as possible.

Fetish Hotel La Domaine Esemar | Naughty Guide

La Domaine Esemar

New York City

Located in the beautiful New York countryside, La Domaine Esemar claims to be the world's oldest BDSM training academy, and it's clear to see why they're held in such high esteem. Full of New England splendor, the 'chateau' houses a fabulous dungeon and is staffed by both fully trained and apprentice slaves and Masters who cater to your every whim. There are two options for staying overnight (or longer!) First, there's the luxurious guest room with bondage bed, St Andrews Cross, multiple restraint/punishment options and private bathroom with 2-person bath. Then there's the outdoor camping option, where you can indulge in some al fresco BDSM action on the outside cross, enjoy the fire pit, or even go to extremes on the fetish barbecue spit. Because it's a training facility, guests can take advantage of the apprentice slaves, but it's OK to just keep to yourself, too - whatever works for you.

Fetish Hotel Twisted Cedar Estate | Naughty Guide

Twisted Cedar Estate

Portland, OR

This is a magical playspace in eight acres of Oregon pines, cedars and even a dormant volcano. Lovers of the great outdoors will be able to go romping in the forest and indulge their fetishes in wooded glades and fairy bowers. Guest rooms are standard rooms (not BDSM-equipped) but there are plenty of places for play time, including the dungeon which has everything from a kneeling bench, bondage table and suspension points, to a gyno table, fish hook predicament stand and genitorture chair. If you like to meet new people, then there are also informal sleeping spaces available in the loft and dungeon, so bedtimes are flexible. Twisted Cedar Estate is part luxury getaway and part BDSM paradise, so you can enjoy each vibe separately.

Fetish Hotel Warmbuns Bed & Dungeon | Naughty Guide

Warmbuns Bed & Dungeon

Ontario, Canada

Just two hours north of Syracuse NY, this Ontario bed & dungeon country home feels instantly welcoming. You can choose single night stays or longer (their special weekend packages are very good value) and your hosts, Master Joe and Cassie, are super-friendly.

It's an intimate place, not as large or luxurious as other fetish hotels, but this is why it's so charming. The dungeon has all the expected equipment (St Andrews Cross, love swing, spreader bars, whipping post plus a unique massage table) although you'll need to bring your own gags and sex toys. With over 40 years combined lifestyle experience, Warmbuns is one of the more 'homely' fetish guesthouses if you like a traditional, countrified B&B experience.

Fetish Hotel Ess & Emm | Naughty Guide

Ess & Emm

Warwickshire, England

This playroom has ultra-modern facilities and luxury accommodation in the heart of the English countryside, just one hour from Heathrow Airport. 'The Studio' has a double bedroom (with bondage bed) and its own private dungeon, complete with bondage table, whips, flogs, restraints and an ultra-padded St Andrews Cross. What I love about this place is that you can literally get up in the morning and step through to the 'en-suite dungeon' to start playing. Downstairs is a cute lounge with a classic English country kitchen, so you can really lose yourself in your naughty rural English fantasy. Book as many nights as you want, and get treated to free wine, sandwiches and cakes, too! Very English!

Fetish Hotel Hoxton Dungeon Suite | Naughty Guide

Hoxton Dungeon Suite

London, UK

Imagine the grandest hotel room in London, then add all your BDSM and fetish needs, and you'll end up with the Hoxton Dungeon Suite. I used to live in London, so I know my way around the London BDSM scene and, trust me, this place is HOT. Run by the delectable Madame Caramel, you can rent by the night or choose one of their spectacular packages, which includes Prosecco, chocolates and even some personal instruction from La Caramel herself. The bedroom and kitchen are well-equipped and the bathroom has Champney toiletries on tap. There's a Red Room with a grand Chesterfield chair and plenty of punishment toys for naughty Subs. In the Main Dungeon, you'll be spoiled for choice as Madame really has thought of everything. Bondage chairs, ladder back chair, PVC sheets, medical and corporal equipment, toilet boxes, ropes, wigs, make-up, sex toys, lubes, floggers, whips and a whole array of things for cross-dressers and role play. It's seriously sexy here, and I guarantee that once you arrive, you'll never want to leave. They've even started running classes with visiting Guest Dommes, so why not learn something new while you're here?

Fetish Hotel The Fetish Retreat | Naughty Guide

The Fetish Retreat

Wiltshire, England

An erotic playground for fetishists of all persuasions, this is a fantastic, modern and 'spacey' retreat in the beautiful Cotswold countryside, not far from mystical Stonehenge. The dungeon and playroom are available for your exclusive hire and there's every kind of amenity, from a hot tub, wi fi and private patio, to a fully-stocked dungeon with F-machine, bondage bed and table, body sacks, cock pillory, Robojac, electric machines and swings & suspension frames, amongst many, many other things. Role players will love the gas masks, hoods, outfits and toys, and a unique feature of this retreat is the lockable attic cage, which has its own cage-cam so you can keep an eye on your sub from the comfort of the playroom.

