20 Energy Boosts To Increase Your Naughtiness

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

20 Natural Energy Boosts

Modern life is non-stop action. Sometimes it can feel impossible to have enough energy to get all the obligatory things done, much less have time for fun...especially the naughty type.

Low energy levels not only rob you of motivation to take proper care of yourself, they can also lower your libido.

Next time you're feeling a little drained, don't reach for a high-octane coffee or energy drink that will only leave you feeling worse in a few hours.

Try these 100% natural ways to get your naughty self in gear again:

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

1. Vitamins

Too often the modern diet is high in calories, especially those coming from carbs and fat, and low on the nutrients our bodies need to function at their peak.

While eating a balanced diet can provide your body with these vital elements, adding a supplement or two to your routine can round out your nutrient intake and boost your immune system and energy levels by ensuring your body has the baseline materials it needs to run well.

Look for a daily multivitamin tailored to women
, as they take into account the specific needs of the female body by including optimal amounts iron, B vitamins, folic acid, vitamin D, and calcium.

While building sufficient iron levels through a daily multivitamin can be great for maintaining energy levels through overall wellness, sometimes we need a quick lift.

Try an Emergen-C for a hit of the immune system powerhouse vitamin C and a fast infusion of vitamins B6 and B12, the heavy-lifting energy duo.

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

2. Water

Chances are that if you're low in energy, you're also low on water.

The human body is composed of mostly water, and the typical woman needs about 2.5 liters or 85 ounces of the stuff daily, more after exercising and drinking alcohol or caffeine.

This element is so vital, that when when the body lacks the right amount, every function of your system works poorly, draining you of much needed energy.

Common signs of dehydration are fatigue, headache, infrequent and dark urination, and obviously thirst.

In fact, if you're thirsty, you're well on your way to dehydration!

Additionally, it's easy to confuse the signals our bodies send us for thirst and hunger.

If you are well hydrated, you are less likely to eat unnecessary calories.

To ensure that you're drinking enough water, buy yourself a reusable bottle with a design you love and keep it with you always.

If you have a 1 liter bottle, all you have to do is drink two and a half throughout the day to maintain great hydration.

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

3. A Blast of Cold Water

Have you ever had one of those mornings where you find yourself so groggy that you've shampooed your hair with body wash or added salt to your coffee?

Next time you find yourself in such a state, take a cue from James Bond, spartan warriors, or the samurai, and dial down the hot water.

A blast of cold water for as little as 30 seconds will invigorate you as it triggers physical reactions that wake you up.

Cold water is a superb natural energy remedy as it awakens the body from the outside in.

The shock of cold to the skin improves circulation. Veins construct sending pressurized blood throughout the body.

You'll also find yourself breathing slower as your body works to warm itself, flooding your body with a fresh supply of stimulating oxygen.

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

4. Music

Music has a profound affect on mood. Songs can move us to tears, fill us with joy, and even encourage positive energy.

I notice the effect of music on my energy level when I go out.

Often I'm a bit sleepy after starting my evening with dinner, but one step into a club playing awesome music, and I'm completely revived.

Notice what music lifts you up and make a high-energy playlist. Put it on you iPod or on a web service like Amazon Cloud or Spotify so that you can access it anywhere.

Listen to your playlist on your way to work, or any time you need a boost.

Always keep your headphones nearby. If you can listen to music on the job, do it!

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

5. Peppermint

Peppermint is a strong, yet natural energy powerhouse as it can stimulate your brain through its scent, taste, or its cooling effect on the skin.

For a caffeine-free, zero-calorie pick-me-up without the jitters, try sipping peppermint tea or chewing a sugar-free gum.

For workday energy slumps, keep a bottle of peppermint lotion in your desk and apply it after washing your hands or as needed.

Peppermint oil is a potent tool to have on hand, as well.

Massage a drop or two onto your temples to alleviate headaches while enhancing your focused energy.

Beyond its energy benefits, peppermint taken orally can also soothe digestive issues, while its topical application works as a mild antiseptic.

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

6. Foods for Energy

Food is the body's fuel and is the source of all our energy.

But, as most girls know, not all foods are created equal, and more food does not necessarily lead to more energy.

Lucky for us, nutritionists have identified some energy superfoods that can lead to sustained energy that are easy to incorporate into your diet:

- Oats: Nothing beats whole oats for breakfast.

This super grain can jump start your day with a dose of fiber, protein, and B vitamins.

Plus, oats release energy slowly into your body, so you'll avoid a crash later.

- Nuts: For a high-energy snack, try eating tree nuts like almonds, cashews, pecans, or walnuts that package quality energy in a small package. While nuts are high in fat, adding them to the diet is associated with weight loss, since the healthy, monounsaturated fats keep the body satiated and away from slumps that lead to unhealthy snacking.

