Working Out Your Sex Muscles

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Working Out Your Sex Muscles

If you want to unlock the secrets to amazing orgasms then exercise your kegels for better and stronger orgams!

For some, the stronger your PC (pubococcygeus) muscles are the deeper your orgasms and the easier orgasms are to achieve.

Kegel exercises can help to strengthen and tone your PC muscles. These muscles are attached to your pelvic bone and hold in your pelvic organs.

Working out your PC muscles are not only great for orgasms but a must for women who have given birth or getting older as these muscles are what hold up your organs and can help prevent prolapse (displacement) of pelvic organs.

Below are exercises to try out either using your fingers, your PC muscles, a Gyneflex or kegel balls.

Each exercise works differently with varying results so find the one that works best for you by trying out two or all of them for some variety.

Aim to do kegel exercises every day for at least for two months straight then down to three days a week.

Make it a part of your daily routine, as they can easily be down while brushing your teeth, taking a shower, part of your meditation, driving, at work, etc. No one will know what you're doing!

Benefits of strong PC muscles:

- If you want to have your PC muscles return to their pre-pregnancy strength then practice your kegel workouts while you're pregnant so you'll recover faster after childbirth.

Also, having strong PC muscles can prevent tears during childbirth because of increased elasticity in them.

- Having strong PC muscles can prevent vaginal prolapse of your pelvic organs which can happen to women after childbirth, menopause, old age or a hysterectomy.

When your pelvic muscles weaken over time or from childbirth they can slip out of place but you can help prevent this from happening by doing your kegel workouts.

- Sometimes women suffer from incontinence or leaking urine when they cough or sneeze after childbirth or with age.

But you can reverse or lessen it by working out your PC muscles and making them stronger.

- With stronger PC muscles you can have better orgasms with stronger orgasmic contractions and they may help some women who have difficulty reaching orgasms finally have them.

- Stronger PC muscles can prevent or treat fecal incontinence which is a common problem in people who've had surgery or suffer from inflammatory bowel disease.

How to do Kegel exercises:

-Using Your PC Muscles
This exercise you can do anywhere but if you feel more comfortable you can do it in the privacy of your own home.

They won't take up any of your time during the day as you can do them while brushing your teeth, blow drying your hair, during yoga, at the office, at the dentist, while waiting in line and just about anywhere else as no one will be able to tell what you're doing.

Start by contracting the muscle you would use to stop urination. If you're having problems finding your PC muscle then go to the toilet to urinate.

When your flow begins, try to stop it completely. Then relax your muscle to continue urinating and start and stop again.

This is your PC muscle that I want you to use when practicing your kegel workouts but without peeing.

Once you've found your PC muscle then contract, squeeze and hold it lightly for five seconds. Then release the muscle fully for another five seconds. Repeat ten times for three repetitions.

-Using Your Fingers
Insert your index and middle finger into your vagina and open your fingers like a V.

Use your PC muscles as described above to squeeze your fingers together and hold for five seconds. Then release your muscles and fingers and relax for five seconds.

Repeat ten times for three repetitions.

-Using a Gyneflex
If you don't care to insert your fingers in your vagina then you can use a Gyneflex, Kegelmaster or anything similar to them.

These are very simple to use and very effective. It acts as a resistance device that you insert into your vagina then use your PC muscles to squeeze the device together.

Start by squeezing and holding for five seconds then release for five seconds.

You can also mix it up with ten quick squeezes. Repeat ten times for three repetitions.

-Using Kegel Balls
If all of the above seems like too much work for you then try using kegel balls. All you have to do is insert them into your vagina and wear them for one to two hours a day.

The balls do all the work as you don't even have to think about them once they're inside of you.

The balls are weighted so once inside of you your PC muscles involuntarily contract to hold them in.

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