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Best Sexy Travel Pants

Best Travel Pants | Naughty Travels
Best Travel Pants | Naughty Travels

Best Sexy Travel Pants

When traveling you want clothes that are easy to travel with along with something comfortable, stylish and SEXY.

The pants listed in this blog are all 4! They are easy to make many outfits with as you can just add a new top or jacket.

What I love most about these pants is that they are so comfortable especially when you've been traveling with over eating eating and drinking. They sit up high to hide any belly bulge.

Plus they are super sexy and stylish! Just look how they fit my bum along with creating curves on my body.

These style pants were very popular in the 1920s when women had more fashion choices, up until the 1940s.

Which ended up being perfect when I was in Napier, New Zealand. It's a 1920s town...all buildings are built from that time period.

Every year they hold an Art Deco Festival which I just happened upon the day I arrived.

So I decided on this look in the photo...black pants from Lovers + Friends (ON SALE!) for a 20s look along with my beaded top from Oscar De La Renta. Not the style of the 20s but very Art Deco looking top.

Did mention that the pants are sheer? Making them the perfect naughty girl pants. But naughty in all the right places!

The fabulous hat, I bought while in Napier...it was SO perfect for my outfit and completed my look.

And the gorgeous purse, which goes with almost anything, is from Chloe which I bought on one of my favorite websites FWRD.

Best Travel Pants | Naughty Travels

The style came back again in the 70s and 90s but has really made a come back since 2017.

I remember wearing this style in high school...but the low waist pants came in and that's what I wore pretty much up until a few years ago.

I just can't get enough of these pants, as you can tell from my photos...as all of them are from one trip I took to Australia and New Zealand.

The pinkish pants below are one of my favorites!!! As you can see from the photos, I created two different looks with the pants, just by adding a different top.

Best Travel Pants | Naughty Travels Best Travel Pants | Naughty Travels Best Travel Pants | Naughty Travels

These pants don't wrinkle when traveling which make them perfect! And they are super comfortable.

They are from one of my new favorite on Revolve website, House of Harlow (ON SALE!), designed by Nicole Richie where her design inspiration comes from the 60s.

The top by the Sydney Opera house is my MinkPink...this top is amazing and goes with anything and very comfortable.

The other top is the matching one that goes with the pants from House of Harlow (ON SALE!), It's super cute but not easy to wear as you can't lift your arms without the top coming up as there's no coverage under the top.

So you definitely want to wear a bra, unless you don't mind showing off your cleavage!

Best Travel Pants | Naughty Travels

The pants pictured above, are my newest pants I bought this year and my favorite.

I really LOVE the color and the fit...well just take a look for yourself...amazing on my bum!

These stunning pants are by LPA and come in a white/cream color...I tried on the both colors and honestly the ones I'm wearing in the photo are the best. But totally up to you and what you like.

The knit top is by House of Harlow and it's very comfortable and goes with anything. I've even worn it as a workout top over a sports bra. It's a beautiful top!

As you can tell from the photos, they have lots of cute clothes. So definitely check out her line.

Best Travel Pants | Naughty Travels

The final pants are again by, House of Harlow. I told you they have really cute stuff.

I just love the color and the stripes. They come in two other colors...red or black stripes. I really prefer this color as they go with anything and are a great spring, summer or fall color.
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