A Mind of its Own A Cultural History of The Penis

By David M. Friedman

We all know the penis is not just another body part in the long list of human anatomy; it's more. Glorified and celebrated, demonized and censored, the male reproductive organ has always been a powerful symbol to humanity throughout time, but why do our attitudes change? David Friedman's book "A Mind of It's Own: A Cultural History of the Penis" sets to answer this question by exploring attitudes to the phallus from the penis parades of the ancients to today's Viagra-shilling doctors.

While this book is hardly a sex book, it certainly rises to the occasion with deep historical analysis of how religion, government, culture, and great thinkers have shifted mindsets towards the penis throughout time. Naughty girls will love learning the dirty details behind the theories Freud and feminists alike. You'll definitely have a greater appreciation for all things phallic after reading this book.

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