20 Natural Energy Boosts

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

20 Natural Energy Boosts

Modern life is non-stop action. Sometimes it can feel impossible to have enough energy to get all the obligatory things done, much less have time for fun...especially the naughty type.

Our bodies aren't meant to go non-stop all day long, as we will have natural highs and lows in our energy levels throughout the day.

But sometimes you need a little boost here and there to start your day, get you through work and to motivate you to workout.

Next time you're feeling a little drained, don't reach for a high-octane coffee or energy drink that will only leave you feeling worse in a few hours.

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

1. Vitamins

Vitamins can be your best friend, if you need them. You should be getting your vitamins and minerals from food, but some of us may not be able to get enough or may have a deficiency.

Before you start popping vitamins, get your blood work done by a doctor and see what you’re lacking first and figure out why you might have low energy as it may not be anything to do with taking vitamins.

Because if you start popping unnecessary vitamins you don’t need, you could be making your symptoms worse or creating new ones.

Vitamins can be very good for you if used correctly and your body needs them.

For example, many think that if we start taking more B12 or B vitamins it will give us energy. Yes and no. If you have a B12 deficiency then you definitely need to supplement.

But if you’re already getting the correct amount each day, it’s not going to do you any good and can actually harm you if taking too much.

When you do your blood work, your doctor will let you know which vitamins/minerals your body is lacking.

And you might be surprised to find out that you’re getting all the vitamins you need through food.

Just because something is a vitamin doesn’t mean it can’t be harmful or cause side effects.

Sometimes you don’t need all the vitamins being offered in a daily vitamin, so instead focus on specific ones your body needs.

For me, I get my blood work done every three months as things change with the seasons, my hormones and age. Sometimes I need more vitamin D and other times I’m getting enough so I stop taking the pills or lower my dose.

When I went to my doctor the first time, I was shocked at what I discovered and wished I had done this earlier.

I found out I had a B12 deficiency and need to get monthly shots, and future blood work has shown it’s working.

I also have a vitamin D deficiency so I take different amounts depending on the season.

My SAMe levels are low so I take daily vitamins for SAMe, my immune system has been low so I take DHEA pills based on what I need.

I took a 23andME DNA test and found out I have macular degeneration, and confirmed by eye specialist so now take eye vitamins. Also, I have a vitamin A deficiency which I never knew and could have benefited me if I discovered this sooner in life.

My point is, I went and found out exactly what my body is missing and only taking what I need. The rest I get through food by eating healthy.

Doing this has definitely improved my energy levels especially with my B12 deficiency.

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

2. Water

If you feel low on energy, drink water right away as sometimes that’s all you need to get your energy back.

First thing to do in the morning when you wake up for a natural energy boost, is to drink a bottle of water.

You’re body has been sleeping all night along with working hard to repair itself, and is dehydrated from not having water for hours.

The human body is composed of mostly water, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, bones are 31% and lungs are about 83% water. If you workout, drink caffeine and alcohol, you’ll need more water throughout the day.

This element is so vital, that when when the body lacks the right amount, every function of your system works poorly, draining you of much needed energy.

Additionally, it's easy to confuse the signals our bodies send us for thirst and hunger.

If you are well hydrated, you are less likely to eat unnecessary calories. So next time you feel hungry, make sure you’re not thirsty first by drinking a glass of water.

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

3. A Blast of Cold Water

A blast of cold water for as little as 30 seconds will invigorate you as it triggers physical reactions that wake you up.

Cold water is a superb natural energy remedy as it awakens the body from the outside in.

The shock of cold to the skin improves circulation. Veins construct sending pressurized blood throughout the body.

You'll also find yourself breathing slower as your body works to warm itself, flooding your body with a fresh supply of stimulating oxygen.

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

4. Music

Music has a profound affect on mood. Songs can move us to tears, fill us with joy, and even give us energy.

Energize yourself in the morning by playing music to match your mood. Maybe you need to slowly wake up so play some jazz to wake up your brain. Or maybe you need something more uplifting to get your day going.

Sometimes I love to put on Bossa Nova in morning and do a little dance to get my energy going.

I notice the effect of music on my energy level throughout the day, especially at night time and I’m feeling tired.

I’ll go to a restaurant to eat and feel so tired but as soon as I head the club where I enjoy the music, I’m like an energizer bunny and can dance all night.

Notice what music lifts you up and make different playlists to help with your energy levels throughout the day.

Then listen to your playlist in the morning, on your way to work, at work or any time you need a boost.
Check Out My Favorite Playlists Here

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

5. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint is a strong, yet natural energy powerhouse as it can stimulate your brain through its scent, taste, or its cooling effect on the skin.

