March - 2017
Thigh Gap Jewelry
Naughty News Date: 22-Mar-2017
Thigh Gap Jewelry | Naughty Lifestyle Guide
Photos courtesy of TGAP Jewelry

Designer creates shocking THIGH GAP jewellery to highlight women's 'unhealthy obsession' with super-skinny legs

By: Martha Cliff For Mailonline

The thigh gap is increasingly becoming one of the most worrying body aspirations for young women.

And now a jewellery website appears to be catering to the trend, selling bespoke gold chains designed to hang in the space created by two concave thighs.

The pieces created by Soo Kyung Bae, a designer from Singapore for company TGAP, retail between $175 (£124) and $195 (£138).

The 18k gold plated pieces are designed as chains that loop around the tops of the thighs, dangling a gold tassel between the thighs.

The bizarre jewellery seems to be created with scrawny-thighed women in mind - rather than the vast majority of women whose legs touch above the knee.

Encouraging this kind of body shape may seem extremely concerning but TGAP is not all that it appears to be.


Thigh Gap Jewelry | Naughty Lifestyle Guide
February - 2017
This Woman Turned Her Collection of Unsolicited Dick Pics into an Art Show
Naughty News Date: 07-Feb-2017
This Woman Turned Her Collection of Unsolicited Dick Pics into an Art Show | Naughty Lifestyle Guide
Photos courtesy of

This Woman Turned Her Collection of Unsolicited Dick Pics into an Art Show

By: Alison Stevenson

"I Didn't Ask For This: A Lifetime of Dick Pics" features about 200 framed photos of dicks, arranged in a replica of the artist's living room to show how pervasive unsolicited dick pics have become. Warning: This article contains a lot of photos of dicks.

Ah, the unsolicited dick pic. Technology has made it all too tempting for men's penises to pop up on a woman's phone while she's reading on the train or walking home from work. This is a fairly recent invention, because who would've taken their rolls of film to the local drug store to get their dick pics developed? But now that everyone has a camera phone, dick pics are ubiquitous, despite the fact that most women really, really don't want them.

Whitney Bell is one of these women. Last weekend, she premiered her Los Angeles-based art show "I Didn't Ask For This: A Lifetime of Dick Pics," which showcased the magnitude of the unsolicited dick pics she's received.


This Woman Turned Her Collection of Unsolicited Dick Pics into an Art Show | Naughty Lifestyle Guide
This Woman Turned Her Collection of Unsolicited Dick Pics into an Art Show | Naughty Lifestyle Guide
April - 2016
Naked Restaurant Comes to London
Naughty News Date: 26-Apr-2016
Naked Restaurant Comes to London | Naughty Lifestyle Guide

Naked Restaurant Comes to London

By: Fox News

Fine dining pop-ups are often meant to be eye-opening culinary adventures.

But a new London restaurant is upping the ante with a dining concept that really gives your eyes something to feast on, since diners are invited to eat in the nude.

The Bunyadi is a clothing-optional, pop-up restaurant slated to open in London this June. The bare-bones concept is the branchild of Seb Lyall, a restaurateur behind last year's "Breaking Bad" bar.

Lyall says his concept isn't just about dining naked-but the back-to-basics theme is carried out through the entire experience. The menu is devoid of artificial colors and chemicals. There are no electric lights or smartphones permitted in the candelit dining area which features natural-looking wooden furniture.

Traditionalists may balk at Lyall's idea but since the Pangea-themed restaurant announced its opening, over 25,000 people have signed up for the eatery's waitlist.

Get on the waitlist here

Lyall says his social experiment-meets-eatery will challenge participants assumptions about nudity and what modern society deems "natural." Eating without clothes is now an "act of rebellion" in the modern world-- even though humans get naked all the time.

"When you get a chance, you take your clothes off," he told The Washington Post. "When you get in bed, you take your clothes off. When you go to the beach or a sauna, you take your clothes off. It's natural."

Upon arrival, patrons will be directed to disrobe in a changing room where clothing and other trappings of modernity can be stored in a locker. To avoid contaminating chairs, diners are seated on robes.

In the restaurant itself, diners will feast on "wood-flame-grilled meats served on handmade clay crockery and edible cutlery, in a space void of the industrialized world's modern trappings." Plastic and metals are banned from the kitchen-as well as the dining room as all cutlery will be edible. There will also be vegan options.

To avoid food sanitation issues backstage, kitchen staff are permitted to cover up while they prepare food. Waiters, however, will have "minimal covering."

Bunyadi-which the restaurant says comes from a Hindi term meaning 'fundamental', 'base' or 'natural' - may celebrate nakedness but its creator has built in elements of modesty for diners on the shy side.

"Every table that you sit at is designed so that the sight is obstructed between other dining parties," Lyall said. "The restaurant is partitioned or there's bamboo or you only see someone's back or a silhouette or their shadows from candles."

And photography is strictly prohibited.

Dining at The Bunyundi starts at $80 for a five-course meal.

