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At some point, most couples will want to try the prisoner/slave role play. It's one of the most popular sex fantasies and can be as conventional or kinky as you like. Dressing up (or down) is a good way of getting in the mood. Girls, there's some great leather-like underwear in the marketplace right now and, for guys, less is most definitely more. Using restraints and handcuffs to tie up your partner while you have sex, or heavy foreplay, can add lots of spice to playtime. Props like whips, masks and nipple clamps can make things even hotter but always start off gentle. Maybe just tie your partner's wrists or ankles, giving them some movement, while you both test out what gets you going. And always have a 'safe word' the restrained partner can use, to tell you if things get a little too intense. When you're tying someone up, or spanking them as sexy 'punishment' it can be easy to get carried away, so you both need to know the other's limits. Get to know what turns you both on, because what does it for you might not do it for your partner, so always be clear about your individual desires, that way nobody gets hurt. This will increase the pleasure for both of you.


You might not be sure if the prisoner/slave role play fantasy is for you, so why not experiment by yourself before involving your partner? Try tying your legs or one wrist to the bed while you masturbate to get used to the feeling of restraint during sex. Masturbate on your stomach, which is more difficult to do, but will give a sense of how to get off under a struggle. You can also try and get into the role of the slave by denying yourself your orgasm as you reach climax. Will you have the willpower? You can try out both master and slave roles with an invisible partner, by using sex chat lines. This way, you can get used to different terminology, and experience how it feels to be either submissive or dominant. Getting used to the role without the risk of embarrassing or being embarrassed by a partner will build your confidence until you're ready to try it for real. Try out a few naughty movies on the theme, too. Masturbate while you're watching prisoner/slave role play films and see which specific situations make you aroused. You could also use a blindfold while you play with yourself and imagine how it would feel for someone else to have charge over your body, while you lay helpless. As with all role-play, your imagination is one of the best tools in your toy box so experiment with what turns you on.

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