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There are loads of sexy, themed board games out there for couples to play that can really spice up your love life. Most involve rolling a dice and picking a card, on which there is a sexy forfeit, like "lick chocolate sauce off your lover's chest", or "give your lover an intimate massage." You can start off by playing a simple, fun board game with just a few naughty elements. Then as you both get used to the concept of playing naughty you can step it up and go for the more extreme games, which can feature anything from masturbation and oral sex, to BDSM and edge-of-the-seat experimentation. Many couples like to make their own games up, so once you've played a few of the standard board games you can personalize them to make them unique to you and your lover. If you're playing a board game that has cards, write your own cards that you know will make your lover horny. If you and your lover have just started dating, board games are a great way of discovering what the other likes. You can also add in questions that you always wanted to know, like how many previous partners they've had, but word it as a fun question not an accusation. Then you can always add in a naughty little forfeit if you think they're lying.

The key to a great board game is making them fun, sexy and titillating. Open a bottle of wine before you begin and let yourself relax as you start playing. You'll find your inhibitions fall away as you move your way around the board, working each other up with sexy little games, which can only lead to some great fucking later on.


Board games can be a really spicy way to treat yourself to some self-pleasure. Play the game as you would as a couple, but use all the cards on yourself. Tailor them to suit solo sex games, so you're always on the receiving end. If part of the game involves pleasuring a partner, turn it around so you're pleasuring yourself. Close the door, open some wine, get out your toys, oils and whipped cream, and throw the dice. Think of the game's rules as being your partner, and you have to do what they say, no matter what. Role-playing with yourself is an important method of self-discovery, and will make you an expert when it comes to being satisfied by future partners.

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