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Sienna Sinclaire's Travel Favorites | Naughty Travels
Sienna Sinclaire's Travel Favorites | Naughty Travel

Sienna Sinclaire's Travel Favorites!

Favorite Island

I've been lucky enough to be able to explore lots of beautiful places around the world, but there's always one idyllic spot I keep going back to, and that's the One & Only Reethi Rah Resort in The Maldives.

Nestled in the Indian Ocean, it's the perfect place to recharge your batteries, with tons of white sand beaches, lush tropical vegetation and so much space, you really do feel you're on your own private island.

It might take a while to get to - 19 hours from LA (plus an hour on a luxury yacht!) - but it's so worth it once you get there.

There's a choice of accommodation, from the beautiful Water Villas which are literally built over the ocean, to the Beach Villas with your own stretch of private beach.

You get your own pool, too, and they're all huge and very private. I always go for two weeks - one week in the Beach Villa and the second in the Water Villa, so I get the best of both worlds by mixing it up a little.

Another unique thing about this resort is that it boasts seven restaurants, so there's always a different cuisine to try.

Some resorts can be a bit 'samey,' when it comes to the food, but here there's no chance of getting bored, and dinner becomes an adventure every night because there's just so much to choose from.

If you want a change from lounging about in the sunshine or by your private pool, there's tons of stuff to do, from pampering yourself at the five-star Spa, to playing tennis, going scuba diving, or even getting painting lessons from famous artists.

Even at the end of my two weeks, I always feel like I could add another two, it's just paradise!

Sienna Sinclaire's Favorite City | Naughty Travel

Favorite City

This isn't a hard decision for me - it's got to be London!

The reasons it's so special to me is because I went to live there right out of college, on an internship, and it was a real life-changing experience, immersing myself in different cultures, a city with unbelievable history and tradition, and it's where I learned so much not just about life, but about myself, too.

Discovering new things is always a great experience, especially when you're in such a colorful city like London.

It was there that I got a taste for dessert wine (among other things!) and learned about so many different cuisines and cultures.

I just feel that living in London made me able to see the world in a different way - I certainly noticed the difference when I returned to the US.

London is definitely my spiritual home and will always hold a very special place in my heart.

Sienna Sinclaire's Favorite Meals | Naughty Travel

Favorite Meals

~ Russia - Being such an experienced traveler, I've had meals (good and bad) in almost every part of the world.

I love trying out food I've never had before, so I'm always looking for dishes on the menu which make me curious.

One of my favorite cuisines is, surprisingly, Russian, which isn't all cabbage soup and hard bread!

They use rich, intense flavors, especially when it comes to their beef stroganoff. I've never been able to find amazing beef stroganoff again!

~ Africa - Another favorite culinary experience was when I went to Cape Town, South Africa. They love sweet things there, but what makes their food unique is the local sugar they use, not just in desserts, but in all their dishes. Simply delicious!

~ France - My other favorite dish is escargot. If you've never had snails, you really need to try them because I guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised.

The best I've ever had were, unsurprisingly, French, when I was in Lyon. Nobody does escargot like the French!

They don't just serve them in the shells, but I had them in soup which was one of the best I've ever tried them.

~ Napa - When I travel, I always try and find restaurants with tasting menus, too, which is when the meal is dictated by the chef.

There are usually 4-10 courses of the best the chef has to offer, but the exciting thing is not knowing what you're going to get next!

Being treated to such a foodie adventure is one of my favorite things to do, wherever I am in the world. My favorite tasting 3-Star Michelin Restaurant is French Laundry. Best food, hands down.

Sienna Sinclaire's Favorite Hotel | Naughty Travel

Favorite Hotel

I've been to so many wonderful hotels around the world and there's always something unique that I like about each one.

But if I had to choose my all-time favorite, it would have to be the Knightsbridge Hotel in London, UK.

I always stay here when I'm in town and have been a regular guest ever since they first opened their doors.

It's very upscale, in a classically-converted townhouse, and is situated in an exclusive area of London, so it's got that historic charm but also all the five star, contemporary facilities you'd expect of such a high-end hotel.

It's definitely my home away from home because I feel so at ease and I'm on first name terms with all of the staff.

Every time I visit they treat me like a princess and I really feel part of the family there, which is so important.

There are only around 40 rooms, so it's super-cute with a relaxed boutique-feel, and it's not impersonal, like some larger hotels can be.

Just two blocks from Harrods, it's the ideal shopping base, too, and one of the best things is that although it's right in the center of the city, the cul-de-sac location means it's still quiet and private, so you can just wander back from a day's sightseeing and leave all the noise behind in seconds.

Sienna Sinclaire's Favorite Luggage | Naughty Travel

Favorite Luggage

Traveling as often as I do, I've got to have reliable luggage, but it can be difficult finding bags which are sturdy and secure, yet light enough to transport easily, especially when I have transfers to negotiate, or I'm running late for check-in!

My favorite piece of luggage at the moment is the Tumi collection in all white (pictured above).

I have them in three different sizes; large, medium and carry-on. The carry-on fits the required dimensions for international flights.