February - 2016
Russian Sex Alphabet Positions
Naughty News Date: 24-Feb-2016
Russian Sex Alphabet | Naughty Guide

Russian Sex Alphabet Positions

Written by Vuksa Velickovic

This precious discovery from the vaults of Stalinism sheds new light on the supposedly sexually repressive communist society of the former Soviet Union. Yes, the commies loved sex, too.

The fascinating scans come from an alphabet picture book published around 1931, allegedly to fight widespread illiteracy across the vast Soviet territories. It was drawn by no less than Sergey Merkurov, the former People's Artist of the USSR and an academic at the Soviet Academy of Arts.

Ironically enough, Merkurov is best known as the author of three biggest monuments of Joseph Stalin in the USSR.

Inspired by ancient Greco-Roman imagery, powered by some cheerfully aroused Cupids and kinky Satyrs along with chopped off penises flying around, Merkurov's wonderfully illustrated picture book is not only a testimony to some of the more bizarre endeavours of the Soviet empire but also a rather effective way for you to finally grasp those weird Cyrillic letters.

Russian Sex Alphabet | Naughty Guide

Russian Sex Alphabet | Naughty Guide

Russian Sex Alphabet | Naughty Guide

Russian Sex Alphabet | Naughty Guide

Russian Sex Alphabet | Naughty Guide

Russian Sex Alphabet | Naughty Guide

Russian Sex Alphabet | Naughty Guide

Russian Sex Alphabet | Naughty Guide

Russian Sex Alphabet | Naughty Guide

Russian Sex Alphabet | Naughty Guide

Russian Sex Alphabet | Naughty Guide

Russian Sex Alphabet | Naughty Guide

Russian Sex Alphabet | Naughty Guide

Russian Sex Alphabet | Naughty Guide

Russian Sex Alphabet | Naughty Guide

Russian Sex Alphabet | Naughty Guide

Russian Sex Alphabet | Naughty Guide

Images via The Charnel House

January - 2016
Naughty US States
Naughty News Date: 15-Jan-2016

Which US Cities Are The Naughtiest?

By: Daily Global Stories

Listed below are the US states that are most down for casual sex, bondage, masturbation and the ones with the most virgins. OkCupid has over 30 million users with 1 million unique logins everyday. Needless to say they have tons of stats about people's habits and preferences. They release this data which gives us fun insights to where we should be going to get exactly what we want.

Casual Sex

Which state has the most interest in casual sex?

Oregon with 15.51% of users looking for casual sex.

New Jersey was the lowest with 10%.


Where can you go to pop some cherries?

Utah has the most virgins with 19.78%.

Want more experienced people?

Vermont has the fewest virgins with 9.02%.


Interest in bondage is up 5% from 2014, with 58% of users interested in it.

60% would rather be tied up

40% want to do the tying.


Masturbation rates are also up significantly from last year,
with over half of users jerking it more than a few times a week.

That's an 18% increase from 2014. Maybe people are just being more honest.

The Naughty History Of Graham Crackers And Corn Flakes
Naughty News Date: 14-Jan-2016

The Naughty History Of Graham Crackers
And Corn Flakes

By: Knowledgenuts

Kellog's Corn Flakes & Graham Crackers were invented to curb masturbation in boys.

Masturbation, graham crackers, and Kellogg's Corn Flakes: Which of these doesn't belong? Believe it or not, there is a distinct and disturbing connection between all three of the aforementioned things. It turns out that some of our most loved snacks and breakfast foods are actually anti-masturbation foods! Reverend Graham and Dr. John Kellogg, proponents of a theory that denounced masturbation, created these foods in the belief that they could curb one's desire to masturbate.

In order to understand the connection between these three things, we need some background information. The Swiss physicist Simon Tissot developed the degeneracy theory which stems from the belief that "semen is necessary for physical and sexual vigor in men" (this was long before we knew about testosterone). People who believed in the divergence theory essentially believed that every sperm is sacred and should not be wasted. Sperm should be conserved so that men could develop properly in the way of manly men. Conservation of sperm would also ensure the ability for procreation during marriage: Sex should be solely for procreation so as to not waste precious sperm. This was also extended to include the idea that you should not masturbate nor frequent and waste your sperm on prostitutes.

Over time, the degeneracy theory became known as the abstinence theory in America; its main supporter was Reverend Sylvester Graham. Reverend Graham advocated living a healthy lifestyle through healthy foods, physical fitness, and sexual abstinence. In particular, he advocated abstinence from masturbation. Now the amazing and wonderful graham crackers that we enjoy around the campfire as s'mores are Reverend Graham's namesake and contribution to healthy eating; I wonder how he would feel if he knew we polluted his healthy food with marshmallows and chocolates?

Now let's step it up a notch. Reverend Graham's successor was a man named Dr. John Harvey Kellogg. This physician was so anti-masturbation that it bordered on insanity. He was a very influential and highly published physician. He wrote papers on how to monitor your children for masturbation, and he outlined "39 signs of the secret device" that parents should look for to see if indeed their children were masturbating and wasting precious sperm. These signs including things such as dullness of the eyes, sleeplessness, love of solitude, and round shoulders. But Dr. Kellogg upped the ante and decided that women shouldn't masturbate either. (You'd think since it involved no loss of sperm, female masturbation wouldn't have been an issue, but there you have it.)

