Create A Naughty Bedroom

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Create a Naughty Bedroom

Every naughty girl knows if you want to keep romance and sex smoking hot you need a bedroom that not only says sex but is comfortable and convenient for sex as well. You don't have to spend a lot of money or have a bedroom that could be featured on the cover of a porn magazine to have a space where you and your lover can burn up the sheets. A few simple guidelines and tips can make your bedroom a naughty sanctuary where you and your lover can escape.

First, let's be clear about what a bedroom is for... Sleep and sex. That's it. It is not for work, it is not a home gym or a commune. Your bedroom is the place where you go to have privacy, to sleep and to make love. Anything else takes the purpose of the bedroom and transforms into a space that is any place but sexy.

Clear The Clutter

One of the most important things you can do to keep your bedroom a place for naughtiness is to clear away the clutter. The bedroom is not a dumping ground for kid's toys, dirty laundry, unread magazines or dirty dishes. It is not a gym or a playground for children or a home office. Move any exercise equipment to a different room, make sure kids keep their toys in their own play areas and unless you are combining food with sex, keep snacks in the kitchen. Don't set up your computer in the bedroom or bring a laptop into bed with you. If you are going to use your bedroom as an office, gym and kitchen you might as well be living in a studio apartment.

Get Rid of Electronics

Having a television in your room is also a no no. The TV makes it too easy to be distracted and couples end up watching it instead of having sex. Of course an exception to this is if you are going to watch erotica or porn together. If you want a television in the bedroom for this option, keep it in an armoire that has doors so you can close it most of the time.

Pet Lovers Beware

There is nothing sexy about letting your dog or cat sleep on your bed when you are sharing it with your lover. Your doggie may be super cute and your cat may be your cuddle buddy when you are alone but word to the wise: keep them out of your bedroom. Don't train your pet to think it is ok to jump on your bed or come in and out of your room. Keep in mind many people have allergies to pet dander or hair and have a peculiar smell and animals leave a trail wherever they go including your bed. You can love your pet and keep them out of your bedroom at the same time. Lovers need to know they are the priority when you are together. They don't want to fight with a dog for your attention.

Do Not Disturb

Kids can be great for some but kids do not make sexual encounters between their parents easy. All this stuff about co-sleeping with your kids or families sleeping together in the same room or bed being so amazing is not all it is cracked up to be. Not only does it cut down on the quality of sleep you get but it is a real passion extinguisher. Kids should sleep in their own rooms. Letting kids get in the habit of being able to come in your room and crawl in your bed with you whenever they want is bad sex juju. They will have a very difficult time learning to sleep on their own which will prove frustrating for you and your sex life. Make sure your bedroom door locks, teach them about privacy and how to knock. Return the same courtesy to them to teach them everyone has their own space.

Clean Your Room

Your Mom said it a million times while you were growing up. Make sure you listened. Keeping your bedroom clean on a regular basis means you are always prepared for an unexpected guest. Making your bed every day and picking up the clothes off the floor means you are not stressed or preoccupied with the cleaning that needs to be done. Dusting and vacuuming regularly helps keep pet hair and cobwebs under control. How your bedroom looks says a lot about you. A clean bedroom is a sexy bedroom.

Get a Comfortable Bed

Pay attention to your bed. It is one purchase where you want quality and should be willing to pay for it. People spend 6-12 hours a night sleeping in it so they should buy a bed that is comfortable and made for sleep and sex. Try out several mattresses at the store to be sure you are getting what you want and take care of it once you get it home. Flip it regularly so you don't get a dent on one side. Your bedding should be comfortable and a reflection of your taste as well.

Invest in come high thread count cotton sheets or if silk and satin is more your choice to make love on, get some you love. Think about the color. What do you want to say and what looks good against your skin? Red screams sex. Black says seduction. Think about what you would like to cuddle in with your lover after sex. Down comforters, different size pillows and soft blankets can all be soothing.

Decorate For Naughtiness

Think seriously about your bedroom decor. How do you want to decorate the room you will host your lovers in? Do you want to go for naughty? Sexy? Romantic? Start with candles. They are an absolute necessity to set a sexy or romantic mood. Scarves gently placed over lampshades can also help set mood lighting. Mirrors are something we use every day without thinking about it so no one will suspect anything out of place if there are mirrors in your bedroom. Strategically placed mirrors can make for very naughty viewing of you and your lover which can add to already hot sex.

Pay attention to what you have on your walls. Sensual or erotic artwork can help set the mood while at the same time some wall hangings can inhibit sex. A sex therapist friend of mine once told me about a couple he was treating who hung a five foot crucifix over their bed. It was no surprise they felt like they were being watched while they were being intimate.

Part of your decor is the furniture you choose. Aside from your bed you can have beautiful bedroom furniture that is also sexually functional. A sturdy bench, a chaise lounge chair or even some of the Liberator furniture which is made specifically with sex in mind can add passion to a naughty girl's boudoir.

Add More Sex Toys

Sex toys are your friend. Keep them handy. A bedroom isn't truly naughty without them. Traditionally the top drawer of the nightstand is the place people keep their sex toys. If you don't have bedside dressers try a toy box or tray that slides under your bed. Be sure to keep plenty of lube and spare batteries with your sex toys so you don't have to get up in the middle of things and hunt for them. This is also a good rule of thumb for solo play.

Get Sexy With Lingerie

Lingerie is also something you want to keep close at hand. Naughty girls know there is nothing like slipping on some lace or silk to start the hot ball rolling. A lingerie chest in the bedroom with some sachets to keep them smelling nice goes a long way in helping to make a bedroom a sensual space.

Naughty Beats

Music has charms for many things besides soothing the savage breast. Music can help set a sexy and sensual mood like nothing else. It can be relaxing or steamy. You can slow dance in the candle light or use it to cover up your orgasm moans from neighbors with thin walls. With today's technology there is no need for a huge stereo system that takes up a lot of space. An IPod with discretely placed speakers is all you need.

Use Your Sense of Smell

Olfactory senses can do a lot to heighten sexual arousal or relaxation. Think of your optimal goal when choosing scents for candles and incense. A dab of essential oil on a light bulb can fill your whole room with wonderful smells. Experiment with different scents to see what you like best and remember to keep it understated.

Remember your bedroom is for sleeping and sex. With very little effort you can transform your bedroom from mundane to your own sexual oasis.

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