Walk of Shame Never Looked So Glamorous

Walk of Shame Never Looked So Glamorous | Naughty Guide

Walk of Shame Never Looked So Glamorous

No Need for an Unglamorous Walk of Shame...Be Prepared and Unshameful!

We've all done it or will do it at some point in our lives: The Walk of Shame. While I do not like to call it that because I believe that a woman who makes a conscious decision to have sex is in charge of her own life and has nothing to be ashamed of, the name has edged its way into popular culture and we seem to be stuck with it.

However, there is no reason to take that walk of shame looking like something the cat dragged in. While historically this walk has been done with eyes cast down, embarrassment flowing out of your pores, make up remnants smeared all over and disheveled clothes, it doesn't have to be that way. Own it and make it look glamorous.

Preparation is crucial. Aside from the fact that what you did the night before falls into the 'none of your business' category, a little prior planning can make your walk of shame anything but lame. The first thing you need to do is invest in a stylish but functional medium size purse or bag. If you want to carry a cocktail purse on your date or to your event, that is fine, but keep a larger purse in your car or check it with coat check.

Place the following items in your purse
so you're ready for a night of naughtiness:

Travel Size Toothbrush & Toothpaste

It is always wise to have one of these in your purse. Sometimes you just need to brush your teeth after a garlic filled meal and sometimes you need it for the morning after. If you don't have room, then take some toothpaste (from the persons house you're staying at) by using your finger to brush your teeth along with some mouthwash.

Individual Face Wipes

Carry face wipes to remove make up. They come in travel size so they won't take up a lot of space in your purse. These are perfect for taking off make up before going to bed or in the morning so you are not heading home looking like a clown or raccoon.

Travel Size Makeup

Once you have used the face wipes mentioned above, you can use the make up in your bag for a little touch up to look fresh in the morning. No need to bring your entire makeup collection. Just some basics to keep you looking your best. You can even invest in travel size makeup for your purse.


If you bring your own, no man can play the 'I don't have any because I wasn't expecting to have sex' card to try to entice you into having sex without one. Better to bring your own and be responsible for your own sexual health than do an entirely different type of walk to the clinic for an STD or pregnancy test.

Travel Size Hair Brush & Hair Tie

Make sure to take with you a small hairbrush, travel size hairspray and/or rubber band. Bed head affects us whether we sleep alone or with someone. However, a night of wild sex can make us look like Medusa the next morning. Bring these items so you can throw your hair up in an easy pony tail. Or if you can't fit a hair brush or hair spray in your purse, sometimes the guy will have some, or just bring a rubber band to put your hair in a pony tail.


You can get Dr. Scholls fold up Fast Flats at CVS or on Amazon. You may love to wear your sexy heals for your date or to your event but no one wants aching feet early in the morning. These flats fit easily in your purse as they fold up and go with everything so use them in the morning as you make your graceful exit.

Simple Yet Sexy Dress

If you're planning on getting lucky, wear a simple black dress (or any fun color) that you can dress up at night, but wear as a sundress during the day. This way when you wake up, throw your hair in a pony tail, put your flats on, and put back on your dress, it will just look as if you're wearing a sexy sundress in the morning and off to run errands. But where do you put your heels from the night before? Well, if you have a medium to large size purse then put them in there or simply carry them in your hands and walk with pride.


Depending on what style of purse you like...some women prefer bigger purses when going out and others like small clutches. If you plan right, you can fit everything into your clutch by getting everything in travel size or if you're wearing a jacket put some of your items into its pockets. Also, most clutches have a strap that you tuck inside the purse to make it a clutch. But during the day, take the strap out and put it around your shoulder and now your clutch turns into a day purse so it doesn't look like you're wearing an evening purse, and your secret is safe.

You may not have time to take a shower at his place but you can certainly freshen up and look like a confident woman instead of trying to get out of the building without being seen. Add some game to your walk of shame and walk tall while looking your best!

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