In the morning when getting ready, or throughout the day, put peppermint oil in a diffuser as the scent is very powerful and uplifting way to start your day.

For workday energy slumps, at the gym or to keep you focused, keep a bottle of peppermint oil near you and apply it to your wrists when needed for a quick energy boost.

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

6. Foods for Energy

Food is the body's fuel and is the source of all our energy.

But not just any food, if you’re eating junk, fast food, not getting the nutrients and minerals your body needs, then you will lack energy throughout the day.

It’s amazing when you feed your body what it needs, meaning the proper nutrients and minerals, it works and performs better.

Plus find out what you’re lacking in foods. For example, adding more protein to your diet can give you the energy your body needs, along with good fats and fiber.

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

7. Eat 5 Small Meals a Day

Eating three large meals a day means that your digestive system has to work hard and fast, leaving you full and sluggish.

Breaking up the traditional three mealtimes in to five smaller meals givers your body a more steady flow of energy and prevents the post-meal lethargy and the dreaded mid-afternoon energy slump.

By limiting digestion to smaller, more frequent instances, you're fueling up without overloading.

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

8. Sleep

It seems obvious, yet how many of us skimp on sleep every night?

Sleep is when your body resets and repairs itself, and when your brain relaxes and dreams.

Shorting yourself of sleep affects energy, immunity, mood and much more than you realize.

Make sure to check out my book recommendation below, as it’s way more than just about how many hours you need to sleep each night and can help a lot of people.

Buy “Sleep Smarter” Book Here

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

9. Take a Power Nap

Sometimes life gets in the way of a perfectly planned sleep schedule.

While naps aren't a substitute for a full night of sleep, they can give you an extra boost to finish your day on a strong note.

To get the most of your nap, keep it short - less than 30 minutes is best.

Any longer, and your brain will take things a little bit deeper than preferred causing you to wake up groggy rather than refreshed.

Every now and then it's fine to have a longer nap, like when recovering from an all-nighter or beating jet lag.

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

10. Exercise

Working out is one of the best ways to increase energy naturally.

Exercise gets the heart to pump oxygen-rich blood throughout the body, burns up fat that slows us down, releases endorphins and builds a sexy body that you'll want to show off.

To start your day off right, incorporate morning yoga to stretch cramped muscles that block energy. Remember that you’re body has been sleeping for hours and not moving, so release any morning stiffness.

While regular exercise is vital to maintain a decent foundation for an energetic body, a short work-out can improve your energy level after just 5 or 10 minutes.

In the morning while getting ready, dance for 5 minutes to your favorite playlist to get your energy levels up.

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

11. Fresh Air

Stagnant, stale indoor air leads to a stagnant, stale you.

Opening the windows first thing in the morning and breathing in fresh air gives you a jolt of refreshing energy, boosts your mood, and improves the immune system.

Whether you're at home, at work, or on a long car ride, rolling down the windows or stepping outside can quickly rejuvenate a tired soul.

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

12. Stretching Daily

Stretching first thing in the morning can relieve any tension or pain from sleeping the night before.

It also helps increase your blood flow and prepares your body for the day ahead.

Sit at a desk and/or work on a computer all day? This can quickly zap your energy.

It can cause back/neck pain, strained eyes, sciatica and low energy levels.

You can combat desk fatigue by taking a break every hour to get up and stretch.

Set a timer on your phone or a pop-up alarm on your computer and take 5 minutes each hour to stretch.

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

13. Sunshine

The sun is the body's original alarm clock. In fact, sunlight triggers the body's wake-up function on a physical level.

Sneaking a bit of sun exposure into your day can recharge the body while also encouraging vitamin D production and increasing white blood cell counts for immunity and serotonin levels for emotional contentment.

Vitamin D also increases the blood's capacity for oxygen, which means your energy level can be upped with every heart beat.

In order to get your required daily amounts of vitamin D, go out in the sun without sunscreen for 10 - 30 minutes depending on how close you are to the equator and your skin color.

For example, the closer you are to the equator and the lighter your skin color, the less time out in the sun.

Also, go to your doctor for blood work to make sure you don’t have a vitamin D deficiency especially if you live somewhere that has limited sunlight.

Even if you live in sunny Los Angeles, you can still have a vitamin D deficiency depending on how much time you spend out in the sun without sunscreen, deepening on age as our deficiency levels can change with age and hormones.

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

14. Go for a Walk

Especially in car dependent cities (hello LA!) it's easy to forget that walking is a viable mode of transportation.

