History of German Porn

By Gretchen Kraut

"Naughty" might not be the first word you'd use to describe Germans, but "History of German Porn" demonstrates that these folks weren't too busy lusting over reliable cars and golden beers to forget the seductive side of life. With over 250 photographs from photographer Gretchen Kraut's collection, this intriguing work presents decades of vintage erotica, from some of the first porn photos of the 1800's to the carefree 1960's. From the dark, bestial, and absurd to the playful and sensual, this trove of historic porn photographs offers something to titillate everyone.

Short essays scattered between photos cover eras of sexual history in Germany to illustrate and contextualize the time when the photographers snapped and the models simply posed for the naughty images featured within. As a reader, you'll get more pleasure from the photos by understanding the suggestions of sexuality in German culture throughout history. Doesn't knowing a photo was banned make it that much more sexy and daring?

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