History of Dildo's

History of Dildo's | Naughty Guide

History of Dildo's

If you want to live a naughty life, knowing about sex toys is a must. Let's be honest and just say outright it is a part of being naughty. Actually, one of the best parts. Naughty girls everywhere will not be shocked that dildos have been around for a long, LONG time. In fact, present day naughty girls might want to give special props to women who, back in the day paved the way for the plethora of dildos on the market now. It seems they were the original Naughty Girls.

• Artifacts from the Upper Paleolithic age which was over 30,000 years ago, that appear to be phallic (penis shaped for all of you non naughty girls) in nature were more than likely used for sexual purposes. However since it was only uptight men who found them, they won't grow a pair and come right out and say they were dildos.

• Over 4000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians created the first dildos out of clay. Cleopatra was rumored to have had a dildo made from the common materials at the time (wood, leather, wax).

History of Dildo's | Naughty Guide

• The first confirmed dildo was found in Germany near Ulm in Hohle Fels Cave. Also from the Upper Paleolithic period and made of siltstone, this 20 centimeter phallus is considered the world's oldest dildo.

• The first dildos were made of stone, tar or wood because naughty girls past needed something hard enough for penetration.

• In ancient Greece, the town of Miletus was a leading manufacturer of dildos (olisbos).

• The people of Ancient Greece thought a lack of sperm caused hysteria in women. Also called a wondering uterus, men who were leaving for long periods of time, to fight in wars for example, gave women olisbos to prevent this hysteria. In other words, they gave their women a little something (or a big something), to keep them sexually satisfied while they were away. Very thoughtful.

• The Latin term for dildo is Dilatare and means "open wide."

History of Dildo's | Naughty Guide

• Roman husbands used dildos for deflowering virgin brides. If that is not enough of a shock, it was done in a public ritual.

• Ancient texts from around the world, including the Arabian Nights, mention fruit, vegetables, and other penis-shaped objects being used for sexual stimulation and fulfillment.

• Some Africans made dildos out of camel dung combined with resin, then dried in the desert air.

• Dildos were also used in Renaissance Italy, where they were called "dilettos", from the Italian word for "to delight". In both Greece and Italy, dildos were made from wood or leather, and were used with olive oil for lubrication.

• Dildos are seen in art throughout history. Were those first cave paintings made by the naughty cavewomen of the time? Hard to say. But we do know they are apparent in Greek Vase Art.

History of Dildo's | Naughty Guide

• Phallic shaped vegetables and fruit have been used throughout history as dildo. Who hasn't seen a cucumber in the store and at least given it a sideways glance?

• Dildos disappeared from popular culture for a long time, and didn't truly emerge for sexual pleasure again until the first erotic movies were made in the 1930s and 1940s.

• In the 1940's rubber dildos with springs in them first made an appearance. These didn't last long on the market because of potential for injury from the spring coming through cuts in the rubber.

• The rubber and silicone dildos we have today didn't emerge until the 1960s and 1970s, when they were used in erotic movies.

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