Soiled Doves Prostitution in the Early West

By: Anne Seagraves

The Wild West and the American Frontier have captured hearts and imaginations for ages, but so often the working girls get pushed aside in favor for stories and histories about wholesome settlers, handsome cowboys, struggling American Indians, or the occasional outlaw. In "Soiled Doves: Prostitution in the Early West," author Anne Seagraves gives these sex workers the center stage, showing us the daily life, trials, and pleasures of the diverse group of women that headed West to satisfy the demand of a rough and tough, mostly male population.

Seagraves shows us a nuanced world, where some prostitutes embraced life and their work, living happy, if widely-despised lives, while many others received society's brunt and were beaten, trafficked, used and spurned to the point of suicide. Soiled Doves paints a human portrait of real-life women, the naughty girls of their time, who helped shape society in the Old West, but who so often get left out of the spotlight.

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