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Make Every Date Different

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Make Every Date Different


It's very easy to fall into a safe, unexciting routine if you've been with your lover for a while. Even if you try and go on date nights fairly regularly, you'll probably realize that you're going to the same old, tired places. Make a point of going out to different restaurants or try bowling, ice skating, a theme park, art gallery, just anywhere you haven't tried. Even if you and your lover know each other well there might be things that neither of you thought you'd enjoy, like classical concerts, opera, horse riding, even roller blading. And once you find out new things about yourselves then the floodgates will really open as to what you might discover next.

If you and your lover have just started dating, try and avoid the cliches of just going to a favorite bar, or taking in a movie. If you're discovering a new partner, use that as a way of finding out other things about yourself, before you both risk falling into a routine. If you both like movies, try a drive-in theater, not a cinema. If you're both foodies, try a cuisine neither of you have sampled before. If you both like to keep fit, try an activity that neither of you are familiar with. You're both on a new journey with each other, and discovering new things together is a great of bonding, and creating memories that are unique to you.


Just like date nights, it's not couples-exclusive. Single people should always make time for themselves, so there's nothing wrong with taking yourself out on a date. Just try to make it something different. If you want to treat yourself to a sexy new dress, go to a different mall, or steer away from your usual labels and go with someone you've never tried before. Buy yourself a meal at the hottest place in town, and watch as guys wonder why a hot chick like you is eating alone. Chances are, you won't be for long. If you like movies, try an opera or ballet instead. Classical venues are fabulous places to meet new guys, and being hit on by someone in a sexy tux is instantly hot. Make yourself up a sumptuous picnic and hit the beach, where you can show off your body as well as eat like a gourmet. The key is to mix things up, so you're not always meeting the same kinds of people. Going to a brand new place is also a good excuse to get talking to other people. Use the knowledge of others, to find out more about yourself.

- Sienna Sinclaire® - Naughty Lifestyle Guide - Los Angeles Dating & Sex Coach

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