10 Ways to Gorgeous Legs

10 Ways to Gorgeous Legs | Naughty Guide

10 Ways to Gorgeous Legs

Want perfect stems? Sure, who doesn't? Turns out there are a variety of ways you can improve the look and feel of your gams, regardless of your time and budget constraints. The steps to take to gorgeous legs are very easy, all that's required is time (very little) and dedication to doing the suggestions below everyday or when you feel as if you want to really show off your legs.

~ "Darling, the legs aren't so beautiful, I just know what to with them" Darlene Dietrich

Beauty Tip Body Brushing | Naughty Guide

Body Brushing

Buy a soft, natural bristle brush. Then brush your legs (and entire body) in a sweeping motion toward your heart. The best time to do it is right before you head into the shower. Do it on dry skin, instead of wet for the full benefits. And make it a habit for long term effects.

Benefits of Dry Brushing:

1. Exfoliates dead skin cells revealing smoother and brighter skin

2. Improves overall blood circulation

3. Stimulates your lymphatic system

4. Help to reduce cellulite

5. Improved digestion and kidney function

6. Encourages new cell renewal

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Beauty Tip Exfoliate | Naughty Guide


Your body is shedding dead skin all the time, replacing it with new skin. As dead skin falls away there are still numbers of dead flakes clinging to the surface of your legs that prevent the new skin from showing its stuff. That's why you need to help your skin along, by regularly exfoliating and getting rid of the flakes yourself.

Ways to Exfoliate:

1. Use a loofah

2. Use exfoliating gloves

3. Use a Salt Scrub

4. Use exfoliating shower gel

5. Use exfoliating lotion

Benefits of Exfoliating:

1. Improves skin tone

2. Prevents breakouts

3. Reduces sun damage

4. Easier to apply self-tanner

5. Helps skin care products penetrate deeper

6. Get a closer shave by exfoliating before shaving

7. Removes dead skin cells, revealing new skin

Beauty Tip Self-Tanner  | Naughty Guide


Whoever invented self-tanning lotion should get a pat on the back. Not only does it release you from having to harm your skin by exposing it to the sun, but it gives you the opportunity to have color year round.

A lot of women are apprehensive about self-tanner because they know it can look unnatural and leave streaks. It takes time to do it right, if you're doing it yourself (or you can always get it done professionally).

How To Apply Self-Tanner:

1. Exfoliate (see above)

2. Shave legs as it will make it easier to apply

3. Make sure to apply to dry skin

4. Wear latex disposable gloves
Makes it easier to apply and protects your hands

5. Apply evenly over entire body including top of feet and hand

6. Use less on feet, knees and elbow

7. After applying tanner, apply baby powder all over body, evenly with gloves on.
This will help to make the tanner dry faster, cover up the smell and make your skin super soft.
(See more below on this tip)

8. Let dry for 15-20 minutes before putting on clothes

Benefits of Self-tanner

1. Makes you look healthier

2. Helps your legs to appear slimmer

3. Can help to cover up veins on your leg

4. Helps to even out your skin tone

5. Protects your skin from sun damage
as you won't need to layout

Buy Self-Tanner Here
**This is my favorite self tanner as it builds
gradually and you can easily wash it off to.

Beauty Tip Baby Powder | Naughty Guide

Baby Powder

Chances are the last time you had baby powder on your body, your mother put it there when she was changing your diaper. It's the naughty girl's secret weapon for ultra soft legs. Not to mention, it gets rid of the smell of self-tanner that lingers after you apply it.

And unlike lotion that you have to apply religiously (and you should) to see long-term benefits baby powder gives an instant boost of softness. Make sure your legs are dry and gently rub it into your skin. The smell and feel of your legs will be truly impressive.

Ways to use Baby Powder:

1. Apply all over body for instant softness

2. Apply after self-tanner to cover up smell and make skin soft

3. Apply under armpits after applying deodorant
Makes underarms soft and seals in sweat

4. Use under your eyes when applying eye makeup/mascara.
Put some on a brush and dust it on your under eye.
Makes it easy to remove makeup that falls under your eyes, simply brush off.

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Beauty Tip Body Firming Lotions | Naughty Guide

Body Firming Lotions

Body firming lotion works by including ingredients that replace those, that are lost from the skin during the aging process. Loss of collagen is the number factor in making the skin appear older. By replacing the collagen that has been lost in the skin, the skin becomes firmer and looks as though it has been slightly lifted. Many body firming lotions are made with collagen which is why it's a good idea to add this to your daily routine.