- Potassium-Rich Fruits: Fruits that are rich in potassium are great for sustained energy, as potassium is an important electrolyte that is easily lost through exercise or stress.

While the banana is the fresh fruit potassium queen, you can also get a hefty dose from apricots, cantaloupe, kiwi, and even avocado, though any fruit or vegetable should be welcome in a high-energy diet.

- Dark Chocolate: A square of high-quality dark chocolate each day can provide you with a small hit of mild, natural caffeine and a lot of satisfaction. Used sparingly, dark chocolate does have a place in the line-up of energy-rich foods.

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

7. Eat 5 Small Meals a Day

Eating three large meals a day means that your digestive system has to work hard and fast, leaving you full and sluggish.

Breaking up the traditional three mealtimes in to five smaller meals givers your body a more steady flow of energy (read: calories) and prevents the post-meal lethargy and the dreaded mid-afternoon energy slump.

By limiting digestion to smaller, more frequent instances, you're fueling up without overloading.

A bonus to this meal plan is that you'll be less likely to engage in a snack time binge, when foods tend to be less nutritious.

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

8. Sleep

It seems obvious, yet how many of us skimp on sleep every night?

A lot! Sleep is when your body resets and repairs itself, and when your brain relaxes and dreams.

Shorting yourself of sleep affects energy, immunity, and mood.

I know that my body needs 9 hours of sleep a night.

After 9 hours, I'll wake up naturally and without felling groggy, though some of you will need less or more.

To find your optimal amount of sleep, note the time you went to bed and the time you wake up naturally for a week, even if that means scooting up your bedtime to account for an early wake-up time for work.

You can automate this with a Fitbit or with a phone app like Sleep Cycle.

It can be hard to have the discipline to go to sleep at a decent hour when you've worked all day and can finally have sometime for yourself; it's hard to shut out the "me" part of the day, especially if you're not especially sleepy.

However, working out a bed time that gives you the rest your need will become second nature after a few weeks, and you'll wonder how you lived before.

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

9. Take a Power Nap

Sometimes life gets in the way of a perfectly planned sleep schedule.

While naps aren't a substitute for a full night of sleep, they can give you an extra boost to finish your day on a strong note.

To get the most of your nap, keep it short - less than 30 minutes is best.

Any longer, and your brain will take things a little bit deeper than preferred causing you to wake up groggy rather than refreshed.

Every now and then it's fine to have a longer nap, like when recovering from an all-nighter or beating jet lag.

Sleeping for about three hours will allow you to absorb a full REM cycle.

You will also wake up during the lightest part of the sleep cycle, meaning you will be more refreshed and feel less tired than a shorter or longer nap.

As mentioned in the sleep section (#8), you can use technology to identify the best timing for your body.

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

10. Exercise

How many times have you excused yourself from a workout because you felt too tired?

Ironically, working out is one of the keys to getting yourself out of a low-energy slump.

Exercise gets the heart to pump oxygen-rich blood throughout the body, burns up fat that slows us down, and builds a sexy body that you'll want to show off. To start your day off right, incorporate morning yoga to stretch cramped muscles that block energy.

While regular exercise is vital to maintain a decent foundation for an energetic body, a short work-out can improve your energy level after just 10 or 15 minutes. Yoga is an especially good method to reduce lethargy in just a few minutes.

Fitting in a few sun salutations on a work break can make a huge difference in your focus, concentration, and energy.

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

11. Fresh Air

Stagnant, stale indoor air leads to a stagnant, stale you.

Opening the windows and breathing in fresh air gives you a jolt of refreshing energy. Whether you're at home, at work, or on a long car ride, rolling down the windows or stepping outside can quickly rejuvenate a tired soul.

Casinos in Vegas have caught wind of this phenomena.

Though most casinos are closed air environments, the house knows that pumping additional oxygen into the air will keep patrons alert and gambling!

Take this knowledge and use it to your advantage when you need a little bit of stimulation.

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

12. Stretching Regularly

Listen up girls with desk jobs! Sitting down all day long in front of a computer screen is draining.

Your back hurts, your eyes are strained, and maybe your wrist has that unloved numb feeling from incessant clicking.

You can combat desk fatigue by taking a break every hour to get up and stretch.

Set a timer on your phone or a pop-up alarm on your computer and take 5 minutes each hour to end your fatigue.

Stand up, reach for your toes, and stretch out your shoulders and legs.

You might look a little funny, but I'm sure your boss with appreciate the effort you're making to stay alert.

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

13. Sunshine

The sun is the body's original alarm clock. In face, sunlight triggers the body's wake-up function on a physical level.

Sneaking a bit of sun exposure into your day can recharge the body while also encouraging vitamin D production and increasing white blood cell counts for immunity and serotonin levels for emotional contentment.

Vitamin D also increases the blood's capacity for oxygen, which means your energy level can be upped with every heart beat.

