Using Your 5 Senses For Mind Blowing Sex
5 Senses For Mind Blowing Sex | Naughty Living
5 Senses For Mind Blowing Sex |  Naughty Living

Using Your 5 Senses For Mind Blowing Sex

Having great sex is about so much more than just the physical aspects. You have to look at sex as an holistic being - that is, you need to pay equal attention to every aspect of it in order to achieve the ultimate satisfaction.

This is easier for women because we naturally use all of our senses in day to day activities, so by becoming more in tune with them during sex is going to make those elusive orgasms a lot easier to come by - literally!

5 Senses For Mind Blowing Sex | Naughty Lifestyle Guide

1. Sense of sight

Of course, the physical attraction of your partner is an important part of sex, but you can also use other visual stimuli to make sex more intense.

Surround your bedroom with erotic photos, watch a porn movie together, or dress yourself in sexy lingerie when your lover comes over.

Join a naughty website and look at pictures, or send rude photos to one another when you're apart, to masturbate to.

Try a spot of voyeurism by joining a swinging club or website and watching other couples have sex in front of you, or perform a sexy striptease for your lover.

Exciting your brain is just as important as exciting your body. In fact, one can't happen without the other.

5 Senses For Mind Blowing Sex | Naughty Lifestyle Guide

2. Sense of touch

Physical intimacy is super sexy so use your imaginations to spice things up and get tactile in a way you've never done before.

Always make sure you have touchable skin - body lotions and exfoliants should be mandatory in your bathroom.

Learn how to give an erotic massage to your lover and have him do the same for you.

Play about with temperatures by dripping cold champagne or warm candle wax on your lover's skin as you work them.

Invest in some luxurious bedding like satin sheets or a soft, fluffy blanket - our skin responds to what it touches, so spoil it!

Best of all, nothing quite beats the eroticism of being kissed all over, so use your sense of touch as a powerful foreplay tool.

5 Senses For Mind Blowing Sex | Naughty Lifestyle Guide

3. Sense of smell

Smell is the most powerful of our senses, evoking memories, desires and passion. Use scented candles and incense to set a romantic atmosphere.

Body lotions and perfume can trigger a powerful emotional response so ask your lover what his favorite scents are and go from there.

Better still, exploit your own pheromones as your natural smell drives all guys wild. There are pheromone sprays you can buy which accentuate your natural aroma.

Use sweet-smelling food as an aphrodisiac and turn dinner into something much naughtier. Strawberries, chocolate and vanilla are three great-smelling examples.

For pure animal attraction, both of you should go 'au naturale' when having sex - no fragrances, candles, incense, nothing, just the raw smell of sex. There's nothing more powerful.

5 Senses For Mind Blowing Sex | Naughty Lifestyle Guide

4. Sense of sound

Words can have the same effect as hands, triggering emotional and sexy responses within us. You can use music to set a romantic atmosphere, or whisper naughty things into your lover's ear to get him all worked up. During sex, be vocal.

Don't be afraid to shout or scream your desires, and all those guttural noises you make as you're being fucked are such a turn-on for your lover.

Hearing how much you're enjoying what he's doing is exciting and erotic.

Use your cellphones to have phone sex with each other, or record yourself masturbating and give the audio file to your lover so he can listen to your pleasure anytime, anywhere.

5 Senses For Mind Blowing Sex | Naughty Lifestyle Guide

5. Sense of taste

Everyone knows the power of aphrodisiacs. Using food as foreplay will usually lead to mindblowing sex later on, so choose your foods carefully - chocolate, champagne, ice cream etc.

Feed each other slowly and deliberately and build the sexual tension. Turn yourself into dessert by lying down and having your lover pour chocolate sauce over you before licking it off.

Incorporate food into the idea of oral sex - bananas, cucumbers, asparagus, they can all be used to tease your lover to distraction.

Blindfold your lover and feed different things to him. Make an elaborate dinner, each course sexier than the one before.

Use your tongue to visually tease him as you eat and savor your wine, keeping your lips moist and inviting.

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