How I Started My Naughty Business

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How I Started My Naughty Business

After college (pictured above) I realized I didn't want to live the way you're 'suppose to' 'the traditional way.

I always lived the way I wanted to, but it really wasn't until after college when I went to live in London, UK that I really started living.

I did everything I was suppose to do or so I thought. I graduated from high school, went to college for International Business, Minored in French and Political Science'decided I was going to get my Masters in International Business at USC (University of Columbia).

I even applied for my Masters at USC and was accepted, but had to study aboard first as that was part of their requirement before I could start in the fall, since I had never done it while in college.

So I was on my way to being a grown up and working in the corporate world, or so I thought!

Even though I was use to traveling a lot as a kid, I lived in nine different states and traveled to Canada and Mexico, I had never been on my own like this or traveled overseas.

I was like a kid in a candy store as I always loved traveling but living in London, traveling became my passion'it's now a part of me'it's who I am.

I spent my time in London working for a holistic magazine and on weekends I traveled all over Europe.

London was my turning point in life'it made me open my eyes to what I really wanted out of life and didn't want. London changed me as a person.

Living in London, helped me to become the person I am today by learning about other cultures, trying new foods, exploring new things and most importantly learning about myself.

Life Changing London

After returning to the states, I decided I no longer wanted to get my Masters degree. I didn't want to work for someone else and I didn't want to work a 9-5 job.

I had done that while I was in London, getting up at 6am to get ready for work, commuting an hour or more on the tube, arriving to work around 9am (I was usually always late as the tube was so unpredictable), getting off at 5pm, heading to the gym around 6pm, taking the tube back to my flat but before heading home getting groceries for dinner. I would usually end my day at 10pm and do it all over again.

I had a blast while I was living there but it wasn't the life I wanted to live for the rest of my working years.

So when I returned to the states, I made the decision not to get my Masters after working so hard to get accepted.

It didn't mean I knew what I wanted to do, as I didn't. While back in the states, I was living in Charleston, SC where I started my own holistic magazine and bartended on the side to make money for it.

I loved doing my own magazine and it was successful but traveling got in the way.

I wanted to travel more, so doing my magazine every other month wasn't going to work out for me, as it was a lot of work.

Not that I can't handle a lot of work, I just wasn't ready yet at the age of 24.

So I gave it up and decided to start traveling more.

Having A Blast in Greece

But first I wanted to start over with where I lived. I was tired of Charleston as that's where I went to college. I wanted new adventures.

That's when I decided to pack up and move to Washington, DC.

It was the perfect fresh start for me on my path to Naughtiness!

The part I haven't told you, while living in London, when I was traveling, I was visiting naughty places.

Don't ask me why'there's just something inside of me that loves all things naughty just as I love all things travel and history.

I'm a huge history buff, which is another reason why I love all things naughty as there's SO much interesting history and while traveling I was learning all about it. It fascinated me!

Back to DC'here I am living in DC which is a lot more expensive than living in Charleston. I was living there for three months and bartending and it wasn't paying the bills.

I was really behind on my bills, and I'm someone who likes paying off my bills as it makes me feel responsible.

But I wasn't about to head back to Charleston or give up. I'm someone who can make things happen and I was going to!

Turning Point in DC

I worked with a great group of girls at this bar and I told them my problems. We would always joke on the side about running a brothel'just having fun and killing time.

So we were open to talking about things naughty. One girl suggested I bartend at a strip club down the street.

So I took her up on her suggestion and applied for a waitressing job.

Of course, they wanted me to strip but I wasn't ready yet. I just wanted to bartend to see if I could make more money.

The first month, I did make a lot more money but still wasn't enough to live in DC.

So I had to make a choice. While working there, I noticed how hard I would work being a cocktail waitress and would only get small tips compared to the strippers.

This one time, a customer of mine had 4 strippers at his table and he gave each one $100 and me $20 for getting him drinks.

That's when I decided it's time to make the transition. It was never about being naughty, it was all about making money.

I wanted to keep living my fabulous independent life in my super cute apartment, afford my SUV, buy nice clothes and travel the world months at time.

I wanted to afford my freedom and independence. I didn't want to depend on anyone; a man or family to pay for me.

So I started dancing and the money came in!!!

The first month I made so much money, I couldn't believe this was a job.

It was freeing. I could now afford so much and start traveling on my own.

Another thing I learned about myself, that I don't think I would have learned without the opportunity I took to dance...I learned to really love myself.

I became more confident, more aware of my sexuality where I was able to own it, my body confidence jumped as I started looking at my body in different ways, and it helped me down my naughty path.

London changed me for how I wanted to live my life with traveling and work...stripping changed me with how I loved myself more, became more confident and in charge of my sexuality.

Visiting The Taj Mahal

I would work for a few months then take off for a month. I had saved up so much money and I never splurged even when traveling.

I was always about traveling on the cheap and how great of a deal I could get. I would try to travel on $30 a day even though I was making tens of thousands a month.

The reason why is that this business can suck you in and spit you out with nothing to show for it, and I didn't want to be that person.

I had bigger goals in my life and I knew if I did it right, I could save up, live a good life and start my own business. Which is what I did!

After living in DC, I had the chance to move back to London where I lived for six months. Then that's when I made the decision to move to Los Angeles.

So in December of 2006, I moved from London to LA and have been here ever since.

At that time, I still didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. I didn't want to keep stripping.

But I knew I could make a lot of money in the naughty business so that's when I started my Sienna Sinclaire website.

But Sienna Sinclaire was just a small picture of what I really wanted to do. As I started my Sienna Sinclaire business, I had a membership website, plus I was dabbling in the pinup, burlesque and fetish world as I've always been curious about learning new things.

I even started taking dating and sex coaching classes. I just felt that learning all these naughty things were going to help me with what I wanted to do in life.

I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do yet'it kind of all just feel into place and it all started with me living in London and deciding from then on I would live my life my way.

My 1st Book Wins Two Awards

As I mentioned before, I have a passion for all things naughty, traveling and history'so I decided to combine them all together and that's how I came up with my first book Naughty Los Angeles and from then on it has all fallen into place with my naughty travel series and my sex/dating coaching services.

I have finally found my calling! It took time'as all good things take time and everyone always seems to be in a rush, but by me slowing down, traveling, exploring new things, here I am living the life I want and doing what I love.

I'm still learning and exploring, and always will be! Who knows what the future holds for me, but at least I know who I am.

Hopefully you can find what you love most in life and start living the life you want and never settle!

Here I am in LA, living this almost make believe life'it's hard to believe sometimes this is my life. I created this life for me'one of pleasure, glamour, never settling, traveling and living life my way. And so can you!

Are You On The Naughty List?

~ Sienna Sinclaire - Naughty Girl of Los Angeles - Naughty LA

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