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Single Girl Oprah Winfrey | Naughty Living
Single Girl Oprah Winfrey | Naughty Living

Single Girl: Oprah Winfrey

If there is one woman who has shown us that not every woman needs the piece of paper to be happy and have a good relationship and life partner, it is Oprah Winfrey.

I don't think there is any other public woman who seems as comfortable in her own skin and with her life choices.

It wasn't always easy for Winfrey. She had her share of failed relationships and heartbreak. Men who were Winfrey's previous lovers included John Tesh and Roger Ebert.

But in 1986 it all came together for her when she started seeing Stedman Graham.

Winfrey and Graham were engaged in 1992 but they never married. They have been a couple for 25 years and show no signs of tying the knot. Both seem satisfied with this relationship.

Single Girl Oprah Winfrey | Naughty Living

Winfrey often says she is not the marrying type and doesn't need the piece of paper to make her more committed to Graham.

She has also stated that had she married she would be divorced by now.

What is interesting about Oprah is that she does not feel the need to cave into pressure from the public about her private life.

Many who are still waiting for a Winfrey-Graham wedding wonder why they don’t make it official.

However, it seems in Winfrey's mind it is already official. She shares her life with a man but does not feel the need to be a wife.

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If you are a fan of Oprah's you know just about everything she touches turns to gold. One of the things she has accomplished by being open about her relationship choice is to make it ok for women not to get married.

She has shown that women can be happy and fulfilled without putting a ring on it. For so many women who have an identity wrapped up in a man's, Winfrey has shown how amazing life can be when they create an independent identity.

For women who have chosen to stay single Winfrey's choice is publicly validating.

Perhaps Winfrey summed it up best when she was interviewed on a recent trip to India. When asked about marriage Winfrey replied, "I live in a country that allows me to have the choice of not marrying.

Single Girl Oprah Winfrey | Naughty Living

If I would have married, he would have been a wonderful husband, but I'll be honest that we would have been divorced by now.

I'm my own person, and I find it difficult to conform to other people's ideas about me. And being married does call for some conformity.

I respect the women of India who were in arranged marriages, which later turned into love marriages.

But that's just not a part of the way I think because I wasn't brought up in this culture. And I think I'm too old now.

I was engaged once in my 30s for a while, and like most women I just wanted to see if he cared enough to want to marry me.

And then I told my friend that I don't just have cold feet, my feet are in a bucket of cement."

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