History of Naughty Hotels

History of Naughty Hotels | Naughty Guide

History of Naughty Hotels

A true naughty girl knows the fun and excitement of meeting a lover at a hotel for a secret tryst. The lover may even be a long term partner or a spouse but there is something about hotel sex that makes even the nicest girl feel naughty. I mean naughty in a good way of course. Having a nooner at a cheap motel or a night in 5 star establishment can do wonders to spice things up in a relationship.

The other night while pondering naughty hotel sex, I got to wondering how it all started. When did hotels become the hotbeds for trysts instead of just a place to sleep for the night?

History of Naughty Hotels Public Houses | Naughty Guide

Public Houses

It turns out we may have our first President to thank for all this. If you go anywhere around the east coast you will find many places that claim "George Washington Slept Here." As Washington and other men of his time toured the country they needed lodgings. This led to "Public Houses" which were the first models for what later became hotels in America. Sometimes called Inns or Taverns, these Public Houses served alcohol and had beds for the night.

They were not the Ritz. Conditions were cramped and often strangers had to share beds. Women did not stay at these places as it was thought no woman of quality would lower herself to such surroundings. Hence, the only women around where those that served the food and drinks. These women had to tolerate unwanted sexual advances and served as the object of sexual attention from male customers.

Treatment of women who tried to patronize Taverns was rough to say the least. When the hotel business started allowing women to be guests, respectable women or women of quality were often given their own parlors so they didn't have to mix with men.

In fact, hotels were very gender driven. Hotel space was often divided by gender with the lobby being seen as masculine and ladies waiting in a ladies parlor for their spouse to secure a room. Women also had separate entrances to hotels where they could enter with families. Men traveling alone used the main hotel entrance. Hotel bars were strictly masculine spaces and women simply did not enter. These types of hotels catered to women of means and quality.

Another type of hotel was called a "Marginal House." These establishments were often in lower economic class areas and served low income clientele. Many Marginal Houses eventually became brothels.

Then there were high-end resort hotels that began popping up around the country where wealthy people could rent a room or cottage for a long term stay, usually the duration of the summer. These became the avenues by which parents could hope to find a suitable marriage partner for their son or daughter.

History of Naughty Motels | Naughty Guide


In 1916 the Federal Highway Act pumped 50 million dollars into establishing a highway system in the United States. This one act in history laid the ground work for people using hotels for naughty romps all over the country. Roadside Motels were born and with them an inexpensive venue for people to get their groove on in private.

While many owners tried to make the motels respectable and family oriented, too often they were the scene of illegal activity such as gambling and prostitution. Many a customer found his nightly tryst in the hotel bar where they would quickly make use of the motel room. The rooms were cheap, the people discreet and any evidence of naughty behavior was cleaned up by the maids. One can only imagine how many John and Jane Smiths registered over the years.

Sex in Hotels | Naughty Guide

Sex in Hotels

Because, like any other time in history, women were not supposed to enjoy sex, have affairs or be naughty in any sexual way, along in the 19th century hotels became prime locations for secret sexual encounters. No one believed that any self respecting woman of quality would enter a hotel for those purposes so it became the perfect naughty girl hideaway.

Of course hotels were hotbeds of prostitution as well. So much so, ladies who were guests at hotels were given booklets on how to dress and carry themselves so as not to be mistaken for a prostitute.

Naughty Hotels Single Living | Naughty Guide

Single Living

Hotels were so popular than many people lived in them full time. Women loved them because food could be ordered in and laundry could be sent out. Maids cleaned the rooms and basically did all the things they would be responsible for should they be in a private home. However, critics expressed concern that hotel living would encourage sexual immorality along with interfering with family life.

Hotels lead the way for both men and women to live the single life. They became some of the first bachelor/bachelorette pads in the mid to late 1800's. However, it was said that women who lived alone were lonely, depressed and hysterical. Soon enough hotels were turning into apartments.

Another population that lived in hotels full time were gay and lesbian persons. Sadly this is because violence and harassment so often accompanied events if they were found out. So they needed to be able to be mobile quickly and live a transitory life. Hotels filled that need along with offering privacy.

By the 20s and 30s areas such as Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Hell's Kitchen, the East Fifties and Sixties in New York City were very popular. They had established reputations as places where people of all sexual persuassions could come together to enjoy their autonomy, without worrying about others watching.

Modern Naughty Hotels | Naughty Guide

Modern Naughty Hotels

If we fast forward to today we see many of the same aspects of hotel patronage. Some people still live in hotels. Perhaps the biggest constant is that escorts and prostitutes still frequent hotels and hotel bars looking for clients.

Women no longer have to use a separate entrance and have someone else check in for them. So this gives them the power to be in charge of their naughtiness.

Perhaps what is interesting is that the hotel industry has continued to capitalize on sexual trysts that happen within their walls. Instead of trying to sweep it under the rug to keep a respectable reputation, they use it to their advantage to draw customers in. Theme rooms, rooms with hot tubs, vibrating beds, mirrors on the ceiling, even topless swimming pools are meant to lure people in for a night or two of sex. Some hotels supply naughty needs like condoms, lube, sex toys and aids. Many couples go to these places to celebrate a special occasion. Some just go whenever they feel like it. Being naughty is big business.

Attitudes about naughty hotels have changed for the better. Makes it much easier for a naughty girl to plan a surprise for someone special or to tell her someone special she needs a naughty adventure. All this and room service! What more could a naughty girl want?

- Sienna Sinclaire® - Naughty Lifestyle Guide - Los Angeles Dating & Sex Coach

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