Dr. Kellogg was so against masturbation that he outlined several forms of punishment to be meted out to those who did dare to touch themselves. Men and boys should be treated by having their foreskin sewn shut with silver wire; if that didn't work they were to be circumcised without anesthesia. Women and girls were to have their clitorises burned with carbolic acid.

Again: Many people during his time thought he was a genius. Dare we consider how many people actually suffered through this treatment?

With a solid framework of a punishment system in place, Dr. John Kellogg turned his attention to the work of his predecessor and began to focus on the diet. Dr. Kellogg firmly believed that red meat increased sexual desire and he advocated a diet rich in nuts and cereals. He began to develop a sort of anti-masturbation food if you will: Kellogg's Corn Flakes are meant to help decrease your likelihood of masturbation.

December - 2015
Air Sex Championships
Air Sex Championships
Naughty News Date: 01-Dec-2015

Air Sex Championships in NYC

Forget air guitar, now you can act out your favorite sex positions with the air and hope to win the championship!

By: TimeOut NYC

Ever felt the burning desire to take the stage and mimic sexual acts for a prize? Look no further. The Air Sex World Championships have been dry-humping their way into NYC and our hearts for years. Find a suitable costume at a sex shop, pick out your favorite sexy songs, and act out the most outrageous sex scenes you can come up with. Who knows? Maybe you'll be voted the winner, you dirty dog.

When are the Air Sex World Championships?

The Air Sex World Championships are on Friday October 23, 2015 at 11pm.

Where are the Air Sex World Championships?

The Air Sex World Championships take place at the Cutting Room.

What are the Air Sex World Championships?

Hosted by comedian Chris Trew, the young, virile and shameless take to the stage to show off their erotic technique. Anyone can take part. Just turn up (preferrably in costume) with a CD of music to perform to, and soon enough you'll be simulating sex with an imaginary partner in front of a baying crowd.

The rules are simple: no nudity, and all orgasms must be simulated. Also there must be an imaginary person or object involved in your act.

A panel of judges (comics, sex professionals) adjudicate the first round, with the audience choosing the eventual winner. New York is but one stop on the Air Sex World Championships' nationwide tour, with the regional winners throwing down in Austin at the end of the year.

October - 2015
Haunted Hollywood Halloween Party
Naughty News Date: 14-Oct-2015

Haunted Hollywood Halloween Party

View Party Photos Here

Sienna Sinclaire hosted another naughty event in Los Angeles with her Haunted Hollywood Halloween party where guests dressed as dead Hollywood stars. They walked the red carpet as soon as they arrived, where Joan Rivers returned from the dead for the night to greet the guests.

Once inside guests were handed bags where they went trick-or-treating for candy, condoms, lube and vibrators. There was a graveyard where guests could stop for a photo before entering the haunted mansion where there was a DJ spinning all night, magician performing magic tricks for the guests, burlesque performer who danced topless, bartender in the back pouring drinks all night, and a casting couch for those feeling more naughty.

The night ended with an awards ceremony for the best and sexiest costumes. They won a sexy halloween costume along with a glass dildo and best costume skeleton statue. Stay tuned for Sienna's next naughty party November 14th... Moulin Rouge Dinner, Show & Afterparty.

Emergence of Laying Alien Eggs Inside of You
Naughty News Date: 07-Oct-2015

Photo From Primal Hardwere

The Emerging Fetish of Laying
Alien Eggs Inside Yourself

Repost from: Vice

Written By: Toby McCasker

Recently, while on the internet looking at weird sex things, I came upon the gushing testimony of a young woman who had just discovered Primal Hardwere's patented Ovipositor; one of the most unusual and confronting sex toys I've ever heard of. The Ovipositor is basically a big dildo that lays goopy eggs molded from gelatin in the body cavity of your choice. Fans of the Ovipositor say that the sensation of mushy extraterrestrial ovum slopping back out of them is a real treat...

Read More Here

September - 2015
6 of the World's Most Expensive Sex Toys
Naughty News Date: 01-Sep-2015

6 of the World's Most Expensive Sex Toys

How much would you be willing to pay to buy a sex toy?

Before you answer, you should first of all ask yourself this: how important is sexual satisfaction to you?

Now, would you believe that there is a sex toy worth a cool million dollars!

Well, here is a list that will shock you:

$1 Million

This was designed by Australian jeweller, Colin Burn. It is the world's most expensive
sex toy with sapphires, pearls, platinum, and over 1,000 diamonds!


It is worn around the penis to give harder erections and stronger orgasms.


This vibrating dildo comes with diamond engagement ring in the middle of the two components.


Jay Z and Beyonce allegedly purchased this expensive dildo in 2014.


It is reputed to be the quietest vibrator and it is made from platinum and encrusted with diamonds.


This butt plug in the world is made of 24 karat gold and comes with free cufflinks.

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