Aphra Behn

Single Girl Aphra Behn | Naughty Living
Single Girl Aphra Behn | Naughty Living

Single Girl: Aphra Behn

An international spy, first professional woman writer along with paving the way for women's sexual freedom, Behn was way ahead of her time.

She wrote about things that were considered daring especially for a woman writer in a male-centered society.

She wrote about problems woman faced in sexual relationships in her well-known poem, "The Golden Age."

She wrote about a world where women were allowed to express their sexual desires without reprimand, which did not exist in Behn's time.

Also, a world where women no longer submitted to men but to their own desires.

She was a single independent woman with many lovers throughout her lifetime but was known for being more interested in women than men.

She said she was married at the age of 24 to a Dutch merchant Johan Behn but there is no proof that Johan or the marriage ever existed.

Single Girl Aphra Behn | Naughty Living

Supposedly, he died two years after they married making her a young widow. Many claim that she made up the marriage to Johan so she could have the respectable title of a widow rather than a single, unmarried woman which was frowned upon during her time.

Behn expresses in her world how men use woman as sex objects and how woman do not deserve this type of treatment.

She lived in a world where there is a double standard for men, same as the world we live in today where it's okay for men to sleep around but not for women. Woman today are still used as sex objects to sell products and as sex slaves.

She was pretty much paving the way for sexual freedom of her time by telling her female readers that they needed to take action in order to make changes for the new utopia she wrote about in "The Golden Age".

She could even be considered a sex therapist of her time as she attempted to persuade her female readers to overcome their uptightness about sex.

Women of her time were supposed to see sex as sin where men could sleep around and enjoy it. She spoke her mind in a society where woman where dominated by men.

Before she was a writer, she was an international spy for the famous libertine King Charles II and they were thought to be lovers.

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But her work as a spy came to an end when the king didn't pay her for her work. She was forced to borrow money so she could return home from her work to confront the king and demand her rightful wages.

However, he didn't pay up and she was sent to a debtor's prison for unpaid bills. Luckily, an anonymous gentleman paid off all her debts and she was set free.

That's when she decided to give up her life as a spy and turned to writing.

Trying to find facts about Behn can be hard as she made up stories about her life as well as in her stories.

But she was thought to have been a prostitute, which is very likely for someone of her time especially since she was a spy and had to sleep with leaders and royalty to get secrets.

Plus she had a gentleman friend' who bailed her out of jail by paying off all her debts.

Also, single independent women of her time usually made money by being a high-end courtesan especially someone with her smarts and sexuality.

When reading about Behn and learning about her life, she is an amazing woman for her time.

Virginia Woolf said that, "All women together ought to let flowers fall upon the grave of Aphra Behn... for it was she who earned them the right to speak their minds."

She saw into the future with her new utopia world and spoke of women's issues that we still face today.

I've only written a brief bio of Behn but please take the time to learn more about this amazing woman by reading a biography of her life below.

Learn more about Aphra Behn with this book:

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