Make sure to find a body firming lotion that also helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite, by having caffeine in their ingredients. For tightening and toning, look for cocoa butter or Vitamin A.

Benefits of Body Firming Lotion

1. Helps with cellulite

2. Moisturize, while softening the skin

3. Improve skin's elasticity

4. Tone and firm skin

Buy Body Firming Lotion Here

Beauty Tip  Body Oil | Naughty Guide

Body Oil

What better way to show off your exfoliating, body-brushing, firming-lotion efforts than to rub body oil onto your legs. This is like a highlighter for your skin, especially bronzed skin. The slight glow on your legs will keep any suitor's eyes glued to them. Just make sure that you don't apply oil to self-tanner, otherwise your bronzed skin will show streaks. And make sure to pick a light-weight oil so that you're oil doesn't get all over your clothes or all over someone else.

Benefits of Body Oil

1. Moisturizes skin more than lotion

2. Gives your skin a slight glow

3. Helps to show off your tan
Don't use with self-tanner

4. Easier to rub into skin

5. Beneficial to your health
as some oils can help you to sleep,
others can help with skin problems,
cellulite, digestive problems and more.

Buy My Favorite Body Oil Here
It's lightweight, non greasy and smells great.

Beauty Tip   IPL | Naughty Guide


If you want to fix the skin color and tone of your legs, you might want to consider heading to a dermatologist for IPL Treatments. This is a special light therapy that gets rid of redness, sun spots and broken capillaries on the surface of your legs.

It takes a week for the spots to fully go away, so you should plan on wearing pants for seven days, but apart from that there is no down recovery time and your legs will look younger and more touchable.

Benefits of IPL

1. Repair small blood vessels

2. Help eradicate sun spots

3. Helps with pigmentation irregularities

4. Excellent at treating rosacea

5. Stimulates collagen growth

Beauty Tip  Spider Vein Treatments | Naughty Guide

Spider Vein Treatments

Treatments for spider veins are also available through cosmetic doctors and dermatologists. Sometimes, in spite of all your efforts, you have a few of those purple lines snaking their way around your legs and topical treatments don't get rid of them.

There are safe and painless procedures that don't require surgery, such as sclerotherapy. It involves injecting a solution into your skin to get rid of the veins. You might need more than one session to completely rid yourself of the veins, but it will be well worth it the next time you wear a bikini or a short skirt.

The session usually last 15-30 minutes depending how much work you need done. The procedure doesn't hurt, feels like tiny needle pricks or bee bites. You get use to the feeling after about 5-10 injections. There is a stinging feeling afterwards but the doctor will put some cream on them to make it go away.

You can't fly and you will need a three day break before working out again or any heavy lifting. Your legs won't look their best for about a week so better to do it on a Monday so you can show off your legs for the weekend. Also, all depends on how much work you had done and how bad the spider vein was for healing, as it could take two weeks for some people. And can take up to 6 months to see full benefits because when injected the vein dies and is no longer in function. So you can still see the vein for up to six months because it goes away by dissolving into your blood stream.

But it's all worth it as your legs will look amazing! I'm proof as I've had them done twice. Better to start early so you don't have a lot of work down the road, as your skin heals better when you're younger. And it's good to keep your legs looking good as you age.

Beauty Tip   Laser Hair Removal | Naughty Guide

Laser Hair Removal

Using a laser to zap hair out of its root, this process takes an initial six treatments (2 weeks apart), each session takes about 30 for your legs then a follow-up a few times per year before your hair won't grow back. It will save you time and money in the shaving department. When your hair does grow back after your first few treatments, it's less coarse than if you had shaved.

You can forget about razor burn, ingrown hairs and nicks from shaving that will disrupt the surface of your awesome legs. Laser hair removal is even perfect for underarms, bikini and between the cheeks. You will love how soft your skin feels after your first treatment even though your hair will grow back until you complete all 6 treatments.

Beauty Tip   Wear Heels | Naughty Guide

Wear Heels

Heels are your legs' best friends, especially when you're on a time crunch for performing perfect-leg prep work. You get an instant lift, instant definition, an immediate slenderizing effect and your hips will have a sway that flats don't produce.

Benefits of Wearing High Heels

1. High heels add height

2. High heels draw attention to your legs

3. They enhance confidence
(just make sure you know how to walk in them first)

4. They accentuate legs

5. Make your legs appear slimmer

6. Makes you stand straight

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