Best Travel Sex Toys

Best Travel Sex Toys | Naughty Travels
Best Travel Sex Toys | Naughty Travels

Best Travel Sex Toys

Whether it’s a vacation or a business trip, going away doesn’t mean you have to leave all the fun at home.

If, like me, you have a healthy collection of sex toys in your toybox, then it’s always a good idea to invest in some travel-sized versions so that you’re never far away from some fruity fun.

Here’s a selection of the best travel sex toys on the market, all capable of delivering the high quality of satisfaction you’re used to.

Best Travel Sex Toys | Naughty Travels

1. Lelo Nea 2 Deep Rose Petite Clitoral Vibrator

Easily one of my all-time favorite vibes, this is a smaller version of the original but doesn’t skimp on speed or strength.

It comes in a choice of hot pink, midnight blue or black and fits into the palm of your hand effortlessly.

100% waterproof, you can use this alone or slide it between your bodies as you make love.

Powered via a USB, you don’t have to mess about with batteries, either. And the best thing?

It’s so quiet, you could use it literally anywhere and nobody would hear it (they’ll only hear you!).

Best Travel Sex Toys | Naughty Travels

2. Callie Vibrating Mini Massager

An impossibly beautiful thing, this gold and silicone vibe looks like a Faberge egg and offers the user endless pleasure with 7 different speed, escalation and pressure settings, all controlled from a gorgeous jewel-encrusted remote control.

Lie back and let the egg do the work, while you control the intensity and delivery of your own pleasure. 100% waterproof and USB-charged.

One of the most beautiful, luxurious vibes around and extremely easy and discreet to pack.

Best Travel Sex Toys | Naughty Travels

3. Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Kinky Couples Travel Kit

Who’d have thought that instant electro-shock kinky kits would come in a travel-size?

Now there’s no excuse for you and your lover not to be hitting the heady heights of electro-fun wherever you happen to be in the world.

Hell, you could even take this nifty little kit to work with you for a lunchtime surge of sexual electricity.

Inside you’ll find nipple clamps and a silicone butt plug, both controlled via the easy-to-use control unit which offers various pulsation patterns and frequency cycles.

Simple to use, easy to clean, perfect to pack.

Best Travel Sex Toys | Naughty Travels

4. Deluxe Shock Therapy Travel Kit

This is an even more discreet electro-shock kit for fetish fans and allows you to stimulate whichever part of the body you choose.

Simply attach the pads to those sensitive areas and use the clear LCD screen to choose from one of three pre-programmed pulsation patterns and speeds.

Switch things up by using the nipple clamps, then graduate to the cock cage, and give your lover a handjob he’ll never forget.

Finally, save the best for last and experience an e-gasm thanks to the pleasure probe - the special gel will help intensify your climax.

Great for first-timers, this kit allows you to experiment on your body so you can discover your most receptive areas.

And even if you’re not in the mood for something sexy, you can also use it as a massager, relaxing you after a heavy day, so it’s the perfect dual-purpose travel therapy kit.

Best Travel Sex Toys | Naughty Travels

5. Indulge Me Pleasure Set

This is the perfect naughty little treat to take away on your travels, injecting a little exotic erotica into a vacation, or some much-needed excitement into a dull business trip.

Inside the box is a silk blindfold, a sultry purple feather teaser and a couples massager.

Take your time building the fantasy and make the most out of foreplay, before surrendering to the inevitable and allowing the massager to accelerate your orgasm and send you shooting for the stars. Everything comes in a beautiful, yet discreet, Lelo box, which fits handily in your bag or case and looks cunningly more like a box of chocolates than a box of sex toys.

Either way, the end pleasure is the same!

Best Travel Sex Toys | Naughty Travels

6. Pjur Original Super-Concentrated Body Glide Silicone Lubricant

If you’re on the go, then a handy, effective lubricant is a must.

This one fits easily into your purse, so you’re always prepared for a sexy interlude wherever you happen to be.

This lube works just as effectively underwater and in the shower, so if you’re heading for a pool party or fancy some hotel bathroom action, keep this close.

Best Travel Sex Toys | Naughty Travels

7. Wireless Rockin’ Rabbit Vibrating Ring

Probably the perfect travel sex toy for instant gratification for both of you, this vibrating ring is easy to hide in your purse or pocket.

Simply have your lover slide it over his cock, then enter you, and the vibrating rabbit ears will flicker delicately over your most sensitive areas, while the powerful dual-bullets will work you where it really matters - greatly enhancing the chances of a simultaneous orgasm.

Totally wireless, you can just charge it up and be ready for whenever the mood takes you.

Best Travel Sex Toys | Naughty Travels

8. Fifty Shades Darker Kinky Fuckery Kinky Couples Kit

Everything you need to re-enact your favorite S&M fantasy, but in a handy travel-size to make it much more convenient and flexible to use.

The black blindfold will heighten your senses, while the wrist cuffs will tantalisingly restrain all movement as your lover uses the mini-flogger to whip you into a frenzy.

Also thrown in are silicone nipple rings to make them hard and erect, a cock ring to bring your lover to his full attention, and silicone anal beads to deliver an extra dimension to your naughty role play, all packaged up in a sultry black box.

Best Travel Sex Toys | Naughty Travels

9. Deluxe Fantasy Door Swing

Who said hotel rooms were boring? This is the ideal kinky travel addition to any suitcase.

Complete with padded saddle and stretchy stirrups, you and your lover can indulge in dozens of different sex positions, as other hotel guests walk right past literally inches away on the other side of the door - how spicy is that?!

The swing doesn’t require installation or tools, just hang it over the door and get swinging.

Turn your hotel room into a sexual playground, and don’t forget to leave a tip for the maid.

Best Travel Sex Toys | Naughty Travels

10. Deluxe Bed Restraint Kit

Something else to convert a boring hotel room into an S&M dungeon… this cute kit consists of leather handcuffs and ankle restraints, so you can lock up your lover and teach him some bedroom manners.

The ultimate power trip for any Naughty Girl, you’re the one in charge.

Or, if you prefer to be the submissive, then make your lover’s eyes light up as you allow him to tie you up and have his wicked way with you.

The kit is easy to store and secrete in luggage, and all cuffs are adjustable and lined with padding, so soreness is not going to be a problem… unless you want it to be.

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