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Tips For Living Naughty

To keep your sex life sizzling, it's not all about what physically happens between the sheets. Try and think outside the box and make your home environment as sexy as possible. Often, it's the little things that count, and you should always be prepared for anything. By thinking ahead, you'll find that the tiny touches make a big difference. Making the atmosphere ripe for passion, or making sure you have the right accessories on hand, is vital if you're going to enjoy the perfect evening. And your partner won't fail to be impressed when they realize just how much effort you put in, to making them feel special.

Imagine your home is a 5-star hotel, with every luxury taken care of, even down to your partner's favorite foods in the fridge. The moment your lover steps through your front door, they need to feel special, desired and indulged, which will make them treat you the same way. Creating the perfect pleasure pad, will guarantee insane naughtiness that neither of you will forget.

Try these handy tips, to turn your home into a temple of temptation:

Ceiling Fan

You know that things are going to get hot, hot, hot in your bedroom, so it makes sense to have a ceiling, desk or standing fan on hand, to make those steamy nights a little more comfortable. Your bodies should be the only things sizzling, so make sure the air is fresh. Some people might not mind their lovers sweating all over their sheets, but keeping your cool is also the key to stretching your stamina. By maintaining a comfortable room temperature, you'll be ready to get fucking again, sooner than you would have been if your room is too warm to cope with.

Bedside Carafes

Just like the bedroom fan, staying hydrated is essential for those all-night fucking sessions. Invest in a sexy-looking carafe to keep handy on the bedside table, so you and your lover can replace all those fluids you just lost in your lovemaking. After hot sex, a cold glass of water is an instant libido reviver, and you'll both soon be ready to go again. And again...and again...


Your lover probably only uses robes when they're in a hotel, being naughty, so make them feel just as kinky when they're at your place. Making your guy feel as comfortable as possible, is the best way to keep them aroused. Large, luxury robes for him to wear after showering, will make him feel spoiled and settled. And there's something about bathrobes that just screams 'sex'! They're indulgent and sexy, and I guarantee your lover will want to reward you for thinking of their comfort. Also, they're so easy to just slide off...


Staying with the hotel theme, turn up the luxury level by keeping an extra pair of slippers by the front door. As soon as your lover arrives, have them change into the slippers, instead of clomping around your place in their hard shoes (not sexy, especially if you have hardwood floors). Physically, slippers are way more comfortable, but also, mentally, your lover will 'switch' into bedroom mode the minute he slides his feet into the soft fabric of the slippers. Touch is one of the strongest senses, so slippers and robes are two ways of enhancing that air of anticipation.


My roommate in college once gave me an invaluable piece of advice. Always keep a case of beer handy for your gentlemen callers. I always have a high-end brand available for my lovers, and they really appreciate the extra touch and thoughtfulness. Seeing their favorite beer in the fridge, tells them I am thinking of their needs, which in turn guarantees that they'll be seeing to mine. Not all guys love beer, though. My more discerning lovers like a drop of expensive cognac, or brandy, so always make sure to have some luxury hard liquor on hand, too. Make your guy feel truly 'hosted', and you'll reap the rewards for your hospitality, in the bedroom later on.


These days, you just can't rely on a guy to arrive prepared. There's nothing worse than indulging in some hot and heavy foreplay, only to realize that, at the crucial moment, you're not protected. For this reason, us girls often have to take the initiative. I always keep a supply of various condoms at my place. Knowing I don't have to worry about it, means I can concentrate on the fun stuff. Also, if you're entertaining a new lover, you need to make sure you have the right size condom ready. And the fact that you're always prepared, doesn't mean you're easy, it means you're responsible and forward-thinking, unlike the guys.

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This is something a surprising amount of people don't think about. You've just spent a hot night fucking your lover and you're ready to go again in the morning, but then you find he has bad breath, and who wants to kiss that? Keeping a supply of extra toothbrushes is just invaluable, and he'll really appreciate it. Brush together, and use it as foreplay, staring at each other in the mirror as you make yourselves fresh again. Once you're all minted up, it's the green light to get right back into bed. And toothbrushes are so cheap, it doesn't matter if your lover only uses it once and doesn't come over again. Just throw it away and get a new one ready for the next guy. Maybe you can even 'color code' your lovers - a cheeky bit of fun, just for you.