If your destination is less than a mile away, you can walk there in 15 - 20 minutes, giving your legs a stretch and getting your body outdoors and exposed to sunshine (#13) and fresh air (#11), while also packing in the benefits of some light exercise (#10).

To start the walking habit, pick a nice day to walk to lunch, or simply stroll around the block during some downtime at work or at home for an effective energy boost.

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

15. Tap into Your Inner Child

Kids have seemingly limitless supplies of energy and an infectious enthusiasm that can be triggered by simple items: a small toy, the prospect of going for a swim, a fresh set of crayons.

Harness this energy yourself by reaching into your inner child and surrounding yourself with the things that bring you pure, simple joy.

Keep a vase of your favorite flowers near your desk or make your desktop background something that makes you smile.

You can also appeal directly to your youth.

Did you love Barbies? Grab one out of storage or buy a new one.

Did you love to paint? Get out a water color set and practice for fun.

Every time you hold a reminder of childhood, concentrate on channeling the energy that flooded you as a child.

Indulging in this side of yourself can uncap reserves of energy you forgot you had.

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

16. Stop Energy Drainers

I call any physical element in the world that needlessly saps up energy an energy drainer.

For example, I am an extremely noise-sensitive person, and loud noises, abrupt or nonstop, can cause me to lose focus, draining my energy.

Two things in my home annoyed me on this level: my roaring vacuum cleaner and cellphones, both their blaring rings and speakerphone.

After replacing the vacuum cleaner with a quieter model and asking my assistant to keep her phone on silent, my quality of life improved noticeably. These might seem minor to you, but for others can make a big difference. Doesn’t matter how small, start eliminating energy drainers and see how your energy levels change.

We can't control the outside world, but particularly in the home, we can minimize these seemingly small drainers for maximum results.

Make a list of the things that drain your energy and tackle them one by one.

Do you always trip over the same rug? Move it or get rid of it all together.

Does your disheveled garage fill you with angst every you arrive home? Clean and organize it!

If an energy drainer irritates you and it is in your control to fix, do it!

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

17. Declutter

Have you ever walked into your house, garage or office and you felt your energy drain due to the overwhelming mess along with things not being organized?

Having a messy, unorganized home can drain us physically and mentally.

Devote an hour to the areas in your life that need some organization at home or at the office.

Start by tackling one room at a time so you don’t become overwhelmed and give up.

Get rid of items that are not beautiful or useful anymore.

By getting organized now, you’re saving energy in the long run.

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

18. Stop the Gossip

Gossiping is another one of those needless mental energy drainers.

When we focus energy on what others are doing, we're devoting our precious time to things that have nothing to do with our own well-being and can be mentally draining.

Focus on living your live and not worrying or gossiping negatively others.

Think about how draining and time wasting it is for people who gossip and hate on others.

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

19. Take Breaks

When we overwork ourselves it can cause us to use our energy and leave us depleted.

Our bodies are not meant to go, go, go for the entire time we are awake. Our energy levels are going to go up and down throughout the day.

If you wake up early, it’s only natural for us to feel tired later on in the evening especially when the sun goes down.

But for some reason, we expect our bodies to be full of energy all day and think something is wrong when it’s not.

Of course, if you’re tired all day long, then definitely go see your doctor as something is probably wrong and they can help you hopefully.

But don’t get mad at your body when your energy wanes throughout the day.

This is why it’s important to take breaks and not go, go, go all day as you will lose your energy a lot faster.

Breaks help us to recharge, not make us look lazy. Some people think that if you take a break it means you’re lazy.

Big companies like Google and Facebook know the importance of taking breaks and build their work environment around workers taking breaks even encouraging naps.

You will be effective throughout the day if you get sleep along with taking small breaks throughout the day.

Everyday, I take an hour break around 6pm. This is when my body starts to feel tired. I will simply lay down on my couch for one hour and watch tv, and it’s amazing how much I feel energized after my break and ready to keep working or workout.

20 Natural Energy Boosts | Naughty Guide

20. Do Work You Love

It’s amazing that when you do what you love, how much more energy you have and look forward to your day.

Finding an ideal balance between work and life can be difficult for anyone. If you're devoting 40 plus hours of your week to a job that only depletes you, your outside life suffers too.

Even if a miserable job pays well, chances are you're too drained to enjoy your time off.

Think about what sort of work or what career path would make you happy, motivated, and keep you interested, and design your life around that work goal.

Even if it means taking a pay cut or going back to school, eliminating the Monday morning dread from your life can do wonders for your mood and energy.

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