History of Vibrators

History of Vibrators | Naughty Guide

History of Vibrators

There isn't a naughty girl out there who doesn't know what a vibrator is and what it is used for.

Plenty of naughty boys know about them too. But who was the genius who invented the first vibrator? How did the idea come about?

Plenty of people will say they don't give a hoot as long as the one they are currently using is doing its job. However, true naughty girls have inquiring minds and they want to know.

It turns out vibrators were invented to help medical doctors treat women for "hysteria."

Back in the day, as far back as the ancient Greeks as a matter of fact, this "hysteria" was blamed for just about every female medical complaint you can imagine.

Almost any medical complaint was given a diagnosis of hysteria.

Treatment for hysteria was routine in Western Europe for hundreds of years but only first had attention in medical literature in the 19th century.

Symptoms of women who suffered from hysteria included:

• Faintness

• Nervousness

• Insomnia

• Sexual desire

• No sexual desire

• Decrease in appetite

• Shortness of breath

• Heaviness in abdomen

• Irritability

History of Vibrators Hysteria  | Naughty Guide


Perhaps the most interesting symptom reported by doctors in women who were thought to have hysteria was "a tendency to cause trouble."

It seems naughty women knew what they were doing even back in the day.

Treatment for hysteria was pelvic massage, in other words, masturbation performed on the patient by the doctor to the point of hysterical paroxysm, which of course was orgasm.

Treating women with hysteria was actually very profitable for doctors. Just give the woman a good orgasm and send her on her way.

There was nothing sexual about it in the sense that both the woman and the doctor viewed this as a medical condition and a medical treatment. Funny thing is, doctors got tired of doing it.

They complained about how time consuming it was and how much work it took, tired hands and achy wrists. So they sought out ways to make this treatment easier for them to complete.

The First Vibrator | Naughty Guide

The First Vibrator

Enter the vibrator. Invented to make the doctor's work easier; simple as that.

One of the first vibrators was called the Manipulator and it was steam powered, which was high technology back in the day.

It was invented by an American doctor named George Taylor. Then in 1880 another technological advance allowed Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville to invent and paten the first electric vibrator.

By the time the 20th century dawned Hamilton Beach patented the first electric vibrator to be sold retail thus paving the way for sex toys stores of the future.

That was in 1902 and when Hamilton Beach started selling vibrators, theybecame the 5th domestic appliance to be adapted for electricity right behind the sewing machine, electric fan, tea kettles, and toaster.

History of Advertising Vibrators | Naughty Guide

Advertising Vibrators

Vibrators were advertised in mainstream women's magazines and no one thought anything about it.

They were for medical use. Then in 1920 they were advertised in pornography publications and things changed. People could no longer deny their connection to sex.

They all but disappeared from view completely until the 1960's until the sexual revolution took them out of the toy closet again.

The History of Vibrators Modern Vibrator | Naughty Guide

Modern Vibrator

Fast forward to present day and vibrators are everywhere. One of most popular is the Hitachi Magic Wand, known as the Cadillac of vibrators.

Now these were first introduced as "back massagers." Naughty girls were not fooled by this advertising ploy for a moment.

Naughty girls are thrilled that there are more vibrators hitting the market everyday.

There is a vibrator out there that is perfect for every naughty girl.

Some run on electricity, some on batteries. There are clitoral stimulation vibes, vibes for vaginal penetration and G-Spot stimulation, and some that do both.

Anal vibes, waterproof vibrators for use in the shower, pocket rockets that can fit discretely in any purse. T

here are vibrators you can wear in your panties to stimulate you while you are going about your daily routine.

How naughty is that? The categories are endless. The designs are diverse and they even come in a range of colors that are pleasing to the eye.

Ban on Sex Toys in Alabama | Naughty Guide

Ban on Sex Toys in Alabama

The sex toy business is booming. This is partly because of the internet.

Shopping online allows you to buy discretely and also allows people who don't live in proximity to a sex toy store to have access to sex toys.

I think it is also booming because naughty girls are not hiding the fact that they use vibrators anymore. They are shouting it loud and proud.

Not everyone has the with-it attitude of naughty girls. There are actually some states that have had laws banning the sale of sex toys.

It wasn't until 2008 that the U.S. Federal Appeals Court overturned a Texas ban on sex toys.

Today Alabama is the only U.S. state where sex toys remain illegal. Residents of Alabama are allowed, however, to purchase sex toys if they have a doctor's note.

Am I the only naughty girl who thinks this is crazy? How many doctors are being reimbursed from insurance companies for office visits from women who wanted a note so they could buy a vibrator?

So, as I suspect naughty girls have known all along, vibrators have come a long way through history.

All of the present day naughty girls should send out a thank you to the naughty girls of history who continued to get treatment for hysteria thus wearing their doctors out so they had to find a solution.

We owe them a debt of gratitude for not giving up!

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