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Create Sexy Cleavage

Nothing says embarrassing like having to interrupt a make-out session to run to the bathroom so you can remove breast enhancing inserts.

Here's what you do: forget about those funny silicone inserts people refer to as 'chicken cutlets' for their coloring and shape.

You don't need them. There are a number of ways to enhance cleavage (always sexy) without necessarily trying to fool paramours.

I can personally vouch for these methods. I'm a medium-B Cup.

But when I go out, my cleavage is kickin' and making me feel like the sexy naughty girl I am.

And don't forget, it's not about trying to hide your natural beauty, it's about enhancing it.

Cleavage is inherently feminine and there's no reason why every girl shouldn't show hers off from time to time.

Bra Strap Converter

These are inexpensive and do more than just turn your regular bra into a racer-back bra.

In fact, many racer-back bras actually separate your breasts due to their construction. But a bra strap converter provides you with a push-up and gets your straps out of the way if you happen to be wearing a racer-back top.

But don't think you have to save a strap converter for certain outfits.

Wear them under any top just for the extra boost they provide to your girls.

Wear a strap converter with a push-up bra and you'll really be in business.

Pay Attention to Your Breasts When You Dress

The reason being, the cut of a garment can enhance or detract your cleavage, just like the cut of a bra.

When you're trying on clothes, ask yourself if the dress is decolletage friendly.

Tank style dresses with u-shaped or v-neck lines are the most flattering.

If you opt for a racer-back style dress, use the strap converter rather than your typical racer-back bra for an extra push.

With the right strapless bra, a strapless top or dress can also be very cleavage friendly.

Bronzer, Shimmer or Body Oil

Bronzer helps to contour your breasts.

Think of it like using bronzer to create cheekbones, except on your chest it creates cleavage. You have to be careful using this, you might just overdo it at first.

Practice makes perfect, so make sure you don't leave the house before you've tried a few test runs.

In this case, blending is your best friend. Shimmer powder is perfect to bring some visual focus to your cleavage.

Many of them on the market are scented too, and some even have a sweet flavor added in case your chest looks so good, your date wants to go home and use it as dessert.

Victoria's secret sells a few varieties of shimmer powders for your body. Another topical cosmetic option is to use body oil.

If you're not using this on your legs before you go out with a dress or skirt on, you should start.

And you should also use it on your chest - sparingly - to draw attention in a way that precludes the glittery look of powder.

Feel free to play around with shimmer powder, bronzer and oil until you find out which one works best for you.

Push-Up Bra

'Either you're wearing the best pushup bra I've ever seen or you have an amazing boob job.'

This is a direct quote from a guy I met out one night.

Is it the best pickup line ever? No. Does it prove that my favorite push-up bra is doing its job? Yes.

The Wacoal iBra Push-Up Bra is amazing.

I've received more than one compliment on it. It has a way of pushing up my breasts, creating cleavage, without overdoing it.

And what this guy said brings up a great point: most natural breasts do not have cleavage without the help of a bra or a boob job.

But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't use a bra to create one of the most beautiful sights known to man: a woman's breasts pushed up and out!

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