The collection is impact-resistant (made from the same material racing drivers and football players use in their protective armor!) and, most importantly, each one is lightweight so it's very easy to pull around the airport and onto the plane.

Sienna Sinclaire's Favorite Swimwear Designer | Naughty Travel

Favorite Swimwear Designer

Every Naughty Girl has to be ready for the pool or the beach when she's traveling! And one thing guaranteed to always be in my case is a bikini from Beach Bunny.

I LOVE all of their designs and have over 40 bikinis from them.

They're not just beautiful and sexy to look at, but the quality is amazing and I always look and feel great whenever I wear their stuff.

They do everything from 1950s movie star glamour to modern, cheeky pieces, as well as cover-ups, lingerie and accessories like jewelry, sandals and beach towels.

Sienna Sinclaire's Favorite Restaurants | Naughty Travel

Favorite Restaurants

I've eaten at so many amazing restaurants around the world so it might sound funny that two of my three favorite restaurants happen to be in one place - London - and the food isn't even British!

I used to live in London, but that was a while ago and the city's cuisine has come such a long way in the years since I left.

You can get anything and everything there, the choice really is endless, but there are two eateries I always go to whenever I'm in town, and both guarantee a culinary experience you will not forget.

Sienna Sinclaire's Favorite Restaurants | Naughty Travel

188 Piccadilly, Mayfair, London W1J 7NW
tel. +

Coya serves up exquisite Peruvian food and some of it is better than I've had in Peru itself.

It's always booked out here, so if you know you're going to London, make your reservation well in advance, I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

The restaurant is set around a central 'Ceviche Bar' with an open charcoal grill.

The smells, sights and sounds are so seductive in here, especially the bright walls covered in Peruvian art and the elegant tables and chairs.

You can also sit up at the Pisco Bar and, if you're adventurous like me, let the bartender order something for you.

I had their Ceviche Lubina Clasico; sea bass with red onions, sweet potato and white corn - divine!

Another dish you have to try is the Ensalada de Maiz; josper corn, crispy corn, red chilies and sweet onion.

It's so light but incredibly tasty, too. For bigger appetites, try the marinated seafood skewers, lobster with anchiote chimichurri or the pork back ribs with tamarind.

They do incredible cocktails, too, with a library of signature Pisco concoctions - Pisco is a white brandy made from Peruvian muscat grapes.

Coya is one of London's trendiest restaurants and definitely somewhere to take a lover for an evening of aphrodisiacs, champagne and an atmosphere of seduction.

Expensive, but definitely a culinary experience you will never forget.

Sienna Sinclaire's Favorite Restaurants | Naughty Travel

Kai Mayfair
65 South Audley St, Mayfair, London W1K 2QU
tel. +44.207.493.8988

Kai was the highest ranked Chinese restaurant in the prestigious Sunday Times Top 100 Restaurants in both 2012 and 2015, so there's a reason it's so popular.

Its mantra is 'Liberated Chinese Cooking,' and what they do best is managing to mix traditional Chinese ingredients and recipes with contemporary cooking trends, so the menu stays fresh and innovative.

There are so many dishes to choose from, it's best to order a few so you can just share them around your table - go for the 'Little Plates Lunch Menu' and just order as many dishes as you want for an informal lunch banquet to make sure you get to experience all the different textures and flavors.

It's a 1-Michelin star establishment (it should be 3-star, it's that good) and the dining room itself is exquisite: a monochrome black and silver interior, lots of light and plates which look like works of art.

Some of the star dishes include Translucent Shanghai Noodle Sheets with Chicken and Sesame Vinaigrette, Wasabi Prawns, and Soy & Honey Marinated Roast Lamb.

It's all delicious, there isn't a bad dish here, and even the Chinese desserts are out of this world - the Durian & Vanilla Souffle with Salted Caramel is something you will never find anywhere else!

Sienna Sinclaire's Favorite Restaurants | Naughty Travel

Rue Lubin Brin, Gustavia 97133
tel. (590) 0590.279.696

I love going to St Barths and I particularly love this amazing restaurant which overlooks Gustavia harbor.

It's so romantic, with white wood, tables and chairs, white Venetian blinds and a lovely ocean breeze which wafts across the terrace as you dine (there are no windows, it's an 'open' restaurant.)

There's a relaxing bar area with deep couches and armchairs but it's the outside deck where the real seduction is.

I love dining by the water, and the sunsets here are just incredible so book well ahead if you want the perfect meal at the perfect table at the perfect time.

The cuisine is French-Latin with a Peruvian slant, so expect dishes like Octopus Tiradito, Stuffed Cockerel with Eggplant, and Grilled Tuna Tataki.

Of course, there's a Ceviche Bar, too, ideal for lazy evenings relaxing over cocktails and scallops (try the 'Porn Star' cocktail of vanilla vodka, vanilla liqueur, passion fruit liqueur and champagne!)

Bonito is 'the' place to see and be seen in St Barths and they have a DJ every night, plus the service is always friendly, informal and the staff are happy for you to stay as long as you like - no rushing to get you out like a lot of other high end restaurants do.

When I'm in St Barths I eat at Bonito at least 2-3 times, so you could call me a regular, but even if it's your first time, they treat you like a VIP.

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