Public Sex

Public Sex | Naughty Guide

Public Sex

What is it about sex in public that makes you feel so naughty? Is it the idea that someone might see you? The thrill of the unknown? All of the above? Any naughty person knows that public sex is hot sex!

Next time you are feeling like being a little naughty, consider some of these ideas for having sex in public. These are also great ideas if you're looking to spice things up out of the bedroom.

Sex in a car

Sex in a car | Naughty Guide

Always go with what works. Sex in a car is one of the gold standards of public sex. Something most of us have tried as teenagers. Never hesitate to go back to your roots. Spice it up by going to to a drive-in movie or parking on top of a hill overlooking the city.

Picnic Sex

Picnic Sex | Naughty Guide

Lay down blanket and give your man a picnic blowjob or ride him cowgirl. Find some bushes and crawl behind them for a quick romp if you want to be a little more private.

Pool Sex

Pool Sex | Naughty Guide

Have sex in a swimming pool. Try a hotel pool late at night when everyone has turned in for the night. Or spice it up by having sex in the pool at a pool party where there's lots of people and they are usually drinking so not always paying attention.

Dressing Room Sex

Dressing Room Sex | Naughty Guide

Next time you're in a dressing room, bring in your lover for a little show of you getting out of your clothes and trying on new ones (lingerie stores are always the best!). Let him sit in the corner and watch as you tease him, then let him join in on the fun.

Sex On The Beach

 Sex On The Beach | Naughty Guide

This is not just a sweet tasting cocktail. Next time you head to the beach try to catch more than some waves. Find a secluded spot, lay down a blanket and bring an extra one to cover up in case you have visitors (or maybe you don't care). Best not to get sand involved as it doesn't feel good, so keep the sand away by sitting on the blankets.

Bathroom Sex

 Bathroom Sex | Naughty Guide

I am not talking about your own bathroom at home. I mean-at a bar or restaurant. Ask your lover to meet in the men's bathroom. Grab a stall and go at it. Using the men's bathroom seems to be the best choice because men don't seem to get upset when there are people being naughty in the stall like women do. Also because men don't use the stalls as much as women so there is more available space. A naughty girl has to be practical. This kind of public sex can be lots of fun when having dinner, then telling your lover to meet you in the's dirty in a naughty way.

Movie Theater Sex

 Movie Theater Sex | Naughty Guide

Sex in a movie theater. It doesn't matter what is playing because you are the main attraction. The best time to have movie theater sex is in the afternoon or at movie that isn't that popular. Both offer less crowded options. Sit in the back and go down on your date then climb on top of them. Wearing a skirt with no panties makes this easier.

Elevator Sex

Elevator Sex | Naughty Guide

This is an oldie but a goodie. Remember there are security cameras in an elevator but then again this is part of the fun of public sex. You also have to be quick in an elevator as you never know when it will stop and who will get on. Which also adds to the fun of you getting off.

Las Vegas Sex

Las Vegas Sex | Naughty Guide

Vegas in a universe unto itself. Just have sex anywhere in this city as it's expected and no one will even think twice. Some great spots are elevators (the one at the Rio that goes up to the nightclub Voodoo is perfect because it's only one stop and about 30 floors up), pool areas late at night as no one is there are there are private nooks to hide behind, etc. If you're looking for more ideas then check out my new Vegas book, which will tell you all the naughty places in Vegas to get it on and more.

Taxi Cab Sex

Taxi Cab Sex | Naughty Guide

This is so big city public sex. Don't worry about offending the driver. Most taxi cab drivers could care less about you having sex in their car (or at least the ones I've met) as long as you tip well. A taxi is actually one of the best places to give head, have your lover finger you and have sex. Get stuck in traffic and the cars next to you will get a free show. The best taxi cabs are in London as they have tons of room in the back.

Limo Sex

Limo Sex | Naughty Guide

Again, another great place to have sex as it's almost expected. Plus the driver has a partition so he can't see you and there's lots of room in the backseat to get it on, so have fun!

These are just a few suggestions on how to get naughty any place but home. Don't be afraid to walk out your door and try someplace new. Keeping your lover on his toes by giving him the unexpected is always an amazingly naughty way to blow his mind and keep him coming back for more.

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