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Trench Coat

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Trench Coat

There are certain images that are guaranteed to get anybody's juices flowing. Hot, blonde beach babes, bare-chested guys in the gym, guys in uniform... But often, the secret to sexual allure lies in what you can't see, not what you can. Teasing the eyes and the brain can be very potent, because it lets our imaginations run wild. It's like seeing a Christmas present wrapped up in a big, beautiful bow and you're just dying to see what treats lie inside. The trench coat is a fabulous way of working you or your lover up into a frenzy of horniness, and every wardrobe should have one.


Trench coats are a great way of covering up, or revealing all, in one quick motion. There's something so sexy about a girl in a trench coat, and if you dress it right, you're guaranteed to turn heads everywhere you go.

• Tease your lover by picking them up from their place of work in just your trench coat and heels. The first thing he'll want to know when he gets in the car, is whether you're wearing anything underneath. If you're safely parked in a garage or lot, why not let him find out?

• When you're going round to his place, there's nothing more guaranteed to get him going than opening the door to you standing sexily in your trench coat, about to untie the belt. Add nylons and stiletto heels, and you'll be fucking before you've even got through the door.

• Step it up a gear, and go pick him up at the airport, mingling with a hundred other people at the arrivals gate in nothing but your trench coat and a smile. See the look on his face (and the bulge in his pants) when he sees you standing there, ready to greet him. You won't even make it back to the car.

• Book yourself and your lover into a hotel room for the night and arrive separately, you in your trench coat, and make your guy beg to see what's underneath.

• Or meet your lover at a sexy bar in nothing but a trench coat and have a few drinks before you and your lover head to the men's room for a quickie.


Using the trench coat is not just a great way of attracting guys, but it'll also make you feel sexy as hell. You can choose to wear some lingerie underneath, which you can deliberately reveal as you walk, or go naked (which you can also make obvious). Even just heading to starbucks to get a cup of coffee can be fun as heads turn and wonder what's under your jacket. Feeling a thousand pairs of eyes on you is an incredible feeling and really will make you tingle in all the right places. Try stopping by the business district on a lunchtime or a few of the corporate bars in the early evening, and make sure to wear those expensive nylons and killer heels. You won't be buying a single drink all night. And even if just want to pose without pressure, for that silent, sexy thrill, you'll feel so horny by the time you get home you'll be ready to rub yourself raw in a nice, long masturbation session while still wearing your hot little number.

- Sienna Sinclaire® - Naughty Lifestyle Guide - Los Angeles Dating & Sex Coach

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