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Fish Bowl


This is a great way to give yourself and your lover nice treats, on a regular basis. If you have a fish bowl or other sexy looking bowl lying around the house, put it in your bedroom and fill it with little notes. You and your lover can write any number of naughty things to do to each other. They don't necessarily have to be sexual. The 'tasks' can be just nice, as well as naughty. Cooking breakfast for your lover, drawing them a bubble bath or a relaxing massage when they get home from work. And, of course, nice things often lead to naughty things.

If you live with your partner, maybe have a bowl by the door, too, so you can have the kinky requests sitting in the bedroom, and the day to day stuff waiting by the door. Pick one every day when you're on your way out, then spend the day thinking about how best to act upon it when you get home.

The fish bowl is also a great way to improve communication with your partner. Even if you're both really sexual and tactile people, often lovers don't actually talk to each other, and can find it difficult to convey how they're feeling. By writing little requests on a piece of paper and putting them in the bowl, it's an easier way of telling your partner what you're thinking and what you want. You don't have to be living with your partner, either. The fish bowl is perfect for cranking up the anticipation of your lover's next visit. Next time they leave your place, ask them to take a note from the fish bowl, so you know that next time they come by, they're going to have a treat in store for you. It's always nice to have something to look forward to!

You can add to the fishbowl as much as you like. Whenever you think of something naughty or nice, put it in. The more tasks you have in there, the more excited you'll get, not knowing what's going to come out next. Try and be imaginative. Start out with some nice, simple things, like buying your lover some flowers or treating them to a lazy lunch in your favorite cafe. But then try and step things up a gear. A romantic night in, a foot massage, a blow job, sex over the kitchen table...anything you want. Use the fish bowl to lay stepping stones in your relationship, whether it's new or old. If you're dating, the fish bowl can help you find out more about each other. If you're married or in a long term relationship, the fish bowl is a great way of rediscovering yourselves and reigniting that spark you may have lost along the way.


The fish bowl doesn't have to be a couples thing. It's important to pamper yourself as an individual, whether you're single, or have a lover who doesn't live with you. Have a bowl by the door and one in the bedroom, and fill them with tasks you can do to yourself. Book into a day spa, buy or pick flowers for yourself, or treat yourself to that sexy dress you've had your eye on. Make your bedroom fish bowl something that pulls out all the stops - draw yourself a bubble bath and try out a new sex toy, masturbate for 20 minutes before work, watch a naughty movie by yourself and make yourself cum, or try dancing naked in front of the mirror, exploring your body as you go. All these things will help with your confidence and make you more familiar with what turns you on, which will be a real bonus when it comes to letting a new partner know what makes you horny.

So write down anything you want and put it in your fish bowl, then each day pick out a piece of paper and do what's on the paper to treat yourself. It will also help to change up your day by doing something different.

- Sienna Sinclaire® - Naughty Lifestyle Guide - Los Angeles Dating & Sex Coach

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