Fetish Hotel Dragon House Farm | Naughty Guide

Dragon House Farm

Ballarat, Australia

It sounds exotic, and that's because it is. Located 70 miles west of Melbourne, Dragonhouse Farm is Australia's best fetish hotel and I can't think of anywhere else on the planet where you can get spanked and whipped one minute, then go mining for gold the next. As soon as you arrive here, you're greeted with complimentary Aussie wine by Jackson the Maid, whose job is to wait on you 24/7. The playroom has a torture chair, pillories, bondage posts and numerous restraint options. Outside, there's a gorgeous courtyard with tropical trees, a medical chair, St Andrews Cross and a whipping post. There's also the Misery Shed, prison cell and isolation box, where no-one is going to hear you scream! The bar scene of Ballarat is just minutes away and, because this is gold country, you can also go on a prospecting tour in between bondage sessions. A great feature of this fetish hotel is the opportunity to hire their own photographer to capture the most intimate highlights of your playtime.

Fetish Hotel Absolute Suite | Naughty Guide

Absolute Suite

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Dutch obviously know the BDSM scene inside out, and this fetish hotel is perfectly situated in the heart of old Amsterdam. There's a deliberate 'Red Light' feel to this place, with plenty of velvet drapes and erotic art, along with top of the range fetish furniture. Spread over three narrow floors (this is Amsterdam, after all,) guests can enjoy exclusive use of the kitchen, lounge area, jacuzzi bathroom and the wonderful SM Suite. It's newly renovated, too, so take advantage of added luxuries such as underfloor heating, Bluetooth iPod station and even a Nespresso machine (George Clooney not included!) The middle floor is dedicated to a huge 10 square meter loungespace and other facilities include a decadent mirror room with cage swing; a lapdancing pole; bondage bedroom; and St Andrews Cross. You can also hire DJs, masseurs and dancers, and the suite takes up to 6 guests.

Fetish Hotel Madie Anne | Naughty Guide

Madie Anne

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Mrs Madieanne is a lifestyle dominatrix whose Amsterdam studio is called 'Peculiar Desire Home.' Guests will get a lot more than the traditional whipping and spanking treats here, so if your tastes are a little more 'out there,' you'll love it. Mummification, living dolls, restricted breath play and fetish role play are all catered for, and Mrs Madieanne is happy to dominate you. You and your lover can also attend one of her teaching sessions to learn some new techniques to use on one another during an overnight stay (Mrs Madieanne not included!) This B&B is more a playday session + relaxing overnight, rather than a full-on fetish hotel, so there's no private dungeon to indulge in, simply the enjoyment of Mrs Madieanne's expertise followed by a chill-out and a chance to explore Amsterdam's unique nightlife.

Fetish Hotel Residenz Avalon | Naughty Guide

Residenz Avalon

Berlin, Germany

Berlin has a very well established fetish scene, so there are quite a few establishments to choose from here. This one is a favorite of mine because it's funky, is multi-themed and operates with typical German efficiency. Residenz Avalon is a complex of subterranean cells, super-modern guest rooms plus basic dungeon cells for subs, a school room, clinic and studio, a dungeon, and a fantastic sun terrace, so every mood is catered for. The dungeon has three different cells, including the 'Hole' and the 'Isolation Cell,' while the impressive Main Hall holds awesome events like slave auctions, trials and military drills. The Germans like their sense of order! Guests can even hire special Mistresses to join in with their role play and, although the emphasis is on male submission (there are stocks and pillories for naughty boys,) there's plenty for girls to get involved with, too.

Fetish Hotel LA Stay & Play | Naughty Guide

LA Stay & Play

Los Angeles, CA

Obviously LA has plenty of naughty places to visit, but Stay & Play specializes in alternative vacations and their experience really shows. It's also achingly hip; a 3,000 square foot loft in the Arts District that's been purposefully converted to satisfy every fetish. It's also the ideal place for two couples to indulge their fantasies, because there are two very comfortable double beds, plus three padded sleeping cages. So if you and your lover like to share, I'd definitely recommend it here. The brand new play area consists of 6 different environments such as The White Room with its gynecological chair, and the Interrogation Station where all your torture dreams can come true. All the equipment and furniture comes from high end names like Fetter and Sonny Black, so this place is definitely for the discerning fetishist.

Fetish Hotel The Fun Factory | Naughty Guide

The Fun Factory

The Hague, Netherlands

Located in one of The Hague's oldest and quaintest districts, The Fun Factory does exactly what it says. A large BDSM studio which can cater for up to 4 guests, this space has everything you could hope for: bondage swing, padded cage, St Andrews Cross, spider web suspension frame, gyno chair and plenty of chains, whips, cuffs and clamps. There's a spacious bed to stretch out on, plus a state of the art sound system, luxury bathroom, refreshments and an amazing light system so you can set the perfect tone for your night of naughtiness. The entrance is very discreet, too, so you can come and go anonymously.

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