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Strip Tease


Whether you're a girl or a guy, chances are that you're with your lover because they turn you on, they're sexy, they make you horny 24/7. But when was the last time you showed them exactly how hot you are? Why not spice things up with your lover by treating them to a striptease? Plan it well in advance, set up some sexy music, think about your outfit, and set the mood in your apartment or wherever you're planning on performing. Turn your lover on by surprising them when they get home from work, or lure them to your place on the pretext of something else - a nice meal, maybe a DVD, when all along you have something very different planned. Like most strippers, the viewer is not allowed to touch, so really go to town on teasing them. Make them want to maul you, to ravish you, to fuck you, but make sure they can't lay a hand on you. It's the very key to mindblowing sex later on. If you really want to drive them wild, maybe let them touch you a little bit - on the top of your thigh, your feet, maybe a shoulder. But as soon as their fingers start straying, put a stop to it - give them a little, but promise a whole lot more.

To really spice things, up, install a temporary pole in your home (they're really easy to get a hold of), and turn your place into a sexy strip club for the night. This way, you can really show off your moves. Pretend your room is your stage and go all out to give your lover the show of a lifetime. This is your own personal strip club so you can tease your 'client' as much as you like with your sexy moves and hot body, then approach them and ask them if they'd like some special treatment in the 'VIP Room', promising them they can do what they want to you...


Even if you have no-one to strip for, turning yourself into a stripper for the night is a great way of keeping fit. More and more girls are installing poles into their homes so they can do a real workout and get every single muscle moving the way it should. There are lots of stripping, lap dancing and pole dancing classes around so sign up for one, then come home and practise by yourself to hone those special moves. Get a big mirror fixed to the wall and check yourself out while you practice your routine. Knowing what looks sexy, can make you feel sexy too. It will also turn you on. Parading your body like a stripper isn't just horny for the people watching you. It's your body and no-one should feel more turned on by it than you. Perform your routine to yourself, explore your body with your hands, use your imagination to work yourself up then give in to your own desires and reward yourself with a mind-blowing solo-fuck. Stripping for yourself is a great way to boost your self-confidence, which can only be good when it comes to attracting a hot partner. And once the dating starts, you'll have a whole host of hot moves to show them.

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