5 Ways To Cuddle Up

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5 Ways To Cuddle Up

January 6th is National Cuddle Up Day. With winter upon us, there's no better reason to snuggle up to your lover, so make an effort this year and have some cuddle-tastic ways to get close to that special someone and see where the moment takes you. Even if you don't have a lover right now, you can cuddle a pet, a stuffed animal or a favorite blanket and just have some special alone time with yourself. Or if you're looking to get naughty use a clit cuddler to cuddle with this holiday.

Here are five ways to enjoy a cuddle party with your lover this Wednesday.

Cuddle by the fire

Nothing is sexier than lying beside an open fire. If you're lucky enough to have one, set the scene before your lover comes over. Get a soft, sheepskin rug to lay on the floor, light candles and incense around the room, and get some sexy music playing on the iPod. Prepare a gorgeous fleecy blanket then, when your lover arrives, lead them to the fire. Enjoy a few moments of chat and maybe a glass of your favorite wine, then lie down on the rug and wrap yourselves up in the blanket beside the fire and just enjoy the warm, intimate feeling of being cuddled by your lover.

Cuddle on the couch

Everyone loves to relax on their couch, but make this a special cuddle by preparing a few things beforehand. Get a nice blanket to wrap yourselves in, and have a small table nearby with hot chocolate, marshmallows, whipped cream and other sexy food and drink that's within arm's reach so you can just lie together and talk, play, eat, drink and explore one another. If you have a garden or a patio area, and it's warm enough (or even if it's not!,) take your cuddling outside with extra-thick blankets. This way, you can cuddle up together and look at the stars above or just listen to the sounds of the night.

Cuddle up with a naughty movie

Erotic movies always get us in a naughty mood, and there's nothing quite like watching porn with your lover. Have a movie set up on your DVD player and treat your lover to a sexy dinner then, afterwards, get naked and snuggle up on the couch and press 'play.' It's up to you how much you watch and how much you choose to re-enact. Just spend a little time cuddling first and see which one of you is first to take things to the next level. Prepare the room to make sure it's conducive to love - low lights, candles, a fire - and have a good porn library on hand so your lover can select whatever their in the mood for. Naughty movies don't have to be just porn. Check out my sexy list of naughty movies!

Cuddle in bed

Always the best place for cuddling, your bedroom should be a sanctuary for intimacy. For National Cuddle Up Day, spoil yourself with some sexy, new bed sheets - red satin is always good - and invite your lover over for a surprise cuddle-a-thon. Use the cuddle time to whisper naughty things into your lover's ear and see how long they can last before your sexy talk becomes too much for them, and make sure your toy box has some soft, furry handcuffs or a sexy blindfold so you can spice up your cuddles with some bondage play.

Cuddle in the bath

You don't have to save your cuddles for the bedroom or couch, you can get wet, too. Run a nice, warm bath with your favorite bath oil or bubbles. Arrange a few (waterproof) sex toys around the edge of the bath then invite your lover to join you. Have a cuddle for a few minutes, then take your time playing with your sex toys. If the water starts to cool, use this an an excuse to cuddle some more to warm each other up!

- Sienna Sinclaire® - Naughty Lifestyle Guide - Los Angeles Dating & Sex Coach

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