For maximum benefits, limit direct exposure to sun to under 15 minutes a day.

You can still reap many benefits from sunshine while taking care of your skin with sunscreen and protecting your face from direct rays.

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

14. Go for a Walk

Especially in car dependent cities (hello LA!) it's easy to forget that walking is a viable mode of transportation.

If your destination is less than a mile away, you can walk there in 30 minutes or less, giving your legs a stretch and getting your body outdoors and exposed to sunshine (#13) and fresh air (#11), while also packing in the benefits of some light exercise (#10).

To start the walking habit, pick a nice day to walk to lunch, or simply stroll around the block during some downtime at work or at home for an effective energy boost.

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

15. Tap into Your Inner Child

Kids have seemingly limitless supplies of energy and an infectious enthusiasm that can be triggered by simple items: a small toy, the prospect of going for a swim, a fresh set of crayons. Harness this energy yourself by reaching into your inner child and surrounding yourself with the things that bring you pure, simple joy.

Keep a vase of your favorite flowers near your desk or make your desktop background something that makes you smile.

You can also appeal directly to your youth.

Did you love Barbies? Grab one out of storage or buy a new one. Did you love to paint?

Get out a water color set and practice for fun.

Every time you hold a reminder of childhood, concentrate on channeling the energy that flooded you as a child.

Indulging in this side of yourself can uncap reserves of energy you forgot you had.

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

16. Stop Energy Drainers

I call any physical element in the world that needlessly saps up energy an energy drainer.

For example, I am an extremely noise-sensitive person, and loud noises, abrupt or nonstop, can cause me to lose focus, draining my energy needlessly.

Two things in my home annoyed me on this level: my roaring vacuum cleaner and cellphones, both their blaring rings and speakerphone.

After replacing the vacuum cleaner with a quieter model and asking my assistant to keep her phone on silent, my quality of life improved noticeably.

We can't control the outside world, but particularly in the home, we can minimize these seemingly small drainers for maximum results.

Make a list of the things that drain your energy and tackle them one by one.

Do you always trip over the same rug?

Move it! Does your disheveled garage fill you with angst every you arrive home? Clean it! Does the door always groan obnoxiously when you open it?

Oil it. If an energy drainer irritates you and it is in your control to fix, do it!

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

17. Declutter

Clutter distracts us. We notice that our space is out of order and that our things collect dust, our attention has left more important matters.

Constantly losing focus to an unkempt home or work place drains us physically, as we have to spend unnecessary time rummaging for needed items, and mentally, as the clutter provides a constant focal point that's not the task (or life) at hand.

Devote an hour to the areas in you life that need some organization at home or at the office.

Get rid of items that are not beautiful or useful.

Organize what you're keeping in boxes, baskets, or other containers that you like, grouping similar items together.

Last, devote 5, 10, or 15 minutes each day to maintaining tidy work and living spaces.

By concentrating your time to the task in distinct intervals, you're saving energy in the long run.

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

18. Stop the Gossip

Gossiping is another one of those needless mental drainers.

When we focus energy on what others are doing, we're devoting our precious time to things that have nothing to do with our own well-being.

Reality television and celebrity-centered magazines and websites are designed to promote an idea of real life through careful staging and posing. It presents fiction as reality, which can lead to viewers feeling inadequate.

So stop watching and reading! Spend your TV, reading, and internet time on stories you love. Or, devote the time you previously spent on gossip on something totally different and authentically you.

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

19. Quit Wasting Time

Do you find your days flying by with workouts undone and lovers untouched and wondering how all the hours escaped you? Take a look at how you're actually spending your time.

The modern world has so many time sinks biding for our attention, whether it's an addicting phone app, a Twitter stream begging for frequent refreshes, or a reality TV marathon that sucks you in with no regard for your time.

Think about the form you want your life to take. List the 5 or 10 most important elements in your life. These can be goals or projects like working on a business plan and finishing grad school applications or life balance items, like spending time with a lover.

Chances are, playing consecutive games of Draw Something or watching the Real Housewives of Where Ever isn't on your list. Start cutting out the time wasters, or if you enjoy them, save them for a rainy day. With services like TiVo, Netflix, and, well, Google, it's easier than ever to step out of the time sink zone.

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

20. Do Work You Love

Finding an ideal balance between work and life can be difficult for anyone. If you're devoting 40 plus hours of your week to a job that only depletes you, your outside life suffers, too.

Even if a miserable job pays well, chances are you're too drained to enjoy your time off.

As humans, how we spend our time determines more of your life than how you spend your money .

Think about what sort of work or what career path would make you happy, motivated, and keep you interested, and design your life around that work goal.

Even if it means taking a pay cut or going back to school, eliminating the Monday morning dread from your life can do wonders for your mood and energy.

Enjoying your job means waking up to work happily, and what could be better for energy than that?

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