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Create a Sex Sanctuary Using Feng Shui

Naughty people like to get the most out of life and all its attendant pleasures, but sometimes negative energy gets the best of us.

What better way to stop the gloom cycle in its tracks than a home energy make-over?

By using simple Feng Shui techniques, anyone can transform their home into a restorative refuge by harnessing positive energy and letting it flourish.

Whether you want to invite change into your life, or revitalize a stagnant love life, Feng Shui can help.

Feng what?

Feng Shui (pronounced fung-shway) is an ancient Chinese tradition that opens the home to positive energy and good luck.

Literally meaning "wind-water" in English, the practice centers enhancing and directing the flow of 'qi', the Chinese word for what we think of as positive energy.

If you've ever had a little brother geek out to Star Wars, you know about "the force" and every yogi knows the power of "prana".

All of this can be thought of as qi, and Feng Shui teaches us how to make our interiors balanced and harmonized to help our lives.

You're probably wondering what an ancient interior decorating practice has to do with a naughty lifestyle. In short? A lot.

Do you have any bad relationships you can't seem to shake or problems from the past you can't seem to avoid?

Does stress or anxiety keep you from living your best sex life?

Streamline your space and your mind will follow.

The first step of any Feng Shui make-over is to clean, declutter, and simplify.

Next, you can decorate your space to reflect your personality and cultivate the environment that suits you.

In Feng Shui, similar energies attract one another, so make your space illustrate the person you want to be and the lovers, company, and relationships you want to attract.

Clean Sweep

The first thing you'll need to do is rid your space of unnecessary clutter.

Tackle the obvious items first: old or outdated items you won't miss, junk, trash, old cosmetics, broken or clashing decor.

For maximum energy benefits, take care not to trash items that could be sold, donated, or recycled.

When going through your possessions, consider whether each item has a purpose in your life.

If you haven't used something in months or if it doesn't communicate the aesthetics you embrace, why are you providing a home for it?

After the first sweep, look around your space items that might harbor negative energy.

Some of these might be easy to toss--mementos of a past you're not inclined to repeat.

Others might be harder to part with, as sometimes we're sentimental about things that at best serve no purpose in our lives and at worst cause us harm.

Maybe you're holding on to a gift from a former lover who is no longer in your life or accessories to a lifestyle you're no longer living.

If you're struggling to clear items that are not beautiful, useful, or cater to your best self, box them up and put them out of reach or have a friend hold on to them for you.

You may find that after a few months, you no longer care about the box's contents.

Be sure to include your closet in this process.

Try on clothes and discard any that don't fit, flatter, or make you feel sexy.

Keep an eye out for those old outfits that could be reborn with a quick trip to the tailor for alterations or repair.

Note what it is that you love about the clothes you're drawn to.

What cuts, colors, and styles make you feel confident? Sexy? Capable?

Take special care in your bedroom, which should be used for sex and sleep only.

Clear out electronics, computers, exercise equipment, and other items that are any way involved with non-sexual waking life.

If you have roommates or a living situation that prevents this, cordon off one part of your bedroom for other activities, using room separators or curtains to separate your bed from the rest of your life.

Design Your Space

Once you've cleared your home of the physical and psychological cobwebs, you can start the fun part: designing your space around the life you want to live.

If you want to invite different lovers into your life, focus on creating a space for sexual pleasure. Choose seductive colors for your bedroom and invest in luscious bed linens that beckon you to feel them.

Select artwork and decor that turns you on.

And don't forget to designate a space for your sex toys and accessories!

A gracious host should have easy access not only to toys, but to tissues, and other clean-up items that take care of your lover.

If you're searching for that special someone then you should make sure your bedroom caters to two.

Get two nightstands, two lamps, and position your bed so that two people can easily get in and out. Use pairs as a theme throughout your bedroom.

Set up a couple of candles and hang art in sets.

Don't worry about being obvious -- symmetry and pairs are good design tips for anyone!

If you're already in a relationship or living with a partner then use your bedroom to keep your sex lives fresh and in full swing.

Think about what works in your relationship, and design your bedroom as a sexy retreat from the world.

Even if your life requires you to be more discreet about sex or your lover hates your pink satin sheets, with a little creativity, anyone can support a sexy space.

Look for art and decor that alludes to sex (Georgia O'Keeffe is a great example) and choose sensual colors. Let in natural light for life and vitality.

If you have kids or dogs, try to keep them sleeping outside your doors to make the bedroom a sanctuary for you and your partner only.

No matter the status of your love life, everyone should keep fabulous bed linens.

Change your sheets weekly to keep energy vital and fresh, and always change or wash them between lovers.

It's good Feng Shui to luxuriate in your sleeping space, especially when it comes to great linens, a good headboard, and even a canopy, if that's your style.

Use essential oils and natural fragrances to create Feng Shui-approved sensuality, throw open the windows when you can, and light candles often.

Use the same mentality throughout your home, focusing on intent, purpose, and symbolizing your streamlined life.

Is your home a place to recover from the outside world, or do you choose to bring the outside in? Do you crave a space to zen out or entertain?

Really think about what you want your home to be, and make all of your decorating choices surround your vision.

Resolve to never bring anything into your home that does not fit your vision or serve a useful purpose.

Never buy clothes that you don't love completely.

If you're only 99% sure of a purchase, leave it at the store or in your shopping cart online.

Never take an item into your home simply because it's free or buy something just because it's on sale.

You have a right to dictate what you use, store, wear, and display, and exercising your ability to choose will help you cultivate positive energy.

Feng Shui Do's and Don'ts

● Do keep the space under your bed clear of clutter to maximize qi flow.

If you absolutely need that space, box up your stuff in organizers and keep one clear, even pathway all the way through.

● Don't face the foot of your bed to the door.

This is bad luck in Feng Shui, as it symbolizes morbidity.

● Do add pots of lucky bamboo - 2 stalks to a pot for love and relationships!

● Don't let your bamboo wither and die.

Dead plants bring bad energy, especially in the bedroom.

● Do use mirrors to add light and channel qi in your space, especially on the east side of your home, representing health and relationships.

● Don't place your mirrors so that they reflect your body in bed full-time, as they can deplete your body of vital energy.

While mirrors can be an exciting way to up your visual pleasure during sex, it's good Feng Shui if you can angled them away from your bed or cover them with drapes while sleeping.

● Do use Feng Shui cures like wind chimes, crystals, and candles where they fit.

● Don't feel compelled to do anything to your home that doesn't fit your vibe and your energy.

Feng Shui gives you the tools to declutter your home and increase positive energy, but it won't happen if you're not true to yourself.

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