Cozy Bed

Men can be basic creatures, and this extends to the comforts of the bedroom, too. Their homes are often quite sterile and impersonal, and certainly not luxurious. If you ever stay at a guy's place, the bed is usually hard, the linens plain and uninspiring, and the atmosphere neutral. Men don't seem to realize that setting a mood, and providing soft, comfortable sheets and pillows, can really enhance the sexiness of the occasion. We girls know that mood and touch is everything, that senses need to be stimulated. I always make sure that my bedroom is more of a boudoir - soft, sensual, luxuriously comfortable and super-sexy. Satin sheets, big soft pillows, deliberate, warm colors - it all adds to the eroticism, and definitely makes the sex ten times hotter. I've lost count of the number of men who have complimented me on my cozy bed. They love the way it just molds itself around them, and the way my cool, crisp sheets feel on their skin. Often, it's very hard to make them get up!

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Dimmers are a vital addition to any girl's home. Having sex in harsh, artificial light or, worse, in the dark, can just ruin the mood completely. By installing dimmer switches, you can set the tone just the way you want it. And they don't just have to be in the bedroom. All around the house, even in the kitchen, dimmer switches will make your whole place one big, sultry sex den. Not only do they create a sizzling atmosphere, they can hide little imperfections, like cracks in the wall, or marks on the carpet. Even better, they make you look hot. Your skin will look ethereal, your eyes will glint, and your body will create sexy shadows as you walk. Dimmers aren't expensive, but you will need an expert to instal them.


One of the most effective mood enhancers, candles are always sexy. They set the scene for romance, especially the scented ones, so choose your scent carefully. Vanilla and cinnamon are particularly sexy, and remember not to go for anything too strong. Smells should be evocative, not overpowering. Candles will always get you in the mood for sex, and they don't have to be confined to the bedroom. Use them to line the kitchen while you're cooking a sexy meal, or create a pathway to the bedroom with them. Also, there's nothing sexier than sharing a bath with your lover, surrounded by nothing but red candles. If you're really daring, then playing with that molten candle wax can be very erotic. Literally hot stuff.

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Sex Toys

It's always a good idea to keep your sex toys handy. Most of mine are hidden in a dresser close to my bed, but sometimes the throes of passion mean I can't always reach them. So I always keep a vibrator directly under my bed, so I can just grab it and know it's there. I also keep some sex toys dotted around the house. In the kitchen, the living room, and especially in the bathroom. I can feel horny at any time, and I don't want to have to go searching in my dresser when the mood takes me. This way, I can get myself off just standing by the stove, or lying on the sofa. And when my lover is over, we can climax all over the apartment without having to break a sweat.

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You're not really a naughty girl if you don't have sexy lingerie on hand. An essential part of every girl's closet, lingerie makes both you and your partner horny as hell. It doesn't have to be the lacy stuff, just make sure it's lingerie that clings to your curves and feels cool and comfortable. Less is definitely more, but the most important thing, is to keep your lingerie collection up to date and vibrant. Any items that even begin to look tired, or have fraying elastic or tiny holes, get rid of them immediately. Always coordinate your lingerie, and look after it as you would a Chanel shift or a pair of Manolos. Feeling super sexy underneath, comes out in your outward allure. Never underestimate the power of perfect lingerie.

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When guys come over to your place, it's important for them to think that they're the only guy in your life, even if they're not. You might have several lovers on the go, or there might be a special boyfriend from years past, who still has a piece of your heart. But if you have pictures of them around the house, they're an instant passion killer. Your home should be a sexy den of promise and seduction. Put up some pictures of classic Hollywood starlets from the 30s and 40s, or a some postcards of 1920s French showgirls. Maybe you're confident enough to put up some racy photographs of yourself, and show your lover exactly what he can expect from a night of passion with you. Whatever makes him - and you - feel sexy, is what's going to dictate the action later on. Visual stimulation is key to physical stimulation.

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Along with candles, music is one of the most important scene-setters for a night of naughtiness. Now that we all have iPods, it's easy to set up your own sexy playlists that you can make out to. Have different songs ready for different stages of foreplay. Use your iPod as a sex toy, flicking between tracks as you turn the heat up. Everybody has special songs they like to fuck to, so make sure they're available at the touch of a button. Alternatively, let the music guide you. Create a playlist that starts off slow and sultry, as you and your lover kiss and feel your way around each other, then build the songs as your foreplay progresses, ending with your favorite fucking tracks that will build to a natural climax. Having a pre-set 'fucking playlist', is a fun way of screwing to order, and can help you train yourself in self-control. Having songs that suit certain sex acts, too, can add a whole new meaning to the word 'shuffle'. You can use your playlists like musical chairs. Whatever song comes on might have a sexy activity attached, which you must do before moving on to the next track. Use music not just as a mood enhancer, but also as a sex game.

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