Have More Sex For Better Health & Fitness

Have More Sex For Better Health & Fitness | Naughty Guide

Have More Sex For Better Health & Fitness

The most effective way to boost your overall sexual health and fitness is simply by having more sex.

Regular sex romps can be a great aerobic workout helping you to burn up to 200 calories per session or more.

But it's not about the quantity it's about the quality of your sex sessions.

Quickies are fantastic but longer sex frolics burn more calories and are way more fun.

The benefits of sex for your health and fitness are numerous and not to mention good for your heart.

Heart disease is the number one killer for women in America.

And experts discovered that men who have intercourse two times weekly have fewer heart attacks as opposed to those who don't.

Being sexually fit is just as important as having a toned body and eating the right things.

Sex has tons of health benefits as described below.

So start adding more sex into your daily routine as you do with exercising and eating right and you'll start reaping the benefits.

• Having regular sex helps to improve the blood flow to your sexual organs which can help to increase the intensity of your orgasms.

• Sex gives you a rosy glow and makes you look more radiant which can last all day.

• More sex increases your estrogen levels which are essential for healthy, smooth and glowing skin and hair.

Producing more estrogen also helps to protect against heart disease, osteoporosis and Alzheimer's disease.

• Having plenty of sex can make you look four to seven years younger.

• Sex makes you happier and brings a smile to your face throughout the day.

• Having more sex can boost your immune system and help protect you against infections, colds, the flu and speed up the healing of cuts, blisters and bruises.

• Sex can be sexually healing for you as a person if done in a healthy and non-addictive way.

• Having an orgasm can help to alleviate headaches and migraines.

Plus they can even help to decrease PMS symptoms and arthritis pain.

• A great way to relieve stress is by having an orgasm.

Many people don't want to have sex when they're stressed but it's the perfect way to reduce it.

• Sex helps you to sleep better. So if you're having problems sleeping then masturbate or have a quickie with your lover.

• The more sex you have the more you learn about your body and the more in touch you are with it which can help increase your confidence levels and help you to have better orgasms.

• Having sex helps to tone your abs, pelvic floor, hips, legs, arms, buttocks, core and PC muscles depending on the variety of sex positions you choose.

• Having lots of sex can help you with weight loss.

• Regular sex is a great aerobic workout and good for your heart.

Having regular sex and orgasms can help keep the doctor away.

So if you want to get sexually healthy and fit then have more sex along with trying out different positions for an aerobic workout and for toning different parts of your body.

And while you're at it why not experiment with a sex swing or straps to add variety into your sex romps along with helping you to achieve various sexual positions.

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