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You don't have to stay at home to be naughty. Use your imagination and check out some unusual venues and destinations where you can have sex. One of the most romantic and sexy places to fuck is on a train. You can travel hundreds, sometimes thousands, of miles and not leave your seat. There are many great rail journeys across the U.S. that have sleeper cars, so you and your lover can ensconce yourselves in your own private carriage and fuck your way across the state. Check out the trains below and just think how sexy it would be to hop on in one place and have sex in each city along the way without even leaving the train.


You don't need a partner to get some horny train sex action. Booking in to the sleeper car on a long rail journey means you never know who you're going to meet. Many rail liners have great dining cars, like something from an Agatha Christie movie, and you're guaranteed to meet some interesting characters. And with different people getting on at each stop, it's worth booking a sleeper car for the whole journey, to cater for all eventualities. Imagine meeting different lovers in Boston, Philly and Chicago, yet never leaving the train!

Naughty Train Travel Trips

Coast Starlight Train
This train runs from Los Angeles to Seattle via San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Sacramento and Portland. There's beautiful scenery all along the West Coast so when you're not fucking in the sleeping car, there's plenty to marvel at out the window. Easily one of the world's most beautiful rail journeys, this is one for the real romantics among you. It's a high-tech train, and there's also a brand new, state of the art dining car so you won't starve, either. The sleeper cars have beds that convert from day chairs to proper beds so you can try all kinds of naughty positions.

Silver Star
Running from New York to Miami, this rail journey takes in some gorgeous Deep South destinations like Charleston, Savannah and Jacksonville, and has all meals included from the luxury dining car. Just hole yourselves up in your sleeping car (with its own picture window out to the fields beyond) with some Haagen Dazs from the dessert fridge, and enjoy the ride.

This train runs from New York to New Orleans, via Philly, Baltimore and Atlanta. You can also get connections out to Atlantic City en route, so if you fancied upping the sin level with a spot of gambling (always a sexy hobby), then this is the rail journey for you. Aside from the luxury dining car, there's also a Lounge Car, which is a great place for those pre-dinner aperitifs and after dinner cocktails. Also, it's perfect for singles who want to meet new people, and also couples, who might get lucky and find a new friend to join in their fun.

One of the world's most stunning rail journeys, this train will take you from New York to Montreal, via Albany and the gorgeous Hudson Valley wine country. It's a nice morning to evening trip, so you could go one way and hole up in a swanky hotel for the night. Then return in the morning and be back in Manhattan for dinner. This train doesn't have a sleeper car but if you pick the Superliner train you can get upper level reclining seats, which are large and comfortable, so if you want to get down and dirty in public, it depends how daring you are.

Empire Builder
Traveling from Chicago to St Paul/Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Spokane and Portland/Seattle, this train has some amazing views and the sleeper cars have huge picture windows. Watch the Mississippi wind its way through the valleys as you and your lover enjoy yourselves. Having sex on this train really feels like you're making love to nature, as you pass through Montana's Big Country, Glacier National Park, and Columbia River Gorge.

California Zephyr
From Chicago to Emeryville (San Francisco), across the Rockies, Sierra Nevada and Colorado Mountains this train is for adventurers. If you've ever wondered what it's like to go fucking in the mountains, this is a great way to do it. If you want to do the whole journey it takes two and a half days. Or just plan your route beforehand, maybe Chicago to Omaha, Lincoln to Denver, or Salt Lake City to Sacramento. You can choose basic sleeper car accommodation, or suites and family rooms, if you want more space for experimenting.

CalSunset Limited
For a dusty, hot, sultry sex session, you've got to try this rail trip. The journey goes from New Orleans to Los Angeles, taking in Lafayette, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso, Tucson and Palm Springs. You'll pass through beautiful Bayou Country, then the hot, dry desert landscapes of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. With such amazing movie-set views right outside the window, it's one of the horniest train rides in the country. So bring your cowgirl outfit, lock yourself in that sleeper car, and get ready to role play.

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