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Sexy Picnic


Food has always been associated with sex. Some of it tastes sexy, some of it looks sexy and some of it just is sexy. So a picnic with your lover is a great way of spicing up your love life, especially if you choose an equally sexy venue. Pack your basket with some aromatic fruity delights like strawberries and cherries, plus spreadable treats such as yoghurt, whipped cream, chocolate and honey. Go to the park, the lake, the beach, anywhere you can find a secluded spot to lay your blanket. Then get feasting not just on the gourmet delights in your hamper, but on each other.

Take your time over the food, eat it slowly and seductively, teasing your lover with labored tongue movements as you suck on a grape or lick chocolate sauce from your lips. Whip your lover into a frenzy by smearing whip cream on your naughty bits and having your lover lick it off, which is always going to lead to something more. Having your picnic somewhere open and free, like a meadow, adds to the sexy atmosphere and there's really nothing like al fresco sex. Fucking outdoors is daring and just horny as hell, but try to make it last. If it's a beautiful day, make the most of it somewhere like a winery, where you can sample the best of the cellar door as you and your lover laze about in open fields and sunshine. Plan appetizers, entrees and desserts, perhaps eating your lover as one of the courses.


You don't need someone else with you enjoy a sexy picnic. Taking a picnic to the beach or to the park is not only a great way to relax and indulge in your own daydreams but it'll get you noticed. A single girl sitting by themselves, slowly eating asparagus spears dipped in yoghurt is bound to attract attention. What you choose to take will also tell potential dates a lot about you, so pack your hamper carefully. Sitting in full view of people, your head thrown back as you suck honey from a fresh piece of pineapple is so much sexier than munching on a ham sandwich. Choose a secluded spot for your picnic and, after you've eaten, indulge in a spot of solo sex in the safe shadow of the trees. Masturbating outside is very liberating and very naughty too. You might also want to pack a few sex toys in your hamper for a quick, spicy thrill when the mood takes you. And who knows, you might meet somebody who wants to share the fun.

- Sienna Sinclaire® - Naughty Lifestyle Guide - Los Angeles Dating & Sex Coach

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