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Miami's Sexiest Hair Salons

Red Market Salon


9700 Collins Ave.
Bal Harbour

Ultra hip salon in Bal Harbour, offering sheer white and red, space age decor, high end styling, and oodles of panache. They market themselves as a 'beauty utopia', and they're not far wrong. As well as hair services, you can get great manicures and pedicures, so it's the ideal one-stop beauty shop. Parking is easy, inside the Bal Harbour Mall, and you'll be greeted by a smile so dazzlingly white, it matches the walls. Their product is mainly from the Kerastase range, so if you like that beach babe look, but want your hair to be protected from the evils of the sun, this salon specializes in keeping you looking natural, for longer.

Bellezza Spa Salon Boutique


7245 S.W. 57th Ct.

This South Miami spa and salon is a calming, tranquil little oasis, with high ceilings, porcelain blue walls, and orchids everywhere. Get out of the heat, and step into this cool, friendly salon for an hour or two, where you can get everything from a cut and style or gloss treatment, to a full color, perm or relaxer. Consultations are free, and there are other treatments and services available such as facials, massages, manicures, pedicures and waxing. Many of Miami's social butterflies like to land here of a lunchtime, to catch up on all the gossip. Single girls will love the undivided attention given to you by the great staff, and I recommend their keratin treatments, especially, which will leave your hair feeling bouncy, strong, and definitely well nourished.

Chez Badeaux Salon


1235 Alton Rd.

A Miami hair salon wouldn't be the real deal without a bit of Art Deco going on. This gorgeous place in Miami Beach adds to that, by bringing the whole of Paris with it, too. It's over 1,000sq ft of lushness, which incorporates a treatment room, pedicure room and facial room, into the salon proper, and it even has its own boutique store - Le Bazaar - where you can purchase quirky jewelry and, of course, any of the products you've just had put into your hair. The decor is like a boudoir, black and white florals, white Versailles-style dressers and shelves, and modern, white chairs and accoutrements. Staff are genial, and just as pretty as the surroundings, and the prices aren't bad, either - cuts and colors from $75 each.

Safar Coiffure


22 Washington Ave.

Their motto is "Life is too short to blend in", so all daring, creative types should head here for a street-stopping style. They characterize themselves as a European hair salon, and like to combine their own take on classic styles, with parts of the client's own personality. No two cuts are the same, and they don't have a signature cut, so you know that you'll get a style that absolutely suits you, and no-one else. It's a spacious salon, over two floors, with quite a beachy feel - lots of white and wood and marble table tops (Phillip Stark designs), and an outdoor terrace. One of the pearls of Miami Beach.

Gustavo Briand Salon


1701 Sunset Harbor Dr.

Swish salon in Miami Beach, offering their own unique brand of creative styling. Technically excellent, all the stylists here are trained to really listen to their clientele, and provide hair cuts based on personality, desire and high fashion. All cuts include a complimentary consultation, shampoo, massage, conditioner, blowdry and straightening (optional), and they also do an excellent range of deep treatments. The salon is very stylish, with lots of wide, angular chairs, huge mirrors, and a warm, brown color scheme. They're known for their own-brand 'Miracle Oil', which reduces drying time up to half, and is ideal for beach hair which doesn't like humidity. A must for every Miami single girl's dressing table.

Metodo Rossano Ferretti


959 W Avenue, Suite 14
Miami Beach

Very much a method salon, these guys pay attention to every single hair on your head, believing that the way each one is cut, can determine the overall look. Each stylist is rigorously trained in the Rossano Ferretti 'way', so having your hair cut here, is very much like having the RF brand metaphorically shaved into your head. It's a lovely salon, the furniture, decor and color scheme, as deliberate and effective as their hair styles, and there's lots of space, so you never feel shunted in, like you would at some salons. Interestingly, they don't have desks or workstations in front of the mirrors here - they're full length, so you can see your whole body as your hair style takes shape. Until you experience this, you don't realize just what an impact your hair can have on your entire look.

OM Beauty Co.


5761 Bird Road

Don't let the roadside mall location put you off, this is a very adept salon with some great stylists on board. They might not have had the biggest budget to blow on trendy decor or expensive wall art, but it's still a clean, funky kind of place with a great vibe and very reasonable prices. Their efforts have obviously gone into their service and quality of the staff. They're a spiritual lot, and you can feel a total air of calmness when you walk in. They like to chat to their clients, and find out more about them, what drives them, so they're better placed to give you an individual cut that'll set you apart from everyone else. They also know a bit about beach body maintenance, so why not combine your hair cut, with a fabulous leg wax or Dead Sea salt scrub. You'll feel delicious from head to toe once they're done with you here, so it's worth the trip out.

Oribe Salon


1627 Euclid Ave.

Sexy salon located in the heart of the trendy Lincoln Road area of Miami Beach. This is where you'll spot all the wannabe supermodels, actors and musicians plying their trade, aching to be seen, and this salon is probably where they come to prettify themselves. The salon itself occupies a tranquil, green corner of the Lincoln Center, and the interior is a style statement in itself - sleek, bold chair designs, colorful vases, flowers and ornaments, and tiger wood furniture. The stylists here have worked on everyone, from Kate Moss and Gisele Bundchen, to Charlize Theron and Penelope Cruz. Expect to pay well in excess of $100 for a simple cut and blow dry.

Salon Vaso


1500 Alton Road

Elegant salon with Art Deco influences, situated in the heart of Miami Beach. The vibe is a homage to classic Miami retro design, so expect similar high standards of the hair cuts. Creativity is a buzz word here, and they're dedicated to giving you that runway-ready look as you prepare to strut the catwalks of Miami Beach. Prices range from around $40 for an apprentice stylist, to $90 and above for 'the master'. Extensions and colors are specialties, and you can purchase most of the products used in the salon.

Sean Donaldson Salon


1674 Meridian Ave.

This place is so gloriously bright inside, it's like having your hair cut on the beach. Shiny, metallic-effect walls, loads of glass, mirrors you could go skating on, it's very in vogue and cutting edge, literally. They have a dedicated shampoo spa, where you can shut out the world and just lose yourself in a private conditioning session. The salon chairs are a delicious faux-gray leather, and every single desk, mirror, bowl and pair of scissors, has been selected for its stylistic effect. With so much attention paid to the look of the salon, you'd expect nothing less than perfection from the stylists. Additional services include facials, waxing, tinting, manicures and pedicures, but you'll need deep pockets, and a lot of free time, to come here.

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